Elizabeth Sarah Mortlock; Mary Mortlock; Thomas Samuel Mortlock; William Henry Mortlock

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of a beloved mother MARY wife of T S MORTLOCK d May 31 1864 aged 48 also of WILLIAM HENRY son of the above who was drowned off Cape Morgan Nov 22 1862 aged 21 also of the above named THOMAS S MORTLOCK d — 17 1873 also of ELIZABETH SARAH MORTLOCK daughter of the above d June 13 1906 aged 67

Elizabeth Ayers; Henry Ayers; William Ernest Ayers; William Henry Ayers

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH the dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY AYERS d on Sunday May 25th 1902 aged 67 also of WILLIAM HENRY AYERS d August 7th 1921 aged 90 reverse The Rev [–AHLEY] HENRY AYERS b Jan 6 1856 d April 4 1906 his servants shall serve him and they shall see his face WILLIAM ERNEST AYERS son of W H AYERS b July [23] 1864 d November 19 1907

Arthur Dewe Mathews; Bessy Mathews; Emily Mathews; Gladys Agnes Mathews; Thomas Mathews

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS MATHEWS BA d Nov 25 1903 aged 75 also of BESSY his wife d May 24 1872 aged 37 also of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA their eldest son d May 6 1919 aged 58 and of EMILY wife of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA d Dec 8 1948 aged 81 reverse In Loving Memory of GLADYS AGNES MATHEWS b 9th June 1895 d 27th May 1973