Martha Haase; Alfred Sabberton; Harriett Sabberton; Martha Sabberton; Mary Ann Sabberton; William Sabberton; William Sabberton

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of WILLIAM SABBERTON d Mar 21 1870 age 72 also MARTHA the beloved wife of JAMES HAASE and daughter of the above d May 24 1871 In Affectionate Remembrance of MARTHA the beloved wife of WILLIAM SABBERTON d May 17 1867 aged [66] also ALFRED son of the above d Aug 4 1871 WILLIAM eldest son of WILL and MARTHA SABBERTON d Aug 30 1873 In Loving Memory of HARRIETT SABBERTON d Oct 4 1887 also MARY ANN SABBERTON d March 4 1903 age 78

Frederick Ernest Leslie Furlong; Allan Frederick Stearn; Eliza Stearn; Florence Eliza Stearn; Herbert Thomas Stearn; Thomas Stearn; Walter John Stearn

Inscription : WALTER J STEARN b Apr 24 1863 d Feb 4 1929 also THOMAS STEARN b May 28 1824 d Sept 5 1905 also FLORENCE ELIZA STEARN [b July 5 1858] [Feb 25 1894] also HERBERT THOMAS STEARN MA b July 13 1854 d Aug 2 1899 In Loving Memory of ELIZA wife of THOMAS STEARN d Apr 29 1892 age 63 ALLAN F STEARN died at Calcutta Aug 6 1896 age 39 also In Loving Memory of FREDERICK EL FURLONG husband of EDITH FM FURLONG d Mar 12 1919 age 39

Ann Hopkin Wright; Elizabeth Jane Wright; Mary Jane Wright; Thomas Wright

Inscription : In Loving Memory of our father and mother THOMAS WRIGHT born at Upwell April 29 1825 died at Chesterton Feb 23 1898 in his 71st year also ELIZABETH JANE WRIGHT born at Upwell Oct 12 1830 died at Chesterton April 12 1898 in her 68th year also MARY JANE WRIGHT younger daughter of above born at Fulbourn Oct 7 1859 died at Cambridge Sep 14 1919 also ANN HOPKIN WRIGHT elder daughter of the above born at Fulbourn Feb 19 1858 died at Cambridge Jan 25 1925

Ann Maria Flack; Elizabeth Flack; Mary Flack; Robert William Flack; Sarah Flack

Inscription : IERO ROBERT WILLIAM FLACK b Oct 26 1816 d March 2 1866 also ANN MARIA wife of above b Oct 25 1816 d [July 24 1865] also MARY daughter of above line illegible also In Memory of SARAH FLACK daughter of ROBERT WILLIAM and ANN MARIA FLACK b April 19 1852 d August 21 1927 also ELIZABETH FLACK wife of HUGH WILLIAM FLACK d May 16 1929 age 76

Bertram Reginald Buck; Frederick George Buck; Reginald Theobald Buck

Inscription : [kerbstones:] [top:] ‘In loving memory of our dear sons’ [left:] [sunk or missing: assumed to have borne inscription of Bertram William Buck] [right:] ‘Fred Buck Lincs. Regt. who died of wounds Nov 6, 1918, aged 19 years.’ [foot:] “faithful unto death.” [plinth of cross:] ‘In loving memory of my dear husband Reginald Theobald Buck who died Jan 15th 1947 aged 77 years’

Dorothy Lucilla Matilda Flack; Eliza Flack; Emily Eliza Ann Flack; George Flack; George Walter Flack

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of GEORGE FLACK d May 28 1883 age 65 for 36 years Clerk of Holy Sepulchre church This stone was erected by members of the congregation and other friends also GEORGE WALTER FLACK son d Dec 31 1883 age 36 also ELIZA wife of GEORGE FLACK d Jan 20 1905 [age 83] also EMILY ELIZA ANN FLACK b Mar 9 1858 d Sept 22 1912 also DOROTHY LUCILLA MATILDA FLACK d Feb 28 1924 age 65

Elizabeth Bradshaw Lambert; Ellen Lizzie (Nellie) Lambert; King Richard Lambert; Noel King Lambert

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH BRADSHAW beloved wife of KING LAMBERT d March 24 1912 age 53 also our NELLIE daughter of the above d Oct 30 1916 aged 15 also NOEL KING son of the above killed at Fampoux France while serving with the 10th Field Ambulance April 13 1917 age 24 also KING LAMBERT husband of the above d Oct 19 1932 age 77