This headstone was not found by CFHS in their survey of 2000 or by Friends of MRC history group in 2018.

It probably fell some time ago and has been covered by grass.  It is located in the parish of Holy Sepulchre Row 13, graves 6 and 7.

This is the rough location of the graves.

Relationships : Mother, daughter and two grandchildren

Anice Brazier (née Ison) (c 1824 – 1903)

Anice was born in Longstowe. She married Richard Brazier in 1855.

Mary Jane Carter (née Brazier) (c 1861 – 1899)

Mary Jane was born to Richard and  Anice Brazier . She married Alfred Carter, a printer, in 1887. The family lived at 10 Bridge Street where Mary Jane ran a student lodging house. They had at least six children:  Ethel (b 1888), Leonard (b 1890),  Ernest Harold (b 1893 died aged 5 months), Ernest Alfred (b 1895 died aged 11 weeks), Ernest (b 1896) and  Elsie May (b 1897 died aged 2 months,). Although Elsie May is not shown on the grave register her name is in the parish burial register).

Mary Jane died of consumption.

Thanks to Jane Woodrow for alerting us to this missing monument.


Anice Brazier; Ernest Alfred Carter; Ernest Harold Carter; Mary Jane Carter