CFHS code : ED9

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SARAH ANN BEALE d 23 Jun 1912 aged 75 also ISAAC BEALE d 28 May 1917 aged 80 also HORACE SHARMAN BEALE son of SARAH ANN and ISAAC BEALE d [14] Oct 1920 age [ ]

Monument : Celtic cross/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203145, 0.13758487 – click here for location


Beale monument January 2018

This Celtic cross, in the parish area of St Edward, is located beside the central path, to the west side, about 30 yards north of the centre circle.  It is currently completely enclosed in vegetation.


[based on CFHS transcript, corrected]

In loving memory of Sarah Ann Beale
died 13 June 1912 aged 75

Also Isaac Beale died 28 May 1917 aged 80

Also Horace Sharman Beale son of Sarah Ann and Isaac Beale
died [14] Dec 1925 age [58]

Relationships: Horace Sharman was the son of Sarah Ann and Isaac Beale.

Sarah Ann Beale (née Sharman) (c.1837‒1912)

Sarah Ann Sharman was born in Cambridge c.1837 and baptised at St Edward’s Church on 25 June of that year, daughter of James Sharman (c.1805‒65), hairdresser of Peas Hill, and his wife Sarah (c.1801‒77). Her siblings included Sarah (1834‒34), James (1835‒97) and Frances (1843‒).  By 1841 the family was living in Market Hill, Cambridge (east side of the market square), and father James had changed profession and become a ‛toyman’ (i.e. retail seller of toys).  Ten years later, Sarah Ann was to be found in Fenstanton at a school run by Miss Mary A Beck and in 1861 she was back with her family at 35 Market Hill, Cambridge, the household having siblings James and Frances, a servant, and John Throssell (Sarah’s son by a previous marriage), ‛toy shopman’.

Sarah Ann married Isaac Beale in April or May 1868 at St Edward’s Church, and by 1869 the couple were living at 12 Norwich Street, Cambridge, Isaac’s profession being printer-compositor.  By then they had two children, Horace Sharman (1869‒1925 ‒ see below) and Edith May (c.1870, died aged 11 months).  By 1876 they were living nearby, at 33 Panton Street, and by 1881 at Ashton Home, Newnham, with a third child, Lilian (c.1875‒1967, who went on to be a music teacher, and to marry Charles Edward Lawson in 1903), a fourth, Winifred, having died the year before at the age of 1.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ann’s father had died in 1865, and his wife Sarah had taken over running the toy shop in Market Hill along with her son John Throssell.  But Sarah herself died in 1877, at which point John Throssell took over managing the business (Spalding’s street directory for 1881 offers the entry ‛Sharman, J. & F., toy dealers [proprietor] Throssell, John’).  John Throssell died on 1 April 1891 having evidently given up the business some time before, at which point Isaac Beale had taken over the shop and moved his family, Sarah Ann, Horace and Lilian, to 35 Market Hill.  Staying with them on census day 1891 was another product of mother Sarah’s previous marriage, Sharman W Throssell, ‛toy & fancy goods traveller’.  By 1901 Isaac, Sarah Ann and Lilian were still living at 35 Market Hill, but had diversified, the profession stated for husband and wife now being ‛toy dealer & lodging housekeeper’, the same being the case in 1911, their ages by then being 79 and 74.  Soon after that, the couple seem to have moved to Chesterton village.

Sarah Ann died on 13 June 1912 aged 75, and was buried in Mill Road Cemetery on 17 June, in row XXXIII of the St Edward parish area, in plot 14, at a depth of 8 feet.  Her address at the time of death was 91 Chesterton Road, Chesterton.  In her will she left effects to the value of £2,024 0s. 9d. to ‛Isaac Beale retired fancy goods warehouseman and Horace Sharman Beale chemist’.

Isaac Beale (1831‒1917)

Isaac Beale was born on 4 April 1831 in Royston, Hertfordshire and baptised on 26 June of that year at the New Meeting House (Independent), Royston, son of Thomas Beale, baker and postman, and his wife Caroline.  In 1841 the family was living in High Street, Royston, and Isaac had four siblings: (Sarah) Maria (c.1826‒), Harriet (c.1829‒), Oris (1834‒) and Amelia (c.1838‒), to which was later added a fifth, Caroline (c.1846‒).  Isaac must have served his apprenticeship in the printing industry, for by 1851 he was a ‛printer’s pressman’, by 1861 a ‛printer’ and by 1871 not only a ‛compositor’, but also a ‛lay clerk’ (i.e. an adult professional singer in an Anglican cathedral or collegiate chapel ‒ strange in view of his non-conformist upbringing!).

Isaac married Sarah Ann Sharman in April or May 1868 at St Edward’s Church, Cambridge.  The couple’s home by 1869 was 12 Norwich Street, and by 1876 33 Panton Street (both in New Town).  In the first twelve years of their marriage they had four children: Horace (1869‒1925 ‒ see below), Edith May, who died at 11 months in April 1871, Lilian (c.1875‒1967), and Winifred, who died at age 1 in 1880.

At the end of the 1880s, Isaac underwent an unusual late-life career-change: the Sharman family toy business at 35 Market Hill suffered a string of deaths, leaving it without a proprietor;  so Isaac, as he approached the age of 60, gave up work as a printer and became a ‛toy dealer’.  He and Sarah Ann continued living and working there until 1911, by which time they were also operating the premises as a lodging house.

Within a year, the couple had moved to 91 Chesterton Road, in Chesterton village.  Sarah Ann died there on 13 June 1912.  Isaac outlived her by five years, dying on 28 May 1917, by which time he was living with his daughter Lilian and her husband Charles Edward Lawson at 14 Chesterton Hall Crescent.  Isaac was buried on the 31st of that month in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXXIII of the St Edward parish area, in plot 14 at a depth of 7 feet.  In his will he left effects worth only £451 11s. 4d. to his son Horace and daughter Lilian.

Horace Sharman Beale (1869‒1925)

Horace Sharman was born in January or February 1869 in Cambridge.  The baptismal register of St Paul’s Church, Cambridge, contains two seemingly contradictory entries:

1869 Mar 4 BEALE Horace Sharman of Isaac & Sarah Ann of Norwich Street compositor
1870 May 29 BEALE Horace Sharman of Isaac & Sarah Ann of Norwich Street lay clerk

Was this a clerical error? Or was Horace baptised twice?

Horace had three siblings: Edith May, who died at 11 months in April 1871, Lilian (c.1875‒1967), and Winifred, who died at age 1 in 1880.  The 1911 census confirms that Isaac and Sarah Ann had four children, of whom two died.  So that rules out the possibility that the child baptised in 1869 died and the same name was assigned to a subsequent son in 1870.  Moreover, the St Paul’s burial register records the deaths of Edith May and Winifred but not a death for Horace Sharman in 1869‒70, nor do any other known sources.

In 1881 Horace was at school, aged 12;  in 1891 he is described as a ‛chemist’s assistant (student)’, suggesting that he was apprenticed to a pharmacist in the Cambridge area.  By 1901 he had his own pharmacy business at 22 Petty Cury (in central Cambridge), and that establishment continued through to his death.

Horace died on 14 December 1925 at the age of 58, and his body was buried the next day in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXXIII of the St Edward parish area, the third to be interred in plot 14, at a depth of 5 feet.  He evidently ended life a relatively prosperous man: although he did not leave a will, his effects, worth £9,793 17s. 8d. were administered to his sister Lilian, by then married to Charles Edward Lawson.

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By Ian Bent


Horace Sharman Beale; Isaac Beale; Sarah Ann Beale