Arthur Richard Shilleto; Isabella Shilleto; Isabella Sarah Homer Shilleto; Richard Shilleto; Isabella Snelgar

Inscription : In Affectionate Remembrance of RICHARD SHILLETO MA Fellow of Peterhouse b 25 Nov 1809 d 24 Sept 1876 ISABELLA SHILLETO b 3 Sept 1838 d 16 Oct 1855 ISABELLA SNELGAR bur Sept 26 1871 age 81 RICHARD SHILLETO bur Dec 27 1878 age 44 ISABELLA SARAH HOMER SHILLETO bur Feb 8 1889 age 77 ARTHUR RICHARD SHILLETO bur Jan 25 1894 age 45

Alfred Owen Paget; Clara Paget; George Edward Paget; Georgina Paget; Hester Paget

Inscription : In Memory of Sir GEORGE EDW— PAGET KCB MD LLD DCL FRS Regius Professor of Physic in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Gonville & Caius College b Dec 22 1809 d Jan 29 1892 also Lady CLARA PAGET b Nov 5 1826 d May 7 1899 also HESTER PAGET bur 29 Jan 1856 aged 2 ALFRED OWEN PAGET 2 Jan 1857 aged 1_ GEORGINA PAGET 15 Aug 1857 aged 1

Caroline Skinner; John Ezekiel Skinner; William Skinner; William Read Skinner

Inscription : In Affectionate Memory of WILLIAM SKINNER d Nov 25 [1878] in the [38th] year of his age also of WILLIAM READ SKINNER son of the above who died from the effects of an accident at Goshen USA Oct 14 1877 aged 30 also CAROLINE widow of the above WILLIAM SKINNER d March 5 190[9] in her 89th year also of JOHN EZEKIEL SKINNER d Dec 23 1931 aged 83

Ann Castle; Emma Garnham; Alan Castle Gatward; Charlotte Gatward; John Gatward; Henry Greef Overton

Inscription : ILO ANN wife of HENRY CASTLE late of Rickinghall Suffolk d Apr 1st 1881 age 65 and EMMA GARNHAM daughter of above and wife of H GREEF OVERTON d Dec [28] 1890 age 55 also CHARLOTTE daughter of HENRY CASTLE & wife of JOHN GATWARD d 1908 age 68 reverse side also HENRY GREEF OVERTON d Apr 4 1922 age 82 also ALAN CASTLE GATWARD d Jul1 1902 age 19 JOHN GATWARD d March 1929 age 82

Charles Matthews; George Matthews; John Rigg; Sarah Rigg; Henry Thorpe; Susan Thorpe

Inscription : In Memory of SARAH wife of JOHN PECK d June 20 1850 aged 29 also GEORGE MATTHEWS brother of the above d May 21 185[9] aged [2]2 also HENRY THORPE cousin of the above d August 11 185[8] aged 2[3] also JOHN RIGG husband of the above d Aug 10 1884 aged 56 CHARLES MATTHEWS brother of the above SARAH RIGG d Feb 27 1885 aged 62 also SUSAN THORPE mother of the above HENRY THORPE d Nov 2 1892 age 84

Arthur Frost; Florence Emily Frost; Gladys Louise Frost; Redvers Symonds Frost

Inscription : side 1 In Ever Loving Memory of GLADYS LOUISE the dearly loved only daughter of ARTHUR and FLORENCE FROST d Feb 10 1907 aged 10 also REDVERS SYMONDS FROST died in infancy 1900 side 2: IELMO / my dear husband / ARTHUR FROST / who was suddenly / call away / 13 June 1913 / aged 44 side 3: also / FLORENCE EMILY FROST / d Jan 29 1956 aged 87

Martha Edleston; Henry Hazard; John Hazard; Sarah Truslove

Inscription : side 1 In Memory of JOHN HAZARD d August 21 1869 in the 88th year of his age side 2 In Memory of [Mrs] SARAH TRUSLOVE d October 1 1869 aged 91 side 3 In Memory of HENRY HAZARD d Nov 16 1866 in the 90th year of his age side 4 In Memory of ————- — LESTON d August 3 1846 aged — ——– of the above [interred] in the churchyard also ———- of MARTHA —– LESTON wife of the above d — F—— 187- aged [-8]

Alfred Stanley Hort; Fanny Henrietta Hort; Fenton John Anthony Hort

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT DD Lady Margarets Rector in Divinity eldest son of FENTON HORT formerly of Leopardstown Dublin b April XXIII MDCCCXXVIII d Nov XXX MDCCCXCII To the Dear Memory of FANNY HENRIETTA HORT daughter of THOMAS DYSON HOLLAND of Heighington Lincs wife of FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT DD b Nov 1 MDCCCXXXVI d May XVI MCMXXV

Jennett Louise Frost; Percival Frost

Inscription : To the Dear Memory of The Rev Dr PERCIVAL FROST FRS Fellow of Kings College Cambridge b Sept 1 1817 d Trinity Sunday June 5 1898 The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God Also to the memory of his dear wife Jennett Louise Frost who died on Epiphany Sunday Jan 6 1901 aged 82 God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes [Revelation 717 214] and there shall no torment touch them Wisdom [31]