CFHS code : PL170a

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Memory of JOHN BURGIS d Nov 12 1868 age 52

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The headstone in 2020.


This headstone stands under a tree just north of the south path midway between the lodge and the centre path in the parish of St Paul. It has been hidden by ivy for several years. The carved & painted inscription has faded but is still legible


In Memory of JOHN BURGIS who died Nov 12 1868 age 52 years

John Burgis (1816 – 12 November 1868)

John was born in Foulsham, Norfolk (nine miles north east of Dereham) and baptised there on 18 February 1816. He was the son of farmer/butcher John Chapman Burgis and Elizabeth (née Olley) and married Sarah Allthorpe (1817-1882) on 18 September 1849 in Wickmere with Wolterton, near Cromer. In 1851 the couple were living in Calthorpe, Norfolk where he was farming 70 acres and employing 2 labourers. They are not thought to have had any children and moved to Cambridge where John worked laying telegraph wire. He died at Fulbourn Hospital aged 52 years old.

His widow lived in Cambridge for some years after his death, but then moved to Norwich where she died in October 1882.



by Claire Martinsen

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John Burgis