Story Walks

7 Basic Story Plots This set of stories comes from a talk given by Claire Martinsen on 14 July 2020 at Mill Road History Society.  There is a belief that all stories use only 7 basic plots. Claire explored whether

Tree Trail Stop 10:

Stop 10 RAYWOOD ASH This is one of a number of ‘Raywood’ Ashes planted in the Cemetery. This tree is particularly attractive as it has space to grow. The ‘Raywood’ Ash or Claret Ash is a variant of the narrow

Tree Trail Stop 8: Hornbeam

Stop 8 HORNBEAM The Common Hornbeam is a medium-sized deciduous tree related to birches and alders with smooth grey bark. It is native to Britain and grows in the warmer southern areas of the country, often alongside oaks and beeches.

Tree Trail Stop 7: Common Yew

Stop 7. YEW The Common Yew is native to Britain and found across the Northern hemisphere. When the last Ice Age receded between 10,000 – 8,000 years ago, they re-colonised the British Isles, moving north from southern Europe. They are

Tree Trail Stop 6: Irish Yew

Stop 6. IRISH YEW The Irish Yew Taxus baccata ‘Fastigiata’ is a variety of the Common Yew, Taxus baccata. It has a distinctive upright habit, forming a dense, compact, broad column, whereas the Common Yew is more rounded and often

Tree Trail Stop 2: Alder

Stop 2 ALDER The Common Alder sometimes known as the Black Alder or European Alder is a deciduous tree native to Britain, Europe and SW Asia. Alders are water-loving plants and are found on the banks of rivers and lakes.

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Daniel William King; Elizabeth Betsy King; Henry John King; Jane Mary King; Rebecca Jane King; Jane Wilkin

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of JANE wife of DANIEL WILKIN b Jan [31] 1826 d Feb [28] 1870 also HENRY P KING son b May 13 1860 d April 23 1891 also DANIEL W KING husband b Sept 1814 d Dec 25 [1899] interred at Sheffield General Cemetery and ELIZABETH B KING lines indecipherable and REBECCA JANE KING b Feb [2] 185[5] d July 6 [1954] and JANE MARY KING b May 20 1868 d Jan 6 1958

Charles Balls; Charles Arthur Balls; Eliza Balls; Eliza Gertrude Balls; Elizabeth Balls; Emily Maude Balls; Flora Augusta Balls; Henry Balls

Inscription : side 1 In Memory of HENRY BALLS d August 1st 1865 in the 91st year of his age also of ELIZABETH his wife d May 10th 1833 aged 55 and was buried in St Botolphs churchyard side 2 AR ELIZA wife of CHARLES BALLS d Aug 15 1876 aged blank also of their son CHARLES ARTHUR who died at Weymouth March 14 1876 —— year of his age who was there interred also of CHARLES BALLS JP DL d Nov 12 1892 aged 82 side 3 LMO ELIZA GERTRUDE daughter of ELIZA & CHARLES BALLS b May 7 1848 d April 18 1898 also of FLORA AUGUSTA BALLS b Nov 5 1841 d April 8 1929 side 4 also EMILY MAUDE BALLS b Jan 13 1850 d March 4 1948

Harry Field; Sarah Ann (Lily) Field; Anna Laws; Robert Laws

Inscription : In Loving Memory of HARRY younger son of the late HENRY & SARAH ANN FIELD d Dec 1894 aged 19 a beautiful memory of ROBERT LAWS husband of ANNA LAWS b 15 Feb 1871 d 22 Nov 1936 In Loving Memory of SARAH ANN (LILY) eldest daughter of the late HENRY & SARAH FIELD b 29 Oct 1863 d 27 Apr 1938 also of ANNA wife of late ROBERT LAWS youngest daughter of the late HENRY & SARAH FIELD b 13 Sept 1873 d 14 Feb 1959

Edith Martha Judd; Frances Mary Judd; James Judd; John Marriot Judd; Lydia Susan Judd; William Thomas Emery Judd

