Ann Lenton; Charlotte Mary Lenton; Frances Lenton; George Sussum Lenton; Jonas Lenton; Mary Lenton; Richard Day Lenton

Inscription : side 1: In Memory of JONAS LENTON / d Oct 10 1838 aged 65 / and was interred at St Giles, Camb / also FRANCES his wife whose remnants / are deposited beneath this tomb / d March 6 1852 aged 81 / GEORGE SUSSUM LENTON / son of RICHARD DAY and MARY LENTON / d Dec 14 1844 aged 11 / and was buried at St Andrew’s, Camb side 2: RICHARD DAY LENTON / d 9 Sep 1870 / aged 66 / MARY LENTON wife of the above b Dec 18 1797 / d Dec 7 1886 side 3: also To the Memory of / ANN LENTON daughter of FRANCES & JONAS LENTON d Jan 29 1861 / in her 61st year / CHARLOTTE MARY LENTON / b March 22 1843 / d Sep 15 1935

Annie M. Edwards; Ellen Edwards; Frances Edwards; Frank Edwards; Henry Edwards; Thomas Edwards; Violet Edwards; William Edwards

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of WILLIAM husband of ANNIE M EDWARDS d 10 Mar 1913 aged 67 also ANNIE M EDWARDS d 7 Mar 1925 aged 72 ELLEN EDWARDS b 2 Mar 1873 d 7 Jun 1954 also FRANK EDWARDS d 8 July 1961 aged 47 also VIOLET EDWARDS d 11 May 1971 aged 67 side 2 In Loving Memory of FRANCES wife HENRY EDWARDS d 13 Sept 1896 aged 76 also HENRY EDWARDS b 21 Dec 1820 d 4 Mar 1905 THOMAS EDWARDS d 7 Dec 1940 aged 82

Alice Bradwell; David Bradwell; Eliza Bradwell; Emily Bradwell; Frederick Thomas Bradwell; George Bradwell; Mary Ann Bradwell; Thomas Bradwell; William Bradwell

Inscription : In Memory of THOMAS son of DAVID & MARY ANN BRADWELL died at Bournemouth 29.9.1877 in his 75th year and ELIZA his wife b Jan 4 1813 d May 29 1883 also a son & daughters of the above FREDERICK THOMAS died at Springfield Essex 13.4.1844 aged 2 years 7 months EMILY d 4.12.1861 in the 16th year of her life ALICE d 2 March 1921 in her 73rd year In Loving Memory of DAVID BRADWELL d 1.11.1859 aged 84 & MARY ANN his wife d 751867 aged 84 also 3 sons of the above WILLIAM b Sept 16 1807 d 11.12.1850 DAVID d 4.12.1857 in the 54th year of his age GEORGE d 18.9.1865 aged 55

Annie Elizabeth Newman; Edith Ann Newman; Frederick Harry Newman; Jane Elizabeth Twinn; Joseph Twinn

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of JANE ELIZABETH TWINN d Oct 12 1913 aged 81 also JOSEPH TWINN the beloved husband of the above d Oct 6 1917 age 78 EDITH ANN NEWMAN the beloved niece of JOSEPH and JANE TWINN d Mar 4 1911 age 30 also ANNIE ELIZABETH NEWMAN beloved daughter of JOSEPH and JANE TWINN d Jun 5 1943 FREDERICK HARRY NEWMAN dear and devoted husband of EDITH ANN and ANNIE ELIZABETH d Feb 10 1950 age 71

Ada Frances Brewtey; Ada Lucy Brewtey; Ernest Dawson Brewtey; William Brewtey; George Thomas Nutter; Thomas Nutter

Inscription : side 1 In Memory of ADA FRANCES daughter of WILLIAM BREWTEY line illegible also WILLIAM BREWTEY their [eldest] son d Feb 22 1870 age [4] side 2 In Memory of GEORGE THOMAS only son of THOMAS & MARY ANN NUTTER d Feb 13 1867 [age 36] also In Loving Memory of ADA LUCY BREWTEY d June 22 1876 age 9 years 8 months also of THOMAS NUTTER d Dec 10 1857 age 66

