Antoine Emile Porcheron; Charlotte Porcheron; Francoise Fuller Porcheron; Pierre Emile Porcheron

Inscription : In Loving Memory of / FRANÇOISE FULLER PORCHERON / b Dec 27 1862 / d May 17 1881 / In Loving Memory of / CHARLOTTE / the dearly beloved wife of / ANTOINE EMILE PORCHERON / d Feb 5 1892 / age 63 / also / ANTOINE EMILE PORCHERON / d Nov 6 1893 / age 75 / also of / PIERRE EMILE PORCHERON / d May 26 1900 age 38

Arthur Percy Livett Johnson; Jessie Ann Johnson; Emily Hannah Livett; Emily Sarah Livett; George Livett; George Chaplin Livett; James John Willoughby Livett

Inscription : [In Loving Memory of] GEORGE LIVETT d 14 Dec 187[3] aged 7[6] also of JESSIE ANN younger daughter of the above and wife of Rev A N JOHNSON MA of the London Missionary Soc d in London 5 Dec 1911 aged [5]9 also of JAMES JOHN WILLOUGHBY LIVETT MA LLM younger son of the above died Westcliff-on-Sea 2 Sept 1936 in his 81st year In Loving Memory of EMILY HANNAH widow of GEORGE LIVETT who died suddenly at Clifton 6 Sept 1894 aged 75 also EMILY SARAH LIVETT elder daughter of the above died at Westcliff-on-Sea 27 May 1920 aged 72 also ARTHUR PERCY LIVETT JOHNSON LDS RCS Eng only son of JESSIE ANN LIVETT & Rev A N JOHNSON died suddenly 14 Oct 1959 at Wooton Hants aged 73 also GEORGE CHAPLIN LIVETT MA LLD of Soham elder son of the above died at Hermitage Lane NW 24 Dec 1899 aged 49

Agnes Jane Ellis; David Ellis; Elizabeth Sarah Ellis; Harry Read Ellis; Mary Ann Ellis; Percy John Looker

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH SARAH ELLIS wife of HARRY READ ELLIS d 15 Jan 1922 aged 61 also HARRY READ ELLIS d 11 Nov 1941 aged 82 and PERCY JOHN LOOKER d —— 1963 aged 71 reverse Sacred to the Memory of MARY ANN wife of DAVID ELLIS d 5 Jan 1882 aged 58 also AGNES JANE [daughter] d 25 Feb 1860 aged 1 year 7 months also DAVID ELLIS d 6 Mar 1907 aged 80

Alice Elizabeth Berridge; George Berridge; Alfred Samuel Fromant; Eleanor Nelly Metcalfe Fromant; Sarah Ann Fromant; Alfred John Metcalfe Fromant

Inscription : stone cross side 1 ELEANOR NELLY METCALFE FROMANT second daughter of the late ALFRED & SARAH FROMANT d Feb 1 1945 side 2 In Loving Memory of ALFRED JOHN METCALFE infant son of ALFRED & SARAH FROMANT b Nov 3 1875 d Feb 10 1876 side 3 In Loving Memory of ALICE ELIZABETH BERRIDGE d May 23 1941 eldest daughter of ALFRED & SARAH FROMANT interred at Broxbourne Churchyard side 4 In Ever Loving Memory of SARAH ANN FROMANT d Apr 24 1923 age 78 also ALFRED SAMUEL FROMANT her husband d June 16 1931 age 87 kerbs In Loving Memory of GEORGE BERRIDGE husband of ALICE BERRIDGE d 1941 interred at Broxbourne Cemetery

Alice Amelia Brown; Charles James Brown; Henry James Brown; Marianne Brown; Maryanne Sophia Brown; Sarah Stevens

Inscription : In Loving Memory of MARIANNE wife of HJ BROWN d Feb 26 [1888] age 73 also HENRY JAMES BROWN her husband d Feb 3 1892 age 75 also MARYANNE SOPHIA BROWN eldest daughter of HENRY JAMES BROWN d Dec 18 1920 age 81 reverse In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH STEVENS third daughter of Mr HJ BROWN d July 18 1875 age 29 also of ALICE AMELIA BROWN d Oct 11 1880 age 27 also CHARLES JAMES BROWN d May 15 [1887] age 27

John William Blackwell; William John Blackwell; Edith Maria Bright; Emily Martha Bright; Mary Bright; Sidney William Bright; William Bright; William Richard Bright

