CFHS code : HT172

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ANNIE the beloved wife of CLIFFORD BROOKS d June 28th 1926 aged 27 also HANNAH ANDREWS aged 45 also her husband WALTER ANDREWS d Jan 25 1945 aged 76

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Relationship: Father, mother and daughter

Walter Townsend Andrews ( 22 September 1868 – 25 January 1945)

Walter was the son of James and Harriet Andrews.  He was born in Sawston and grew up there. James Andrews was an agricultural worker, and Harriet Andrews  was a factory worker.  In 1891 Walter was lodging at Christ’s Lane in Cambridge and his occupation was documented as Militiaman (sic).  He married Hannah Dockerill in 1897.

They had two children:  Emma Dockerill (1895-) and Annie Harriett Emmelina (1898-1925).  In 1901 the family were living at 73 Baldock Street in Royston, and Walter was working as a brewer’s hopman.  By 1911 they had moved to Cambridge and were living at 97 Russell Street – Walter was working as a bricklayer.  Walter died in 1945 aged 76 years old.

Hannah Andrews (nee Dockerill) (c.1874- 1920)

Hannah was the wife of Walter Andrews.  She died aged 45 years old, and her death was registered in the first quarter of 1920.

Annie Harriett Emelina Brooks (nee Andrews)  (17 February 1898 – 28 June 27 1926)

Annie was the youngest daughter of Walter and Hannah Andrews.  She grew up in Royston and then 97 Russell Street.  She married Clifford John Brooks (1897 – 1982) in Cambridge in 1921.  Their son Dennis John Brooks (1922-1997) was born the following year in Winchester, so Annie and Clifford must have moved there after getting married. Clifford worked as a confectioner.  Annie died in 1926 aged 27 years old.

Clifford Brooks remarried  and had a daughter with his second wife. He died in Winchester in 1982 aged 85 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

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Hannah Andrews; Walter Townsend Andrews; Annie Harriett Emelina Brooks