Fanny Brimley Bowes; George Brimley Bowes; Janet Mabel Bowes; Margaret Bowes; Robert Bowes; Margaret Ethel Hamilton; Christine Robinett

Inscription : In Memory of FANNY [BRIMLEY] BOWES wife of ROBERT BOWES b 5 Jun 1831 d 28 Feb 1903 also of ROBERT BOWES husband of the above born at Stewarton Ayrshire 22 Aug 1835 died at Cambridge [–] Feb —- In Memory of MARGARET BOWES widow of ROBERT BOWES formerly of Stewarton in Ayr born in the Isle of Arran April 2 1801 died at Cambridge Jan 19 1890 also of JANET MABEL BOWES b May 5 1871 d 24 Jan 1944 also of GEORGE BRIMLEY BOWES son of FANNY and ROBERT BOWES d Dec 7 1946 age 72 CHRISTINE ROBINETT widow of GEORGE BRIMLEY BOWES d Mar 2 1956 age 72 MARGARET ETHEL HAMILTON daughter of ROBERT and FANNY BOWES d Mar 5 1957 at Berwick on Tweed age 87

Eliz Barlow Hulbert; Anna Horlick Potts; Jeannetta Potts; Robert Potts

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ROBERT POTTS of Trinity College b May 4th [1805] d Aug 4th 1885 also of JEANNETTA the wife of ROBERT POTTS b Apr 5th 1830 d July 14th 1911 In Memory of ANNA MORRTICK POTTS wife of ROBERT POTTS MA b Apr 18 1812 d Oct 11 1852 In Memory of ELIZ BARLOW HULBERT youngest daughter of CHARLES & ANN HULBERT of Shrewsbury b March 27 1815 d Jan 22 1862

Helena Bradley; Elizabeth Helena Carmichael; Gilbert Carmichael; Elleanor Mary Humm; Harry Humm; Kathleen Mildred Watling

INSCRIPTIONS : Monument 1 ‘In loving memory of Elleanor Mary Humm died March 16 1945’ ‘Also of Harry Humm died Dec 2nd 1957 aged 83 years’ Monument 2 ‘Also Kathleen Mildred Watling daughter laid to rest 22nd Feb. 1968 aged 70 years’ Monument 3 ‘In loving memory of Helena Bradley died 13th March 1963 aged 86 years’ Monument 4 ‘Also daughter Elizabeth Helena Carmichael died 12th Dec 1987 aged 101’ ‘And in memory of her husband Gilbert Carmichael died in action on the Somme 21st March 1918 aged 35 years’

Ernest Gladstone Cooke; Jane Cooke; Thomas Henry Cooke; Thomas Henry Cooke

Inscription : In Loving Memory of THOMAS T—– JANE [COOKE] who ——— [31] —— In Loving Memory of [GEORGE eldest son of THOMAS & JANE COOKE d 1871] ———— THOMAS & JANE COOKE (Jockey) who died at Maisons Laffitte France June 16 1891 age 22 In Memory of JANE the beloved wife of THOMAS COOKE d Nov 26 1899 aged [6]3 THOMAS COOKE beloved husband of the above d April 18 1911 aged 78

Alice Brunney; Philip Thomas Brunney; Edith Alice Jakens; Thomas Yallop Jakens

Inscription : In Loving Memory of EDITH ALICE dearly beloved wife of THOMAS Y JAKENS of Outwell Wisbech d 20.11.1917 aged 41 also of THOMAS Y JAKENS husband of the above d 27.3.1925 aged 49 In Loving Memory of ALICE BRUNNEY the dearly beloved wife of PHILIP THOMAS BRUNNEY d 21.6.1926 aged 70 also of PHILIP THOMAS BRUNNEY husband of the above d 22.2.1942 aged 88

