Emily Alice Bremner; Ethel Holt Carter; Jane Harriet Parkinson; Albert Cecil Smith; Archibald Holt Smith; Arthur Frederick Smith; Chappel Brand Smith; Elizabeth Jane Smith; Eva Marie Smith; Frank Brand Smith; Reginald Holt Smith

Inscription : column side 1 IARO CHAPPEL BRAND SMITH d Dec 20 1871 aged 48 JANE HARRIET beloved wife of JOSEPH PARKINSON d 4 June 1911 in her 87th year IEARO EMILY ALICE BREMNER daughter of CHAPPEL BRAND SMITH 5th Oct 1911 aged [57] side 2 Sacred to the Memory of FRANK seventh son of CHAPPEL BRAND SMITH died at Charter Rhodesia 14 Jan 1899 ILRO ALBERT CECIL SMITH d Nov 22 1910 aged 55 interred at Yardley Cemetery Nov 26th IEARO ARTHUR FREDERICK SMITH b 8 Aug 1874 d 26 Oct 1918 side 3 In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH JANE SMITH dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY CHAPPEL SMITH b [12] Nov 1847 d 17 June [1890] ETHEL HOLT CARTER youngest daughter of above and wife of A E CARTER d 13 Jan 1922 aged 36 scroll 1 In Loving Memory of EVA MARIE dearly beloved wife of SIDNEY SMITH d March 21st 1911 aged 33 scroll 2 In Loving Memory of Pte REGINALD HOLT SMITH [7th] Battalion Royal West Kent killed by a shell July [23] 1917 buried in the Military Cemetery [Zellgrery] aged 34 also of ARCHIBALD HOLT SMITH b 13 May 1887 d 27 Aug 1918

Albert James Kent; Elizabeth Harriet Kent; Henry Charles Kent; John Kent; Marianne Kent; Ruth Emma Kent

Inscription : headstone In Loving Memory of MARIANNE the beloved wife of JOHN KENT d June 16th 1916 aged 65 also of ALBERT JAMES youngest son of the above killed in action at Ginchy France September 3rd 1916 aged 25 also JOHN KENT husband of the above d July 30th 1928 in his 75th year also of RUTH EMMA eldest daughter of the above d April 6th 1950 aged 67 open book In Loving Memory of HENRY CHARLES KENT son of the above d 2nd Sept 1956 aged 78 In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH HARRIET KENT daughter of the above d 16th April 1962 aged 78

Adelaide Ann Shrive; Arthur Edward Shrive; Henry Shrive; Hilda Shrive; John Shrive; Mary Shrive

Inscription : IARO brother HENRY SHRIVE d 14 Feb 1891 aged 56 MARY In Loving Memory of JOHN SHRIVE d 7 Nov 1909 aged 63 also ARTHUR E SHRIVE youngest son of above dearly loved husband of CONSTANCE SHRIVE killed in action Polygon Wood near [Yerps] on 26 Sept 1917 aged 37 IARO ADELAIDE ANN daughter of EDWARD & MARY SHRIVE of Oundle Northamptonshire d 4 May 1872 aged 22 H-DA —- [SHRIV]E JOHN W ——- d [Nov] [15] 18-5 MARY JOHN d Feb aged 93

Edward Bickersteth Birks; Laura Mary Birks; Thomas Rawson Birks

Inscription : In Memory of THOMAS RAWSON BIRKS MA Trin Coll Professor of Moral Philosophy & Theology and for 11_ years Vicar of Holy Trinity Church Cambridge d July 19th 1883 aged 72 In Loving Memory of LAURA MARY BIRKS widow of EDWARD BICKERSTETH BIRKS d April 24 1950 aged 81 also In Loving Memory of EDWARD BICKERSTETH BIRKS d Jan 23 1926 aged 77 Fellow of Trinity College 1870-1893 Vicar of Trumpington 1880-1885 Vicar of St Michaels Cambridge 1885-1892 Vicar of Kellington Yorkshire 1892-1914 Rector of Kelshall Herts 1914-1923

Albert Francis Swann; Edith Annie Swann; Frederick Swann; Frederick John Swann; Harold Archibald Swann; John George Langhorn Swann; Susan Elizabeth Swann

