William Cooper Atkins; Charles James Matthew; Frederick George Matthew; Frederick William Matthew; Henry John Matthew; Sidney Matthew

Inscription : In Loving Memory of WILLIAM COOPER ATKINS / d Nov 30 1862 aged 85 / also of / HENRY JOHN MATTHEW / eldest son of / JOHN and MARY ANN MATTHEW / and grandson of the above / died at Matlock Sept 12 1879 / aged 34 / In Loving Memory of / FREDERICK WILLIAM / d March 11 1855 aged 11 months / FREDERICK GEORGE / d April 6 1855 aged 18 months / SIDNEY / d Dec 7 1834 aged 3 days / SIDNEY / d July 30 1862 aged 5 / also of / CHARLES JAMES / d Aug 28 1889 aged 42 / interred in the Brighton and Preston Cemetery / the second, fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth sons of / JOHN and MARY ANN MATTHEW

Antoine Emile Porcheron; Charlotte Porcheron; Francoise Fuller Porcheron; Pierre Emile Porcheron

Inscription : In Loving Memory of / FRANÇOISE FULLER PORCHERON / b Dec 27 1862 / d May 17 1881 / In Loving Memory of / CHARLOTTE / the dearly beloved wife of / ANTOINE EMILE PORCHERON / d Feb 5 1892 / age 63 / also / ANTOINE EMILE PORCHERON / d Nov 6 1893 / age 75 / also of / PIERRE EMILE PORCHERON / d May 26 1900 age 38

Sidney Frederic Amps; William James Amps; Emily Cherry; George Cherry; Luke Cherry; Mary Cherry

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of GEORGE CHERRY d April 19 1862 age 49 also of EMILY wife of LUKE CHERRY d Dec 11 1869 age 23 also of MARY CHERRY widow of the above d Oct 14 1903 age 91 reverse In Loving Memory of WILLIAM JAMES AMPS d Dec 19 1883 aged 35 also SIDNEY FREDERIC AMPS grandson of the above d Dec 31 1903 aged 6 months With the Angels also of LUKE CHERRY d March 1st 1909 aged 62 his end was peace

Agnes Jane Ellis; David Ellis; Elizabeth Sarah Ellis; Harry Read Ellis; Mary Ann Ellis; Percy John Looker

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH SARAH ELLIS wife of HARRY READ ELLIS d 15 Jan 1922 aged 61 also HARRY READ ELLIS d 11 Nov 1941 aged 82 and PERCY JOHN LOOKER d —— 1963 aged 71 reverse Sacred to the Memory of MARY ANN wife of DAVID ELLIS d 5 Jan 1882 aged 58 also AGNES JANE [daughter] d 25 Feb 1860 aged 1 year 7 months also DAVID ELLIS d 6 Mar 1907 aged 80

Alice Elizabeth Berridge; George Berridge; Alfred Samuel Fromant; Eleanor Nelly Metcalfe Fromant; Sarah Ann Fromant; Alfred John Metcalfe Fromant

Inscription : stone cross side 1 ELEANOR NELLY METCALFE FROMANT second daughter of the late ALFRED & SARAH FROMANT d Feb 1 1945 side 2 In Loving Memory of ALFRED JOHN METCALFE infant son of ALFRED & SARAH FROMANT b Nov 3 1875 d Feb 10 1876 side 3 In Loving Memory of ALICE ELIZABETH BERRIDGE d May 23 1941 eldest daughter of ALFRED & SARAH FROMANT interred at Broxbourne Churchyard side 4 In Ever Loving Memory of SARAH ANN FROMANT d Apr 24 1923 age 78 also ALFRED SAMUEL FROMANT her husband d June 16 1931 age 87 kerbs In Loving Memory of GEORGE BERRIDGE husband of ALICE BERRIDGE d 1941 interred at Broxbourne Cemetery

Alice Amelia Brown; Charles James Brown; Henry James Brown; Marianne Brown; Maryanne Sophia Brown; Sarah Stevens