Amelia Jarrold; Charles Jarrold; Charles Frederick Jarrold; Eliza Jarrold; Harriet Eliza Jarrold; Martha Ann Jarrold; William Henry Jarrold

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of CHARLES JARROLD b 21st Jan 1807 d 9th March 1860 also ELIZA wife of the above b 2nd Oct 1813 d 14th Jan 1881 and CHARLES FREDERICK their son b 17th July 1843 d 26th Dec 1883 and AMELIA 2nd daughter b 13 Nov 1841 d 7th May 1896 and WILLIAM HENRY eldest son b 7th March 1831 d 1st April 1912 and MARTHA ANN JARROLD b 1833 d 1924 buried at Old Hunstanton and HARRIET ELIZA JARROLD b 1847 d 1924

Ann Emily Mallows; Catherine Louisa Jane Mallows; Henry Mallows; Samuel Anthony Richardson

Inscription : In Loving Memory of Our dear parents HENRY MALLOWS d Jan 19th 1910 also ANN EMILY MALLOWS his beloved wife d Nov 7th 1910 also SAMUEL ANTHONY RICHARDSON d Nov 11th 1948 beautiful memories treasured for ever of days when we were always together a faithful friend for 40 years CATHERINE MALLOWS daughter of the above d April 12th 1962

Anna Maria Jay; Edward Jay; Jane Maria Jay; Marianne Emma Jay

Inscription : headstone In Memory of JANE MARIA the beloved wife of EDWARD JAY d Aug 28th 1850 aged [48] also of MARIANNE EMMA daughter of the above EDWARD & JANE MARIA JAY d Sep 8th 1850 age [3] also of EDWARD JAY her husband d Sept 12 1855 age [61] ANNA MARIA second wife of the above d Feb 14 1880 footstone J M J 1850 M E J 1850 E J 1853 A M J 1880 tomb inscription illegible

Annie Fantham; Annie Porter Fantham; Harold Benjamin Fantham

Inscription : In Ever Loving Memory of HB FANTHAM MA Cantab DSc Lond FRSSAF Professor of Zoology University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg 1917-1932 Strathcona Professor of Zoology McGill University Montreal 1933-1937 elder son of the late B and A FANTHAM and most dearly beloved husband of ANNIE PORTER DSc passed from active service on earth into the peace of God that passeth understanding 26 October 1937 ANNIE PORTER FANTHAM DSc intensely loved wife of HB FANTHAM re-united 8th May 1963 slab also of ANNIE FANTHAM dearly beloved wife of B FANTHAM and mother of the above d 11 January 1911 aged 62

Arthur Thomas Constable; Laura Agnes Sophia Constable; Thomas Constable; William Edward Constable

Inscription : In Loving Memory of LAURA AGNES SOPHIA the beloved child of THOMAS & SUSANNAH CONSTABLE d May 16 1863 aged 4 years and 5 months also WILLIAM EDWARD b July 6 1862 d 20 May 1864 and ARTHUR THOMAS beloved husband of SELINA CONSTABLE d April 17 1886 reverse In Loving Memory of THOMAS CONSTABLE b July 12 1829 d Feb 3 1888

Arthur Willis Sayle; Charles Edward Sayle; Frances Anne Sayle; Martha Elizabeth Sayle; Priscilla Caroline Sayle; Robert Sayle

Inscription : side 1 In Affectionate Remembrance of ROBERT SAYLE JP of Cambridge and China born at Southery Norfolk February 22nd 1816 died at Trumpington Cambridge October 5th 1883 In Loving Memory of ARTHUR WILLIS SAYLE eldest son of the above named ROBERT SAYLE who died at Shanghai China January 28th 1878 aged 25 side 2 PRISCILLA CAROLINE SAYLE widow of the late ROBERT SAYLE d 9th May 1904 aged 80 CHARLES EDWARD SAYLE d 4th July 1924 aged 59 MARTHA ELIZABETH SAYLE b September 13th 1851 d November 13th 1854 FRANCES ANNE SAYLE b March 9th 1857 d May 3rd 1934 footstone RS