Inscription : side 1 HAROLD ARCHIBALD b Nov 23 1882 d Jan 25 1884 an infant son of FREDERICK & SUSAN ELIZABETH SWANN born and died June 11th 1881 ISMO FREDERICK SWANN d November 7th 1900 aged 51 also of his beloved wife SUSAN ELIZABETH d 11th October 1930 in her 80th year after 30 years side 2 also of FREDERICK JOHN SWANN their eldest son d 14 July 1938 aged 62 side 3 also of JOHN GEORGE LANGHORN SWANN their third son Vicar of Waterbeach 1938-1957 d 2nd August 1963 aged 85 side 4 also of ALBERT FRANCIS SWANN their second son d 5 July 1946 aged 69 and his wife EDITH ANNIE SWANN d 7 July 1960 aged 81

Alice Jane Purssey; Elizabeth Ann Purssey; John Swan Purssey; Amelia Swan; Jane Ann Swan; John Swan; Rebecca Swan

Inscription : cross In Loving Memory of JOHN SWAN of 19 Sidney Street Cambridge d November 8th 1900 aged 71 also of REBECCA wife of the above who died on Ascension Day May 21st 1914 aged 90 AMELIA SWAN d October 23rd 1882 in her 89th year JANE ANN SWAN d July 12th 1877 aged 51 kerbs ELIZABETH ANN d February 1858 JOHN SWAN d May 1866 ALICE JANE d May 1867 the infant children of EDMUND and AMELIA PURSEY

Alice Victoria King; Annie Harriett King; Percy C. King; Herbert Wilson; Mabel Mary Wilson

Inscription : headstone In Loving Memory of PERCY C KING d April 27 1922 aged 22 In our home you are fondly remembered Sweet memories cling round thy dear name Those that loved you in life dear Percy Will love you in death just the same also his mother ANNIE HARRIET KING d April 13 1941 aged 69 God saw the rugged pathway was getting hard to climb So he closed her weary eyelids and whispered peace be thine also of her daughter ALICE VICTORIA KING d Jan 21 1957 aged 59 scroll HERBERT WILSON fell in action August 4th 1916 aged 24 also his wife MABEL MARY WILSON d Feb 21 1952 aged 59

Arthur George Curzon; Arthur William Harry Curzon; Frederick Barton Curzon; Sarah Elizabeth Curzon

Inscription : IEPMO Our beloved sons FREDERICK BARTON CURZON KRRC d February 12 1917 at Keighley Military Hospital aged 32 also of ARTHUR WILLIAM HARRY CURZON 1st Cambs Regt killed in action July 8 1917 buried in Brandhoek Military Cemetery Flanders aged 34 and In Loving Memory of ARTHUR GEORGE CURZON d March 15 1929 aged 74 reverse also of Mother SARAH ELIZABETH CURZON d Jan 23 1939 aged 82

Elizabeth Ayers; Henry Ayers; William Ernest Ayers; William Henry Ayers

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH the dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY AYERS d on Sunday May 25th 1902 aged 67 also of WILLIAM HENRY AYERS d August 7th 1921 aged 90 reverse The Rev [–AHLEY] HENRY AYERS b Jan 6 1856 d April 4 1906 his servants shall serve him and they shall see his face WILLIAM ERNEST AYERS son of W H AYERS b July [23] 1864 d November 19 1907

Albert Hugh Miller; Flora Miller; Hannah Matilda Miller; Freda Grace Wilkinson; Robert L. Wilkinson

Inscription : [west face:] ‘In loving memory of Flora Miller who died March 19, 1931 aged 69 years’ “Peace. Perfect Peace.” [south face:] ‘In loving memory of Albert Hugh Miller who died Feb 23, 1932 aged 63 years also wife of the above Hannah Matilda Miller who died April 14, 1961 aged 89 years’ [east face:] ‘also Freda Grace Wilkinson 1908-1979 Robert L. Wilkinson 1905-1983’

Caroline Edwards; Fanny Edwards; Frederick Edwards; Harriet Edwards; Henry Edwards; Sarah Edwards; Sophia Edwards; Thomas Edwards

