Charles Kemp; Hannah Elizabeth Kemp; Ann Lupson; Adeline Morris; Caroline Webb; Herbert Webb

Inscription : headstone 1 In Loving Memory of ANN LUPSON d 7th Feb 1901 aged 82 also ADELINE MORRIS d 18 Sept 1908 aged 81 also HERBERT WEBB d 12 April 1949 aged 83 headstone 2 IELRO CHARLES KEMP b 25 Mar 1847 d 15th Mar 1909 also HANNAH ELIZABETH KEMP d 23 Sept 1927 aged 74 also CAROLINE WEBB d 3rd Dec 1935 aged 75

Emily Adelaide Brignell; William Richard Brignell

Inscription : open book In Ever Loving Memory of my dearest father WILLIAM RICHARD BRIGNELL d November 2nd 1940 In Ever Loving Memory of my darling mother EMILY ADELAIDE BRIGNELL d February 15th 1953 silent suffering patiently borne /kerbs: EMILY ADELAIDE BRIGNELL daughter d June 23rd 1978 aged 82 / my darling parents will live forever in the heart of their devoted one and only daughter EMILY

Agnes Louisa Patten; Daisy Agnes Amelia Patten; George Patten; Ivy Gertrude Winifred Patten

Inscription : In Ever Loving Memory of GEORGE dearly beloved husband of A L PATTEN b January 7th 1866 d July 12th 1943 In Ever Loving Memory of AGNES LOUISA dearly beloved wife of GEORGE PATTEN b November 28th 1863 d November 26th 1925 In Ever Loving Memory of DAISY AGNES AMELIA PATTEN b 11.1.1892 d 27.3.1981 In Ever Loving Memory of IVY GERTRUDE WINIFRED PATTEN dearly loved daughter of GEORGE and AGNES PATTEN b 6.1.1894 d 19.2.1988

Alfred Smith; Charlotte Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Harriott Smith; Henry Smith; Henry Jeffery Smith; John Smith; Smith John Smith

Inscription : headstone Sacred to the Memory of a beloved and affectionate brother JOHN SMITH d Oct 25 1864 aged 62 HENRY JEFFERY SMITH BA St Johns Coll d Dec 9 1868 aged 24 SMITH JOHN SMITH 25 years assistant at the University Library b Jan 5 1824 d Nov 27 1871 ELIZABETH SMITH d Dec 20 1884 aged 81 HENRY SMITH d May 5 1886 aged 82 coped stone Sacred to the Memory of CHARLOTTE SMITH d Dec 21 1877 aged 60 IELR HARRIOTT SMITH d April 30 1929 in her 22nd year ALFRED SMITH d June 7 1942 in his 93rd year

Archibald Beard Chandler; Arthur Beard Chandler; Susannah Elizabeth Chandler

Inscription : To the Memory of SUSANNAH ELIZABETH CHANDLER a devoted wife and mother Sept 1855 – March 1928 wife of ARTHUR BEARD CHANDLER also In Affectionate Remembrance of ARCHIBALD BEARD CHANDLER eldest son of above d [after an accident] Feb [ ] 1905 in his 20th year interred at Birch Essex and In Loving Remembrance of ARTHUR BEARD CHANDLER who was called to higher service 13th March 1942 aged 81

Benjamin Richard Bacon; Marian Bacon; Robin Edward Bacon; Thomas Bonnett Bacon; William Bacon

Inscription : In Memory of BENJAMIN RICHARD BACON b July 3 1798 d Jan 11 1865 In Memory of THOMAS BONNETT BACON son of Wm & FRANCES BACON — late of County of Norfolk d Jan 31 1852 aged 60 also of their son ROBIN EDWARD BACON d Aug 27 1827 aged 27 WILLIAM BACON b 12 Aug 1795 d 27 Jul 1868 also of MARIAN wife of the above d 28 April 1845 aged —

Bertie Archibald Blinkhorn Harris; Gertrude Mildred May Harris; Gilbert Neville Harris; Harriotte Harris; Thomas William Harris

Inscription : In Loving Memory of my dear husband THOMAS WILLIAM HARRIS d June 26th 1927 aged 79 also HARRIOTTE HARRIS wife of the above d July 10 1934 aged 82 also of GERTRUDE MILDRED MAY HARRIS b Oct 24th 1884 d April 15th 1885 also of BERTIE ARCHIBALD BLINKHORN HARRIS b Jan 14th 1886 killed in action Sept 4th 1917 also of GILBERT NEVILLE HARRIS b Aug 9th 1892 killed in action June 6th 1915

Eliza Harriet Barrett; Caroline Pleasance; Fanny Pleasance; Fanny Amelia Pleasance; George Alfred Pleasance

Inscription : In Memory of GEORGE ALFRED eldest son of WILLIAM & JANE PLEASANCE d 4 May 1868 aged 37 also of ELIZA HARRIET eldest daughter of WILLIAM & JANE PLEASANCE & wife of FREDERICK BARRETT d 12 Sept 1877 aged 46 FANNY d 13 Nov 1843 age 2 yrs & 4 mths also of FANNY AMELIA d 21 Aug 1849 aged 4 yrs 5 mths daughter of WILLIAM & JANE PLEASANCE interred in Gt St Marys Church yd CAROLINE daughter of WILLIAM & JANE PLEASANCE 3 Apr 1852 aged 4

Catherine Sippel; Charles Sippel; Edward Alfred Haynes Sippel; Emma Maria Sippel; Sarah Sippel; Sarah Elizabeth Sippel; Walter John Burckhardt Sippel

Inscription : side 1 CHARLES SIPPEL d May 31 1888 aged 75 side 2 SARAH the wife of CHARLES SIPPEL d July 27 1853 aged 37 two of their children — BURCKHARDT ———–died in their infancy side 3 EMMA MARIA wife of CHARLES SIPPEL d Feb 18 1869 aged 36 EDWARD ALFRED HAYNES son of the above d March 4 1863 aged 14 months also two children who died in their infancy WALTER JOHN BURCKHARDT son of the above d July [4] [1871] aged [8] side 4 CATHERINE daughter of CHARLES and SARAH SIPPEL d April 27 1851 aged 4 SARAH ELIZABETH their daughter d May 4 1851 aged 6

Sarah Ann Briggs; Minnie Orpwood; Alice Royall; Ann Sarah Royall; Elizabeth Royall; John Royall; Nicholas Valentine Royall

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH the beloved daughter of JOHN & ANN ROYALL d June 14th 1864 aged 23 also SARAH ANN BRIGGS sister of the above d June 1 1874 aged 38 ALICE ROYALL 1854 – 1940 also To the Memory of ANN SARAH ROYALL d Dec 30 1873 aged 63 and JOHN ROYALL husband of the above d May 31 1875 in his 76th year also NICHOLAS VALENTINE their son d Mar 21 1889 aged 37 MINNIE ORPWOOD 1870 – 1962

Emma Elizabeth Robinson; George Leslie Farthing; Emma Fanny Vail; William Vail

Inscription : In Memory of EMMA ELIZABETH ROBINSON the beloved daughter of WILLIAM and EMMA FANNY VAIL late of Corn Exchange Street d May 10 1901 in the 45th year of her age also GEORGE LESLIE the infant son of GEORGE THOMPSON and ROSA COLLINGS FARTHING of Spennymoor Durham grandson of WILLIAM and EMMA FANNY VAIL d August 17 [1898] aged 3 months also WILLIAM VAIL father of the above d Nov [6] 1907 aged 75 also EMMA FANNY wife of the above d July 1 1917 aged 84