CFHS code : AS276

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : In Remembrance of JAMES MASON d October 3rd 1881 aged 72 SARAH MASON widow of the above d Jan 17 1892 aged 82 ELIZABETH BURLING [late] of Waterbeach sister of the above d Jan 12 1892 aged 38 footstone JM 1881 SM 1892

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones/Footstone (fallen)

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



James Mason (23 November 1809 – 3 October 1881)

James was the son of Edward and Rebecca and was baptised at St. Clement’s Church on 26 August 1810.  He married Sarah and they they had at least two children: Susan (1837-1911) and Alfred (1839-1919).  The family lived at 19 Lower Park Street and James worked as a carpenter (1841) and then as a coal merchant (at least 1851 onwards).  He died aged 71 years old (although the incription on the monument reads 72 years).

Sarah Mason (c.1809 – 17 January 1892)

Sarah was born in Waterbeach and after she was widowed lived at 19 Park Street with her sister Elizabeth Burling (1891).  She died aged 82 years old.

Elizabeth Burling (c.1806 – 12 January 1892)

Elizabeth was Sarah’s older sister and was also born in Waterbeach.  She is believed to have married William Burling (1797-1837) and had at least two children: William  Francis (1833-) and Sarah Ann (1836-) .  After she was widowed she ran the  Sun pub in Waterbeach  until at least 1863. In April 1862 a fire broke out at the Sun pub and more than a thousand pounds worth of damage was done.  The Cambridge Independent Press reported that ‘the fire was first seen upon a dung heap here it is customary to throw cinder dirt etc, from which, it is believed, to have originated’.  Three neighbouring cottages were also burnt and many of the villagers helped to put out the flames.  The newspaper reported that the labourers were ‘injudiciously rewarded afterwards, by having several barrels of beer placed on the green for their consumption; this lead to a great deal of drunkenness, many of them drinking immoderately and becoming very pugnacious in a very short time, others became quite helpless’.  The article suggested that it would have been better to take the helpers names and reward them at a later time.

In 1871 Elizabeth was living at 71 High Street, Waterbeach on her own and her occupation on the census of that year was said to be income from property.  She then moved to live with her sister at 19 Park Street (1881/1891). She died aged 87 years old, five days earlier than Sarah.



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by Claire Martinsen

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Elizabeth Burling; James Mason; Sarah Mason