Inscription : west face; In Loving Memory of SARAH wife of THOMAS EDWARDS d December 19th 1856 in the 57th year of her age also of THOMAS EDWARDS d October 30th 1868 in the 74th year of his age also of FREDERICK son of the above d October 6th 1871 in the 31st year of his age also of HARRIET daughter of the above d December 18th 1886 in the 61st year of her age: east face; In Loving Memory of HENRY EDWARDS b March 4 1833 d November 10 1893 also of SOPHIA EDWARDS b Sept 15 1832 d April 7 1895 also of FANNY EDWARDS b May 26th 1845 d Feb 25th 1909 also of CAROLINE EDWARDS b Nov 30th 1840 d July 16th 1913

Charles Burbage; Christopher Burbage; Emma Louisa Burbage; Helen Burbage; Susanna Burbage

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SUSANNA wife of CHARLES BURBAGE d Oct 24 1887 also EMMA LOUISA daughter of the above d July – 1937 reverse: 1870 / also HELEN her sister / d May 21 1879 / aged [34] / and CHRISTOPHER / their brother / d Aug 12 1879 / aged [3-] / CHARLES BURBAGE / dear brother of the above / many years [Sexton] of this / line illegible / d April 1- 1882

Elizabeth Stearn; Fanny Stearn; Florence Elizabeth Stearn; Walter Frederick Stearn

Inscription : In Loving Memory of WALTER FREDERICK the beloved husband of ELIZABETH STEARN d April 13 1928 In Loving Memory of FANNY younger daughter of WALTER and ELIZABETH STEARN d March 11 1958 In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of WALTER FREDERICK STEARN d Jan 20 1908 aged 51 In Loving Memory of FLORENCE ELIZABETH STEARN d Nov 1 1943

Alfred James Knights; Daisy Elizabeth Knights; Elizabeth Sarah Knights; Frederick George Knights; Frederick William Knights; Hetty Kathleen Knights; Laura Georgiana Knights; William Marchell Knights; Alice Maud Mudd

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ALICE MAUD MUDD d 24 Oct 1903 aged 24 also LAURA GEORGIANA KNIGHTS also DAISY ELIZABETH also ALFRED JAMES also FREDERICK GEORGE also WILLIAM MARCHELL also FREDERICK WILLIAM also HETTY KATHLEEN also ELIZABETH SARAH KNIGHTS mother of the above d 11 July 1928 aged 70

Ethel Rosa Lusher; George Lusher; Gertrude Lusher; Letitia Lusher; Lettie Ellen Lusher; Lily Lusher

Inscription : In Loving Memory of LETITIA wife of GEORGE LUSHER d 13 July 1933 aged 80 also her daughters GERTRUDE LUSHER d 27 Dec 1962 aged 77 ETHEL ROSA LUSHER d 31 Mar 1966 aged 87 LILY LUSHER d 3 Mar 1977 aged 89 kerbs my dear husband GEORGE LUSHER d 29 Jun 1918 aged 64 also beloved daughter LETTIE ELLEN d 7 Aug 1906 aged 24

Charles Edward Brown; Elizabeth Brown

Inscription : In Memory of CHARLES EDWARD BROWN d Jan 9 1877 in his 71st year he was a magistrate and alderman of the borough and a deputy lieutenant of the county of Cambridge and for many years intimately connected with the various institutions of the town and county erected by subscriptions of many friends and fellow townsmen side also of ELIZABETH wife of CHARLES EDWARD BROWN b Feb 4 1811 d Jan 6 1891

James Henry Holmes; Algernon James Pasco Osborne; Elizabeth Dickerson Osborne; Sarah Elizabeth Osborne

Inscription : In Memory of ELIZABETH DICKERSON 0SBORNE beloved wife of ALGERNON J P OSBORNE d 26 Oct 1894 aged 73 also ALGERNON J P OSBORNE d 8 April 1902 aged 70 reverse In Memory of JAMES HENRY HOLMES d 28 Jan 1950 aged 77 also SARAH ELIZABETH second wife of ALGERNON J P OSBORNE d 19 Nov 1950 aged 89 footstone E D O A J P O

