CFHS code : AL506

Parish : St Andrew the Less

Inscription : In Loving Memory of MARY the dearly beloved wife of CHARLES CARELESS d April 27th 1903 aged 74 also of HERBERT JAMES son of the above d July 25th 1903 aged 37 and CHARLES CARELESS d October 26th 1921 aged 92 buried in the Histon Road cemetery west face Arthur Charles, Selina Naomi, Elizabeth Mary Haynes.

Monument : Headstone

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Careless headstone 2017
West face of headstone October 2018



east face

In Loving Memory of MARY the dearly beloved wife of CHARLES CARELESS,
Who departed this life April 27th 1903, aged 74 years.

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” Rev.x1v,13.

Also of HERBERT JAMES son of the above who died July 25th 1903, aged 37 years.

“Shall not the judge of all the earth do right.” Gen xv111.

And CHARLES CARELESS died October 26th 1921, aged 92 years buried in the Histon Road cemetery

west face

In loving memory of ARTHUR CHARLES son of Charles & Mary Careless
Died May 25th 1887 aged 23 years

“Behold He taketh away. Who can hinder Him?
Who will say unto Him what doest Thou.”

Also SELINA NAOMI beloved wife of Fred W Bennett
Died Feb 2nd 1892 aged 35 years interred at Edmonton Cemetery

And ELIZABETH MARY beloved wife of Willm Haynes
died March 10th 1893 aged 33 years.

And her infant daughter.

“This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous I our eyes.”

Charles Careless (c.1829 – 26 October 1921)

Charles was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Careless. He grew up at 49 East Road, and his father worked as a labourer. Aged 22 (1851) he was still living with  his parents, at 25 Broad Street. Joseph by this time was a ‘marine store dealer’.  Marine store dealers in Victorian times were a licensed broker who bought and sold used cordage, bunting, rags, timber, metal and other general waste materials. They usually sorted the purchased waste by kind and grade. They also repaired, mended and recovered.

Charles married Mary Frost in 1851, and they went on to have at least seven children together: Sarah Ann (1852-), Selina Naomi (1856-1892), Elizabeth Mary (1859-1893), Ruth (1859-1865), Arthur Charles (1863-1887), Herbert James (1865-1903) and Louisa Ada (1868-1906).

Charles and Mary lived at 28 Broad Street, and raised their children there. Charles lived at the same house for over sixty years.  He was described on census returns as either a rag merchant or marine store dealer.

He was widowed in 1903 when he was 74 years old.  He continued to live on Broad Street with his grandson Arthur Edwin Careless and niece who was his housekeeper (1911).

On Monday 6th January 1919 he placed an advert in the Cambridge Daily News to inform patrons that he was closing the business having reached the age of 90 years old.  The advert stated that the business had been run from Broad Street for 70 years, but was henceforth closed.  He died aged 92 years old. He left an estate valued at £5,094 7s 9d. He outlived his wife and seven children.

Mary Careless (née Frost) (c.1829 – 27 April 1903)

Mary was born in Isleham, and married Charles Careless when she was 22 years old.  She died aged 74 years old.

Arthur Charles Careless (1863 – 25 April 1887)

Arthur was the fifth of the seven Careless children.  He grew up at 28 Broad Street and aged 17 (1881) was assisting his father in the business.  He died at home aged 23 years old.

Selina Naomi Bennett  (née Careless) (1856- 2 February 1892)

Selina was the second daughter of Charles and Mary Careless.  She grew up at Broad Street, and married Frederick William Bennett on 17th October 1883 at Eden Chapel, Burleigh Street.

Selina and Frederick lived at 6 Fairfield Road in Edmonton, where Frederick was a corn dealer.  They had two children:  John Watson (1885-1975) and Winifred Mary (1890-1990).  Selina died in Edmonton aged 36 years old.

Frederick William Bennett married again to Martha Anne in 1899. He died in Gloucestershire in 1923.

Elizabeth Mary Haynes (née Careless) (1859 – 10 March 1893)

Elizabeth was the third daughter of Charles and Mary Careless.  She  married  William Housden Haynes in the summer of 1892 when she was 32 years old. William was a grocer from 158 Newmarket Road. Elizabeth died less than a year later in March 1893 aged 32 years old.

William Haynes married again in 1898 to Beatrice Mary and had five children with her. He died in 1944 aged 80 years old.

Herbert James Careless (1865 – 25 July 1903)

Herbert was the sixth child of Charles and Mary Careless.  Aged 15 (1881) he was assisting his father in the marine stores business at 28 Broad Street. He married Alice Haynes in 1894 when he was 29 years old.  By 1896 he was living at 2 Warkworth Villas with Alice.  They had two children together: Arthur Herbert (1897-1982) and Alice Ruth (1899-1999).

In the 1901 census he was living with Alice and his two children at Warkworth Villas and is described as a marine store merchant.  He died in July 1903 at the Small Pox Hospital. He left an estate valued at £2,888 10s (£349,000 at 2019 values).



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Selina Naomi Bennett; Arthur Charles Careless, Charles Careless; Herbert James Careless; Mary Careless; Elizabeth Mary Haynes