Inscription : In Loving Memory of MARIANNE wife of HJ BROWN d Feb 26 [1888] age 73 also HENRY JAMES BROWN her husband d Feb 3 1892 age 75 also MARYANNE SOPHIA BROWN eldest daughter of HENRY JAMES BROWN d Dec 18 1920 age 81 reverse In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH STEVENS third daughter of Mr HJ BROWN d July 18 1875 age 29 also of ALICE AMELIA BROWN d Oct 11 1880 age 27 also CHARLES JAMES BROWN d May 15 [1887] age 27

Anna Maria Baxter; Charles Martin Baxter; Clara Amelia Baxter; Elizabeth Baxter; James William Baxter

Inscription : To the Memory of ELIZABETH the dearly loved wife of JAMES WILLIAM BAXTER d May 15 1861 aged 72 CHARLES MARTIN youngest son of the above d Dec 22 1861 aged 32 JAMES WILLIAM BAXTER b Feb 7 1790 d June 28 1869 [CLARA] AMELIA b Jan 6 1825 d Dec 10 1826 ANNA MARIA b May 7 1823 d March 6 1827 interred in a vault in All Saints Church

Adlet J. Maltby (Aggie); Arthur Maltby; Bee Maltby; Bruce W. Maltby; Ellen Charlotte (Nell) Maltby; Emma Bunting Maltby; Frederick S.A. Maltby; Violet Louisa Maltby

Inscription : In Memory of ELLEN CHARLOTTE (NELL) the loving wife of BRUCE W MALTBY d Jan 1st 1923 aged 53 also BEE at rest February 18th 1939 In Loving Memory EMMA BUNTING the beloved wife of ARTHUR MALTBY d Jan 14th 1910 best of wives and best of mothers also of ARTHUR MALTBY husband of the above d Nov 21st 1923 aged 79 also of ADLET J MALTBY (AGGIE) who fell asleep on board the RMS Orient on his way home from Melbourne Australia Feb 16 1890 aged 22 also of FREDERICK SA MALTBY d Nov 15 1891 aged 25 also of BRUCE W MALTBY d May 10 1943 VIOLET LOUISA wife of BRUCE d Dec 4th 1978 aged 74

John Campion; Sarah Campion; Bessie Helena Kempton; Eliza Kempton; Emily Rosa Kempton; Green Kempton; Mary Ann Kate Kempton; Susanna Alice Kempton

Inscription : In Loving Remembrance of GREEN KEMPTON d March 31 [1885] aged 61 also of ELIZA his wife d Oct 4 1885 aged 58 also of their children BESSIE HELENA d Aug 14 1870 aged 5 SUSANNA ALICE d March 11 1872 aged 9 years 9 months reverse In Affectionate Remembrance of MARY ANN KATE daughter of GREEN & ELIZA KEMPTON d Jan 28 1859 aged 8 also of SARAH CAMPION d Feb 1 1860 aged 77 and of JOHN CAMPION d April 5 1882 aged 89 also EMILY ROSA KEMPTON 1855 – 1935

Eliza Eaden; Martha Eliza Eaden; William Eaden; Charles Watson; Joseph Watson; Mary Watson; Susan Watson

Inscription : In Memory of SUSAN beloved wife of CHARLES WATSON d 15 Nov 1[8]64 In Memory of JOSEPH WATSON d 14 Apr 1859 aged 78 In Memory of MARY WATSON wife of JOSEPH WATSON d 9 Jan 1852 aged 66 In Memory of ELIZA wife of WILLIAM EADEN d 9 Nov 1868 aged 61 also WILLIAM EADEN d 29 May 1872 aged 71 In Memory of CHARLES WATSON d 13 Jan 1895 aged 85 also MARTHA ELIZA EADEN daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZA EADEN b 1829 d 1906

Mary Ann Buttress; Charles William Fuller; Charlotte Fuller; Edward Warwick Fuller; Frederick Fuller; John Fuller