Elizabeth Hoskin; Jeannette Orton

Inscription : In Memory of HARRIETT daughter of the late THOMAS ORTON —— of March County of Cambridge b 1801 d 31 Jan 1862 To the Memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of Rev P C M HOSKIN (MA Cantab) Curate of ——– church Great Malvern and daughter of the late THOMAS ORTON d June 6 1866 aged 59 Note HARRIETT & ELIZABETH b 1801 & 1807 respectively were the daughters of THOMAS & REBECCA ORTON of March The Rev PETER CHARLES MELLISH HOSKIN b 1816 London was the son of PETER MELLISH Esq of Plymouth Admitted to Sidney College Cambridge 1835 BA 1840 MA 1843 ordained Deacon at Lincoln 1839 ordained priest at York 1840 curate of Moor-Monkton Yorks 183941 curate St Peters Regent Square London 1842-45 vicar of Whittlesford Cambs 1845-62 curate of Gt Malvern Worcs 1862-68 No address 1868-91 died Exeter 1892 was a witness at the wedding of a COLLIS-ORTON marriage at March 1858

Elizabeth Sell Swann; Frances Swann; James Asplen Swann; William Swann; William Linton Swann

Inscription : Memory of WILLIAM SWANN d April [8] 1876 aged [55] also FRANCES widow of the above d 13 Feb 1877 aged 63 also JAMES ASPLEN SWANN d 11 Dec 1891 aged 14 also WILLIAM SWANN two lines illegible ELIZABETH SELL SWANN d 18 Feb 1926 aged 86 also WILLIAM LINTON SWANN d March 26 1862 age 14 ——– SWANN died at sea on board the Sabna-n March 6 1876 aged 82

Arthur Dewe Mathews; Bessy Mathews; Emily Mathews; Gladys Agnes Mathews; Thomas Mathews

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS MATHEWS BA d Nov 25 1903 aged 75 also of BESSY his wife d May 24 1872 aged 37 also of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA their eldest son d May 6 1919 aged 58 and of EMILY wife of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA d Dec 8 1948 aged 81 reverse In Loving Memory of GLADYS AGNES MATHEWS b 9th June 1895 d 27th May 1973

Alfred Bodger; Alfred William Bodger; Ann Bodger; Sarah Bodger; Annie Staples Stephen; Annie Staples Stephen

Inscription : side 1 IARO SARAH BODGER d March 18 1875 aged 88 ALFRED BODGER d May 5 1883 also of ANN wife of the above ALFRED BODGER d Feby 5 1911 aged 80 side 2 ANNIE STAPLES STEPHEN daughter of ALFRED and ANN BODGER and wife of GEORGE STEPHEN d May 22 1934 side 3 ALFRED WILLIAM infant son of ALFRED & ANN BODGER d March 10 1867

Alfred Henry Palmer; Emma Elizabeth Palmer; Florence Emily Palmer; George Frederick Palmer; Louisa Kipping Palmer; Mary Ann Palmer; William Thomas Palmer

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of MARY ANN wife of W T PALMER d Aug 5 1877 aged 43 also of the above named WILLIAM THOS PALMER d May 3 1900 aged 72 also of EMMA ELIZABETH d Jan 13 1863 aged 8 also ALFRED HENRY d Aug 23 1878 aged 13 months dearly loved children of the above side 2 In Loving Memory of GEORGE FREDERICK PALMER d April 30th 1901 aged 25 also of FLORENCE EMILY PALMER d February 18th 1915 aged 51 also of LOUISA KIPPING PALMER dearly loved wife of W T PALMER d March 7th 1922 aged 79

Julia Ann Rogers; Frederick John Rogers Scales; George Scales; Hannah Scales; Kate Beatrice Scales

Inscription : side 1 In Memory of FREDERICK JOHN ROGERS SCALES d January 16th 1868 aged 1 year & 5 months also In Memory of JULIA ANN widow of the late JOHN ROGERS of London d June 27th 1868 aged 24 side 2 In Loving Memory of HANNAH the beloved wife of GEORGE SCALES Senr d July 11th 1886 aged 54 also GEORGE SCALES husband of the above d January 20th 1904 in his 70th year side 3 In Loving Memory of KATE BEATRICE the beloved wife of ALFRED SCALES d November 28th 1918 aged 50