Inscription : In Loving Memory of EDITH M JUDD d May 26 1898 aged 18 also JOHN MARRIOT JUDD d Jan 7th 1911 aged 34 also WILLIAM THOMAS EMERY JUDD d Jan 21 [1914] aged 80 reverse In Loving Memory of our dear mother LYDIA SUSAN JUDD d Oct 29th 1917 aged 73 also of WILLIAM THOMAS EMERY JUDD son of the above d Oct 25 1943 aged 68 also their daughter FRANCES MARY JUDD d April 3 1954 aged 83 and of JAMES JUDD d June 12th 1957 aged 84

Adlet J. Maltby (Aggie); Arthur Maltby; Bee Maltby; Bruce W. Maltby; Ellen Charlotte (Nell) Maltby; Emma Bunting Maltby; Frederick S.A. Maltby; Violet Louisa Maltby

Inscription : In Memory of ELLEN CHARLOTTE (NELL) the loving wife of BRUCE W MALTBY d Jan 1st 1923 aged 53 also BEE at rest February 18th 1939 In Loving Memory EMMA BUNTING the beloved wife of ARTHUR MALTBY d Jan 14th 1910 best of wives and best of mothers also of ARTHUR MALTBY husband of the above d Nov 21st 1923 aged 79 also of ADLET J MALTBY (AGGIE) who fell asleep on board the RMS Orient on his way home from Melbourne Australia Feb 16 1890 aged 22 also of FREDERICK SA MALTBY d Nov 15 1891 aged 25 also of BRUCE W MALTBY d May 10 1943 VIOLET LOUISA wife of BRUCE d Dec 4th 1978 aged 74

Agnes Jane Ellis; David Ellis; Elizabeth Sarah Ellis; Harry Read Ellis; Mary Ann Ellis; Percy John Looker

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH SARAH ELLIS wife of HARRY READ ELLIS d 15 Jan 1922 aged 61 also HARRY READ ELLIS d 11 Nov 1941 aged 82 and PERCY JOHN LOOKER d —— 1963 aged 71 reverse Sacred to the Memory of MARY ANN wife of DAVID ELLIS d 5 Jan 1882 aged 58 also AGNES JANE [daughter] d 25 Feb 1860 aged 1 year 7 months also DAVID ELLIS d 6 Mar 1907 aged 80

Alfred Henry Palmer; Emma Elizabeth Palmer; Florence Emily Palmer; George Frederick Palmer; Louisa Kipping Palmer; Mary Ann Palmer; William Thomas Palmer

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of MARY ANN wife of W T PALMER d Aug 5 1877 aged 43 also of the above named WILLIAM THOS PALMER d May 3 1900 aged 72 also of EMMA ELIZABETH d Jan 13 1863 aged 8 also ALFRED HENRY d Aug 23 1878 aged 13 months dearly loved children of the above side 2 In Loving Memory of GEORGE FREDERICK PALMER d April 30th 1901 aged 25 also of FLORENCE EMILY PALMER d February 18th 1915 aged 51 also of LOUISA KIPPING PALMER dearly loved wife of W T PALMER d March 7th 1922 aged 79

Arthur Dewe Mathews; Bessy Mathews; Emily Mathews; Gladys Agnes Mathews; Thomas Mathews

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS MATHEWS BA d Nov 25 1903 aged 75 also of BESSY his wife d May 24 1872 aged 37 also of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA their eldest son d May 6 1919 aged 58 and of EMILY wife of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA d Dec 8 1948 aged 81 reverse In Loving Memory of GLADYS AGNES MATHEWS b 9th June 1895 d 27th May 1973

Elizabeth Sell Swann; Frances Swann; James Asplen Swann; William Swann; William Linton Swann

Inscription : Memory of WILLIAM SWANN d April [8] 1876 aged [55] also FRANCES widow of the above d 13 Feb 1877 aged 63 also JAMES ASPLEN SWANN d 11 Dec 1891 aged 14 also WILLIAM SWANN two lines illegible ELIZABETH SELL SWANN d 18 Feb 1926 aged 86 also WILLIAM LINTON SWANN d March 26 1862 age 14 ——– SWANN died at sea on board the Sabna-n March 6 1876 aged 82