CFHS code : MG66 and MG66a

Parish : St Mary the Great

Inscription : In Ever Loving Memory of HILDA BUCK d 24 Oct 1933 age 33

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202224, 0.13778946 – click here for location

Buck-Jaggs monument
Buck-Jaggs monument


This small oblong headstone with kerb stones and cornerstones, containing a flowerholder, in the parish area of St Mary the Great, is located midway between the central path and the eastern path, in the southeast quadrant of the cemetery (next to the stone cross of Annie Carnegie Brown).


‛In ever loving memory of Hilda Buck
who died 24th October 1933 aged 33 years’

‛In loving memory of George Edward Jaggs
who died August 13 1947 aged 40’

Hilda Buck (née Jaggs) (1900‒1933)

Hilda Buck

Hilda Patty Whittall Jaggs was born on 29 June 1900, the twin sister of Agnes Fanny Whittall Jaggs, daughters of George Jaggs, postman, and his wife Fanny (née Whittall).  The family was then living at 65 Duncombe Road, Islington, London, and by 1901 at 12 Calverley Grove, Islington.  George had been born in Fulbourn village, near Cambridge, as had two relatives who were staying with them at that time, Hilda’s uncle Ellis and grandmother Elizabeth Jaggs (Fanny was from Shropshire).  In the 1911 census, by which time there was a son George Edward (1907‒47), the family is recorded as living at 31 Broad Street (off East Road), Cambridge, with father George now a “painter (building)”.

Hilda married Reginald Alfred Buck, chartered accountant, on 5 September 1927 at Great St Mary’s Church (the University Church), and lived at 66 Hemingford Road (Romsey Town), Cambridge.  The couple had one child, Jeanette Ann, born 7 May 1932.

Tragically, Hilda died after an accident on 24 October 1933, outside the old Addenbrooke’s Hospital on Trumpington Street, the cause of death being given as “subarachnoid haemorrhage” ‒ bleeding in an area of the brain (presumably the result of head trauma rather than the more usual stroke).  She was buried in Mill Road Cemetery on 28 October.  At the time of her death the couple had been living at 148 Mowbray Road (south of the City).

Hilda’s parents continued to live in Cambridge, at 23 Guildhall Place.  Fanny, for more than twenty years an employee of Queens’ College, died in 1935, and George in 1937.

George Edward Jaggs (1907‒1947)

Jaggs flowerholder
Jaggs flowerholder

George Edward (also registered as Edward George) was born on 1 April 1907, the only son of George and Fanny Jaggs.  He had twin elder sisters, Hilda Patty Whittall (later Buck) (1900‒33) and Agnes Fanny Whittall (1900‒).

In July/Sept 1937 (shortly after the death of his father) George Edward married Ivy Elizabeth Foster (1908‒85) of Dog Kennel Lane, Histon.  Ivy’s father’s occupation was recorded in 1911 as “jam factory hand” ‒ i.e. worker at Chivers & Sons of Histon;  since George Jaggs’ death certificate records him as “painter (jam factory)” the connection may have come through the common workplace of the two fathers.  In 1939 the couple was living at his parents’ former home, 23 Guildhall Place in central Cambridge, George listed as “public works contractor’s labourer, heavy worker”. The couple had at least one child, John Edward, born 15 March 1941, who died a month later, on 13 April.

George Edward died on 13 August 1947, aged 40.   There is a story in the family that the flowerholder on which his inscription is engraved previously existed elsewhere in the cemetery but was moved and placed within the kerb stones of Hilda Buck’s grave, where it now survives.  It is possible that his body was cremated and his ashes scattered somewhere in the cemetery.

It is likely that 23 Guildhall Place was in the name of George Edward during the Second World War (no street directories were published for that period).  From 1948 it was in the that of “Mrs Jaggs”‒ Ivy Elizabeth ‒ and remained so until 1964.  By that time, the Lion Yard area was preparing for demolition and only half a dozen houses in Guildhall Place were still occupied.  Ivy Elizabeth moved to 19 Markham Close, in the newly built northern suburb of Kings Hedges.  She died in Jan/March 1985.

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by Gina Chandler (grand-daughter of Hilda and Reginald) with Ian Bent and Mary Naylor

Hilda Buck; George Edward Jaggs