Edith Lilian Spencer Goody; Ernest Spencer Goody; Grace Spencer Goody; Jane Sarah Goody; Spencer Goody; Spencer Thomas Goody

Inscription : In Loving Memory of SPENCER [THOMAS] GOODY b May 13 1836 d May 31 1888 also of JANE SARAH his wife b Feb – [1837] d [May] 26 1920 ERNEST S—— GOODY b [Jan] 2[9th] 1869 d Feby 2[0th] 1894 also SPENCER GOODY b March 12 d Good Friday April 11 1875 GRACE SPENCER GOODY b 23rd July 1874 d 27th April 1949 cremated at Cambridge also EDITH LILI[AN] SPENCER GOODY d 7th March 1947 b 25th August 1870

Angelina Ada Rickard; Elizabeth Crabb Rickard; Emma Rickard; James Rickard; Louisa Rickard; Maria Rickard; Samuel Rickard; Sarah Rickard; Susan Rickard

Inscription : ELIZABETH CRABB RICKARD d 4.2.1851 aged 13 SARAH RICKARD d 12.12.1866 aged 26 MARIA RICKARD d 1.6.1873 aged 26 LOUISA RICKARD d 12.2.1904 aged 69 SUSAN RICKARD d 13.9.1905 aged 67 EMMA RICKARD d 27.8.1864 aged 54 JAMES RICKARD husband of the above d 14.11.1891 aged 96 SAMUEL RICKARD youngest son of the above d 1.2.1927 in his 82nd year also ANGELA ADA wife of SAMUEL RICKARD d 8.9.1934 in her 54th year

Askew Wilson; Charles William Wilson; Elizabeth Guest Wilson; Mary Ann Wilson

Inscription : headstone In Loving Memory of Dear husband CHARLES WILLIAM WILSON d April 19 1919 aged 42 also ELIZABETH GUEST WILSON d Sep 30 1958 aged 84 kerbs In Loving Memory of ASKEW WILSON d April 17 1915 aged 70 also MARY ANN WILSON d Jan 5th 1935 aged 82 additional to kerb on small plate To mark their respect the Corporation Officials were allowed to join in the erection of this memorial

Elizabeth Russell

Inscription : Underneath repose the mortal remains of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of the Revd JOHN LF RUSSELL MS (Domestic chaplain to the R Hon Lord KEANE and formerly Curate of the parishes of Great and Little Eversden in the County) who departed this life in Cambridge after a short and sudden illness on the 19 of June 1858 in the 43rd year of her age leaving a mourning husband and 6 children

Emma Robinson Adcock; Fanny Adcock; Frederic Poland Adcock; Marie Ellen Adcock; Catherine Robinson; William Robinson

Inscription : coped stone EMMA ROBINSON ADCOCK d Sep 11 1875 aged 13 Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM ROBINSON Esq of 11 Park Terrace Cambridge d March 11 1860 aged 63 also CATHERINE ROBINSON his wife d February 9th 1873 aged 84 FREDERIC POLAND ADCOCK LLM St Johns College Cambridge d July 22 1884 aged 47 headstone 10 Aug 1867 FANNY wife of F POLAND ADCOCK IM MARY ELLEN FREDERIC POLAND ADCOCK LLM Uxorus Fidelis Obit May 23 AS 1875

Nellie E. Jacobs; Frederick Hammond Plumb; Lucy Plumb; Nancy Annie Louise Plumb; Alice Lizzie Ranner; Frank Ranner