Inscription : To the Memory of JOHN FULLER d October 11 18[5]0 aged 64 To the Memory of CHARLOTTE FULLER the beloved wife of JOHN FULLER d August 7 1856 aged 66 CHARLES WILLIAM FULLER d June 21 1862 aged 40 also MARY ANN BUTTRESS a friend and relative d May 9 1878 aged 72 also To the Memory of FREDERICK FULLER d June 10 1859 aged 40

Edith Martha Judd; Frances Mary Judd; James Judd; John Marriot Judd; Lydia Susan Judd; William Thomas Emery Judd

Inscription : In Loving Memory of EDITH M JUDD d May 26 1898 aged 18 also JOHN MARRIOT JUDD d Jan 7th 1911 aged 34 also WILLIAM THOMAS EMERY JUDD d Jan 21 [1914] aged 80 reverse In Loving Memory of our dear mother LYDIA SUSAN JUDD d Oct 29th 1917 aged 73 also of WILLIAM THOMAS EMERY JUDD son of the above d Oct 25 1943 aged 68 also their daughter FRANCES MARY JUDD d April 3 1954 aged 83 and of JAMES JUDD d June 12th 1957 aged 84

John William Blackwell; William John Blackwell; Edith Maria Bright; Emily Martha Bright; Mary Bright; Sidney William Bright; William Bright; William Richard Bright

Inscription : cross In Loving Memory of WILLIAM BRIGHT d Jan 24th 1909 aged 68 also his brother-in-law name and date illegible also MARY his beloved wife d Sep 20th 1903 aged 80 JOHN WILLIAM BLACKWELL b Jan 24th 1855 d Mar 8th 1897 WILLIAM RICHARD BRIGHT b Jan 25th 1853 d Feb 18th 1897 kerbs SIDNEY WILLIAM BRIGHT b Jan 9th 1885 d Oct 5th 1900 WILLIAM JOHN BLACKWELL b July 9th 1893 d Oct 1st 1907 EMILY MARTHA BRIGHT b Sep 4th 18[3]6 d Sep 5th 1924 EDITH MARIA BRIGHT b August 10th 1858 d April 22nd 1906

Charlotte Fuller; Edward Warwick Fuller; Elizabeth Fuller; Frederick Fuller; Henry Fuller; John William Fuller

Inscription : side 1 In Affectionate Remembrance of ELIZABETH beloved wife of HENRY FULLER d May 29 [1889] age 88 side 2 In Affectionate Remembrance of HENRY FULLER d Nov 7 1869 age 51 side 3 also of the children of ELIZABETH & HENRY FULLER JOHN WILLIAM d Jan [24] 1845 age 1 year 8 months also ELIZABETH d Jan 21 1850 age 5 months also EDWARD WARWICK d Feb 22 1852 age 1 year also of CHARLOTTE d Dec 1855 2 years 9 months also FREDERICK d Aug 24 1863 age 1 year 9 months

Emma Barrett; Mary Ann Barrett; Caroline Clifton; Anne Hignell; Ann Pike; Lydia Turner

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of the five persons named below who inhabiting the same house were all called hence within the short space of eleven months and who all departed in the enjoyment of a good hope that through grace they should inherit eternal live viz ANNE HIGNELL d March 11th 1858 aged 83 MARY ANN BARRETT her sister d July 6th 1857 aged 73 CAROLINE CLIFTON June 4th 1857 aged 40 EMMA BARRETT May 27th 1858 aged 36 two daughters of the latter ANN PIKE August 6th 1857 aged 20 their servant also In Memory of LYDIA TURNER d July 2nd 1862 aged 77

Emma Maynard Cope; James Cope; Mary Elizabeth Ann Cope; William James Cope; Mary Salt

Inscription : WILLIAM JAMES COPE the dearly beloved child of JAMES and EMMA COPE b Dec 8 1857 d Feb 2 1865 two lines illegible also of JAMES COPE brother of the above d April 26 1872 aged 56 and of MARY SALT [beloved wife of] JAMES COPE d -7 1874 aged 83 also of MARY [EA] COPE d ———- EMMA MAYNARD COPE d April 3 1807 aged 71