Arthur Dewe Mathews; Bessy Mathews; Emily Mathews; Gladys Agnes Mathews; Thomas Mathews

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS MATHEWS BA d Nov 25 1903 aged 75 also of BESSY his wife d May 24 1872 aged 37 also of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA their eldest son d May 6 1919 aged 58 and of EMILY wife of ARTHUR DEWE MATHEWS MA d Dec 8 1948 aged 81 reverse In Loving Memory of GLADYS AGNES MATHEWS b 9th June 1895 d 27th May 1973

Alfred Smith; Charlotte Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Harriott Smith; Henry Smith; Henry Jeffery Smith; John Smith; Smith John Smith

Inscription : headstone Sacred to the Memory of a beloved and affectionate brother JOHN SMITH d Oct 25 1864 aged 62 HENRY JEFFERY SMITH BA St Johns Coll d Dec 9 1868 aged 24 SMITH JOHN SMITH 25 years assistant at the University Library b Jan 5 1824 d Nov 27 1871 ELIZABETH SMITH d Dec 20 1884 aged 81 HENRY SMITH d May 5 1886 aged 82 coped stone Sacred to the Memory of CHARLOTTE SMITH d Dec 21 1877 aged 60 IELR HARRIOTT SMITH d April 30 1929 in her 22nd year ALFRED SMITH d June 7 1942 in his 93rd year

Emma Robinson Adcock; Fanny Adcock; Frederic Poland Adcock; Marie Ellen Adcock; Catherine Robinson; William Robinson

Inscription : coped stone EMMA ROBINSON ADCOCK d Sep 11 1875 aged 13 Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM ROBINSON Esq of 11 Park Terrace Cambridge d March 11 1860 aged 63 also CATHERINE ROBINSON his wife d February 9th 1873 aged 84 FREDERIC POLAND ADCOCK LLM St Johns College Cambridge d July 22 1884 aged 47 headstone 10 Aug 1867 FANNY wife of F POLAND ADCOCK IM MARY ELLEN FREDERIC POLAND ADCOCK LLM Uxorus Fidelis Obit May 23 AS 1875