Edward Baker (23 Jan 1860–13 Sept 1935) was born in Babraham, a village due south of Cambridge. His wife, Agnes Mary (née Spalding), was born in 1860/61 in Swaffham Prior – a Fenland village to the north-east of Cambridge. The couple were married in the early spring of 1883 and had a son, Ernest Edward, about nine months later, who died just before his fifth birthday; and then a daughter, Lillian Elizabeth, born in 1887.

Edward’s career as a policeman

Edward and Agnes moved into No 44 Covent Garden (one of a terrace of five houses tied to the Cambridge Borough Police Force) in the Mill Road area some time between 1887 and 1891. In 1891, Edward was a police constable; by 1901 a police sergeant, and by 1911 had risen to the rank of ‘inspector of police’. In 1895, they had a lodger, Robert F Walker, police constable, and in 1901 another lodger, Fred Savage, also police constable. By 1922/23, Edward had retired from the force, but the couple continued to live in the house until 1931/32.

Edward died in 1935, presumably still living in the St Paul’s parish. As to Agnes, from the absence of any record of her death on the grave, one can assume that she outlived her husband, and lived outside the parish.

Baker grave
Baker monument




Parish : St Paul

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By Ian Bent with thanks to Judy Lester

Edward Baker