CFHS code : HT356f

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : cross In Loving Memory of our darling JACK WALKER b May 1916 d Oct 17 1918 kerbs TTLMO LILY the dearly beloved wife of GEORGE WALKER d July 15 age 42 REGINUL PIERCY BANHAM d Dec 6 1942

Monument : Stone cross/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The monument in 2013. Photo Michael Ladds
The cross for baby Jack. Photo Michael Ladds


This little cross in the centre of a double plot with kerb stones surrounding was cleared and photographed in 2013. part of the inscription was hidden from view. It is in the south east corner of the cemetery just west of the east path where it bends to the north. The area is usually ver overgrown.


In Loving Memory of our darling JACK WALKER born May 17. 1916 died Oct. 12 1918


To The Loving Memory Of LILY the dearly beloved wife of GEORGE WALKER who fell asleep July 15 1928 aged 42 years.


Relationships  Reginald was Lily’s brother in Law. Jack was her child.

Jack Walker (1916-1918)

Jack was the son of Lilian & George Walker he died at 12 George St. The electoral roll shows Lilian & George living at 6 George St with Lilian’s parents until at least

Lilian  Elizabeth Walker née  Morley( 1928)

Lillian was the daughter of George N and Emma Morley. She was born in Fordham or Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Lillian married George Walker in Cambridge in 1915 and Jack was born the following year. After his death they do not appear to have had any more children. They lived in George street with Lilian’s parents until they moved to The Hermitage a house on Pemberton Road.

Reginald Piercy Banham (20th November 1870 – 8 December 1942)
Reginald was the youngest son of Charles and Emma Banham.  He was brought up at his father’s robe shop on 70 Regent Street.  In 1891, at the age of 21, he was living in Eastbourne as a lodger and working as a tailor. In January 1900 he married Marie Francoise Alexandrine Kinsey and went to live at 7 Glisson Road where he was a head tailors cutter.  After the death of his father Charles in 1905, he appears to have inherited the business and was by now living at 156 Tenison Road and working as a Head Robemaker.  His wife Marie Francoise died in March 1917 when he was 46 years old.  They did not have any children.

He re-married in 1917 to Effie Morley (sister of Lilian) and they had one son, Peter.  He continued to live at 156 Tenison Road until he died on 8 December 1942.

Effie Banham died in 1987.

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by Claire Martinsen & Mary Naylor

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Reginald Piercy Banham; Jack Walker; Lily Walker