Inscription : In Loving Memory of our dear NANCY ANNIE LOUISE PLUMB d Sept 30 1907 age 34 NELLIE E JACOBS sister of the above d 26 Sep 1961 at Parkwood Johannesburg To the Dear Memory of FREDERICK HAMMOND PLUM d Nov 14 1933 age 83 and of our devoted mother LUCY PLUMB d May 12 1937 age 86 ALICE LIZZIE RANNER d May 1 1966 age 80 Revd FRANK RANNER MA CF d Dec 10 1964 dearly loved husband of ALICE RANNER

Emily Hannah Mason; George John Lenox Mason; Henry Mason; William Mason

Inscription : In Loving Memory of EMILY HANNAH beloved wife of HENRY MASON upwards of 30 years servant at Christs College d 26 Jan 1893 aged 57 In Loving Memory of GEORGE JOHN LENOX MASON was accidentally drowned in the River Ouse August [1]5 1888 aged 24 In Loving Memory of HENRY MASON d 1902 In Loving Memory of WILLIAM MASON d Jan 10 1896 after a long affliction aged 28

Albert James Wallis; Ann Wallis; Elizabeth Wallis; Elizabeth Victoria Wallis; James Wallis; James Newitt Wallis

Inscription : In Loving Memory of JAMES WALLIS d Feb 4 1887 age 75 also ELIZABETH wife of the above d Oct 23 1839 age 31 interred in the Abbey Churchyard also In Memory of ANN second wife of JAMES WALLIS d Dec 3 1889 age 81 also JAMES NEWITT WALLIS d Aug 31 1841 age 4 years 5 months also In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH VICTORIA WALLIS daughter of JAMES & ELIZABETH WALLIS d Dec 7 1887 age 49 interred Southport Cemetery

Alexander Fletcher; Edward Charles Fletcher; Elizabeth Cotes Fletcher; Frederick Barlow Fletcher; Gilbert Pickett Fletcher; Kenneth Alexander Fletcher; Louisa Fletcher

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of ALEXANDER FLETCHER d May 15 1870 aged 50 EDWARD CHARLES b July 1[4] 1854 d Dec 30 1855 ELIZABETH COTES b Feb 8 1851 d Jan [1] 1856 GILBERT PICKETT b July 7 1849 d Oct 6 18-0 KENNETH ALEXANDER b July 19 1858 d June 18 186[3] FREDERICK BARLOW b Aug 19 1860 d June 27 1863 also of LOUISA FLETCHER wife of the above b Sep 16 1818 d Jan 21 1900

Mary Andrews; Charles Martin Page; Fanny Harris Page; Harry Page; John Page

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of JOHN PAGE d 2 Mar 1849 in his 34th year also MARY widow of above and wife of HENRY ANDREWS d 11 Nov 1852 aged 33 also HARRY PAGE d 7th April [no year of death visible] in his 2nd year also CHARLES MARTIN PAGE d 14 Jul 1886 aged 42 also FANNY HARRIS PAGE wife of the above d 26 Mar 1904 aged 68

Rebecca Knight Roper; Florence Mabel Roper; George Roper; Rebecca Maud Roper; William Robert Roper

iInscription : In Loving Memory of WILLIAM ROBERT ROPER b Aug 5 1845 d May 11 1904 also of REBECCA KNIGHT widow of the above b Jan 6 1845 d Oct 6 1923 also of REBECCA MAUD ROPER daughter of the above d Sep 23 1934 aged 67 open book In Loving Memory of FLORENCE MABEL ROPER d 16th March 1944 aged 63 also GEORGE ROPER d 27th Oct 1948 aged 75

Albert Scales; Charles Frederick Scales; Emma Elizabeth Scales; Henry Charles Scales; Reginald Beates Scales

Inscription : In Loving Memory of CHARLES FREDERICK SCALES d Jan 31st 1927 aged 30 also EMMA ELIZABETH SCALES mother of above d Jan 27th 1931 aged 64 also HENRY CHARLES SCALES her beloved husband d Oct 16th 1933 aged 72 ALBERT SCALES d Aug 14th 1916 aged 23 REGINALD BEATES SCALES d June 14th 1911 in his 12th year