Inscription : cross In Loving Memory of WILLIAM BRIGHT d Jan 24th 1909 aged 68 also his brother-in-law name and date illegible also MARY his beloved wife d Sep 20th 1903 aged 80 JOHN WILLIAM BLACKWELL b Jan 24th 1855 d Mar 8th 1897 WILLIAM RICHARD BRIGHT b Jan 25th 1853 d Feb 18th 1897 kerbs SIDNEY WILLIAM BRIGHT b Jan 9th 1885 d Oct 5th 1900 WILLIAM JOHN BLACKWELL b July 9th 1893 d Oct 1st 1907 EMILY MARTHA BRIGHT b Sep 4th 18[3]6 d Sep 5th 1924 EDITH MARIA BRIGHT b August 10th 1858 d April 22nd 1906

Emma Maynard Cope; James Cope; Mary Elizabeth Ann Cope; William James Cope; Mary Salt

Inscription : WILLIAM JAMES COPE the dearly beloved child of JAMES and EMMA COPE b Dec 8 1857 d Feb 2 1865 two lines illegible also of JAMES COPE brother of the above d April 26 1872 aged 56 and of MARY SALT [beloved wife of] JAMES COPE d -7 1874 aged 83 also of MARY [EA] COPE d ———- EMMA MAYNARD COPE d April 3 1807 aged 71

Mary Ann Buttress; Charles William Fuller; Charlotte Fuller; Edward Warwick Fuller; Frederick Fuller; John Fuller

Inscription : To the Memory of JOHN FULLER d October 11 18[5]0 aged 64 To the Memory of CHARLOTTE FULLER the beloved wife of JOHN FULLER d August 7 1856 aged 66 CHARLES WILLIAM FULLER d June 21 1862 aged 40 also MARY ANN BUTTRESS a friend and relative d May 9 1878 aged 72 also To the Memory of FREDERICK FULLER d June 10 1859 aged 40

Edward Bickersteth Birks; Laura Mary Birks; Thomas Rawson Birks

Inscription : In Memory of THOMAS RAWSON BIRKS MA Trin Coll Professor of Moral Philosophy & Theology and for 11_ years Vicar of Holy Trinity Church Cambridge d July 19th 1883 aged 72 In Loving Memory of LAURA MARY BIRKS widow of EDWARD BICKERSTETH BIRKS d April 24 1950 aged 81 also In Loving Memory of EDWARD BICKERSTETH BIRKS d Jan 23 1926 aged 77 Fellow of Trinity College 1870-1893 Vicar of Trumpington 1880-1885 Vicar of St Michaels Cambridge 1885-1892 Vicar of Kellington Yorkshire 1892-1914 Rector of Kelshall Herts 1914-1923

Arthur Dewe Mathews; Bessy Mathews; Emily Mathews; Gladys Agnes Mathews; Thomas Mathews

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS MATHEWS BA d Nov 25 1903 aged 75 also of BESSY his wife d May 24 1872 aged 37 also of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA their eldest son d May 6 1919 aged 58 and of EMILY wife of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA d Dec 8 1948 aged 81 reverse In Loving Memory of GLADYS AGNES MATHEWS b 9th June 1895 d 27th May 1973

Elizabeth Ayers; Henry Ayers; William Ernest Ayers; William Henry Ayers

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH the dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY AYERS d on Sunday May 25th 1902 aged 67 also of WILLIAM HENRY AYERS d August 7th 1921 aged 90 reverse The Rev [–AHLEY] HENRY AYERS b Jan 6 1856 d April 4 1906 his servants shall serve him and they shall see his face WILLIAM ERNEST AYERS son of W H AYERS b July [23] 1864 d November 19 1907

Alfred Smith; Charlotte Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Harriott Smith; Henry Smith; Henry Jeffery Smith; John Smith; Smith John Smith

Inscription : headstone Sacred to the Memory of a beloved and affectionate brother JOHN SMITH d Oct 25 1864 aged 62 HENRY JEFFERY SMITH BA St Johns Coll d Dec 9 1868 aged 24 SMITH JOHN SMITH 25 years assistant at the University Library b Jan 5 1824 d Nov 27 1871 ELIZABETH SMITH d Dec 20 1884 aged 81 HENRY SMITH d May 5 1886 aged 82 coped stone Sacred to the Memory of CHARLOTTE SMITH d Dec 21 1877 aged 60 IELR HARRIOTT SMITH d April 30 1929 in her 22nd year ALFRED SMITH d June 7 1942 in his 93rd year

Alfred Owen Paget; Clara Paget; George Edward Paget; Georgina Paget; Hester Paget

Inscription : In Memory of Sir GEORGE EDW— PAGET KCB MD LLD DCL FRS Regius Professor of Physic in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Gonville & Caius College b Dec 22 1809 d Jan 29 1892 also Lady CLARA PAGET b Nov 5 1826 d May 7 1899 also HESTER PAGET bur 29 Jan 1856 aged 2 ALFRED OWEN PAGET 2 Jan 1857 aged 1_ GEORGINA PAGET 15 Aug 1857 aged 1

