CFHS code : ED146

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : In Memory of T Rev THOMAS BROCKLE-BANK Senior Fellow of Kings College Cambridge he was the eldest son of the late Rev THOMAS BROCKLE-BANK of Clifton Gloucestershire and sometime vicar of Deane Lancashire d July 24th 1878 in the 54th year of his age

Monument : Cruciform Coped stone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203297, 0.13662627 – click here for location

Brockle-Bank south side


This limestone cruciform copestone, in the parish area of St Edward (Sexton row IV, grave 8), is located to the west side of the western path 20 yards beyond the junction with the crosspath to the centre circle, beneath a cotoneaster tree. (Thomas Brockle-Bank was buried 10 feet deep.)


+ In Memory of the Revd Thomas Brockle-Bank
Senior Fellow of King’s College Cambridge
who died July 24th 1878 in the 54th year of his age +
He was the eldest son of the late Rev Thomas Brockle-Bank
of Clifton, Gloucestershire and sometime vicar of Deane Lancashire.

[stonemason:] Tomson

Brockle-Bank north side

Thomas Brockle-Bank (1825‒78)

Thomas Brockle-Bank was born 23 May 1825 at Deane in Lancashire. He was the son of Thomas Brockle-Bank Sr, Vicar of Deane.  Brockle-Bank was educated at Eton, and in August 1844 came up to King’s as a Scholar. He was elected to the fellowship three years later in 1847. Brockle-Bank obtained his BA in 1849 and his MA in 1852. In 1858 he received an honorary MA from Oxford.

Brockle-Bank was ordained as a priest in 1851 and was the College’s ‘Morning Reader in Chapel’ from 1857 until the office was abolished in 1862. Brockle-Bank held many College offices: Bursar (1852‒71), Proctor (1860‒61) and Vice Provost (1871‒77).

Brockle-Bank died in his rooms in College on 24 July 1878 at the age of 53. There is a memorial tablet dedicated to him in the Chapel.

By Ian Bent

Thomas Brockle-Bank