Members of the  Friends of Mill Road Cemetery History Group are delighted to have been informed, by his relative, that, in 1867,  John Odell Pain, (Herbert Thomas Odell Pain; John Odell Pain; Maria Odell Pain) paid for the planting of  a row of lime trees along the Parkside edge of Parker’s Piece to commemorate the safe landing  in Australia of his brother Arthur Wellesley Pain,   The City Council tree officer confirms that 149 years is a very realistic  age for the lime trees which are there today.

Arthur Wellesley had tuberculosis and had been advised to emigrate for health reasons.  He  left England aged 26, married in Australia in 1871   and subsequently  became the first Bishop of Gippsland in South Australia.  He lived to be 78, and left a family of 9 children

John Odell Pain was born 22 February 1829 and set up business as John Odell Pain Silk Mercer and Linen Draper at 3 Sidney Street and Hobson Street. Follow the link above to find out more about him and his family.

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The Lime Trees on Parker’s Piece