Arthur Richard Shilleto; Isabella Shilleto; Isabella Sarah Homer Shilleto; Richard Shilleto; Isabella Snelgar

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of RICHARD SHILLETO MA Fellow of Peterhouse b 25 Nov 1809 d 24 Sept 1876 ISABELLA SHILLETO b 3 Sept 1838 d 16 Oct 1855 ISABELLA SNELGAR bur Sept 26 1871 age 81 RICHARD SHILLETO bur Dec 27 1878 age 44 ISABELLA SARAH HOMER SHILLETO bur Feb 8 1889 age 77 ARTHUR RICHARD SHILLETO bur Jan 25 1894 age 45

Arthur Frost; Florence Emily Frost; Gladys Louise Frost; Redvers Symonds Frost

Inscription : side 1 In Ever Loving Memory of GLADYS LOUISE the dearly loved only daughter of ARTHUR and FLORENCE FROST d Feb 10 1907 aged 10 also REDVERS SYMONDS FROST died in infancy 1900 side 2: IELMO / my dear husband / ARTHUR FROST / who was suddenly / call away / 13 June 1913 / aged 44 side 3: also / FLORENCE EMILY FROST / d Jan 29 1956 aged 87

Alfred Stanley Hort; Fanny Henrietta Hort; Fenton John Anthony Hort

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT DD Lady Margarets Rector in Divinity eldest son of FENTON HORT formerly of Leopardstown Dublin b April XXIII MDCCCXXVIII d Nov XXX MDCCCXCII To the Dear Memory of FANNY HENRIETTA HORT daughter of THOMAS DYSON HOLLAND of Heighington Lincs wife of FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT DD b Nov 1 MDCCCXXXVI d May XVI MCMXXV

Charles Kemp; Hannah Elizabeth Kemp; Ann Lupson; Adeline Morris; Caroline Webb; Herbert Webb

Inscription : headstone 1 In Loving Memory of ANN LUPSON d 7th Feb 1901 aged 82 also ADELINE MORRIS d 18 Sept 1908 aged 81 also HERBERT WEBB d 12 April 1949 aged 83 headstone 2 IELRO CHARLES KEMP b 25 Mar 1847 d 15th Mar 1909 also HANNAH ELIZABETH KEMP d 23 Sept 1927 aged 74 also CAROLINE WEBB d 3rd Dec 1935 aged 75

Frederick Ernest Leslie Furlong; Allan Frederick Stearn; Eliza Stearn; Florence Eliza Stearn; Herbert Thomas Stearn; Thomas Stearn; Walter John Stearn

Inscription : WALTER J STEARN b Apr 24 1863 d Feb 4 1929 also THOMAS STEARN b May 28 1824 d Sept 5 1905 also FLORENCE ELIZA STEARN [b July 5 1858] [Feb 25 1894] also HERBERT THOMAS STEARN MA b July 13 1854 d Aug 2 1899 In Loving Memory of ELIZA wife of THOMAS STEARN d Apr 29 1892 age 63 ALLAN F STEARN died at Calcutta Aug 6 1896 age 39 also In Loving Memory of FREDERICK EL FURLONG husband of EDITH FM FURLONG d Mar 12 1919 age 39

Ann Ellis; Elizabeth Ellis; Julia Ann Ellis; Mary Ann Ellis; William Ellis; William George Ellis; William George Pharoah Ellis

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of WILLIAM GEORGE ELLIS b 28 Jun 1818 d 11 Mar 1889 also his widow MARY ANN ELLIS b 13 Nov 1819 d 15 Feb 1904 also of WILLIAM son of above b 31 Dec 1850 d 8 Feb 1853 also of MARY ANN eldest daughter b 5 Jun 1846 d 23 Feb 1911 also of JULIA ANNIE second daughter b 11 Sept 1848 d 15 Jan 1923 side 2 also of son WILLIAM GEORGE PHAROE ELLIS MA BCMD St Catherines College b 23 Sept 1863 d 18 Aug 1925 and fifth daughter ANN b 28 Feb 1857 d 16 Apr 1930 and sixth daughter ELIZABETH b 26 Jan 1860 d 3 May 1948

Alice Gillam Lawrance; Gifford Webb Lawrance; James Lawrance; James Lawrence; William Henry Lawrance; Alice Elizabeth Susan Lawrance; Alice Mary Webster; Eliza Webster; Muriel Lawrance Webster; Sarah Webster

Inscription : MURIEL LAWRANCE WEBSTER b 25 May 1884 d 10 Dec 1884 WILLIAM HENRY LAWRANCE d April 8 1857 ALICE MARY WEBSTER b 1847 d ——- JAMES LAWRENCE b Dec 1 1785 d June 16 1846 and is buried in St Edwards Churchyard ALICE ELIZABETH SUSAN WEBSTER b 1831 d 1915 GIFFORD WEBB LAWRANCE d Dec 14 1869 age 40 [–SSIA] SARAH WEBSTER b 1849 d 1932 ALICE GILLAM LAWRANCE b June 25 1796 d Sept 25 1881 JAMES L LAWRANCE b 1825 d 1898 In Loving Memory of ELIZA WEBSTER

Theresa Annie Beaumont; William Edwin Beaumont

Inscription : Asleep in Jesus in his 67th year The Rev WILLIAM EDWIN BEAUMONT MA Downing College Cambridge late vicar of St Marys Somers Town London NW Rector of Hartshorne Derbyshire In Jesus April 27th 1919 aged 61 THERESA ANNIE BEAUMONT second daughter of the JAMES FISHER JONES of Stoneycroft House Liverpool and beloved wife of The Rev WE BEAUMONT MA of Downing College

Catherine Woodham Fisher; Henry Annesley Woodham

Inscription : HENRY ANNESLEY WOODHAM LLB Sometime fellow of Jesus College Cambridge born Newbury Aug 4 1813 died at Cambridge March 16 1875 CATHERINE WOODHAM FISHER wife of WILLIAM WEBSTER FISHER MD Downing Professor of Medicine sister of HENRY ANNESLEY WOODHAM LLB Sometime fellow of Jesus College Cambridge born at Newbury in Berkshire on St Andrews Day 1829 died at Cambridge on Good Friday the 6th of April 1860

Eliza Sophia Hough; Francessa Margaret Hough; James Hough; James Hayward Hough

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of FRANCESSA MARGARET d 22.11.1852 aged 4 and ELIZA SOPHIA d 27.6.1862 aged 15 children of JAMES & ELIZA SOPHIA HOUGH also of ELIZA SOPHIA wife of JAMES HOUGH d 13.6.1893 aged 66 also of JAMES HAYWARD eldest son of JAMES & ELIZA SOPHIA HOUGH d Sept 29 1893 aged 43 also of JAMES HOUGH d Dec 28 1900 aged 82

Annie Fantham; Annie Porter Fantham; Harold Benjamin Fantham

Inscription : In Ever Loving Memory of HB FANTHAM MA Cantab DSc Lond FRSSAF Professor of Zoology University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg 1917-1932 Strathcona Professor of Zoology McGill University Montreal 1933-1937 elder son of the late B and A FANTHAM and most dearly beloved husband of ANNIE PORTER DSc passed from active service on earth into the peace of God that passeth understanding 26 October 1937 ANNIE PORTER FANTHAM DSc intensely loved wife of HB FANTHAM re-united 8th May 1963 slab also of ANNIE FANTHAM dearly beloved wife of B FANTHAM and mother of the above d 11 January 1911 aged 62

Emma Robinson Adcock; Fanny Adcock; Frederic Poland Adcock; Marie Ellen Adcock; Catherine Robinson; William Robinson

Inscription : coped stone EMMA ROBINSON ADCOCK d Sep 11 1875 aged 13 Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM ROBINSON Esq of 11 Park Terrace Cambridge d March 11 1860 aged 63 also CATHERINE ROBINSON his wife d February 9th 1873 aged 84 FREDERIC POLAND ADCOCK LLM St Johns College Cambridge d July 22 1884 aged 47 headstone 10 Aug 1867 FANNY wife of F POLAND ADCOCK IM MARY ELLEN FREDERIC POLAND ADCOCK LLM Uxorus Fidelis Obit May 23 AS 1875

Emily Hannah Mason; George John Lenox Mason; Henry Mason; William Mason

Inscription : In Loving Memory of EMILY HANNAH beloved wife of HENRY MASON upwards of 30 years servant at Christs College d 26 Jan 1893 aged 57 In Loving Memory of GEORGE JOHN LENOX MASON was accidentally drowned in the River Ouse August [1]5 1888 aged 24 In Loving Memory of HENRY MASON d 1902 In Loving Memory of WILLIAM MASON d Jan 10 1896 after a long affliction aged 28

Askew Wilson; Charles William Wilson; Elizabeth Guest Wilson; Mary Ann Wilson

Inscription : headstone In Loving Memory of Dear husband CHARLES WILLIAM WILSON d April 19 1919 aged 42 also ELIZABETH GUEST WILSON d Sep 30 1958 aged 84 kerbs In Loving Memory of ASKEW WILSON d April 17 1915 aged 70 also MARY ANN WILSON d Jan 5th 1935 aged 82 additional to kerb on small plate To mark their respect the Corporation Officials were allowed to join in the erection of this memorial