Edwin John Gray; Eliza Kate Gray; Eliza Sarah Phillips Gray; Ernest Edward Gray; John Phillips Gray; Sarah Gray; Sarah Ann Gray

Inscription : side 1 To the Memory of EDWIN JOHN GRAY d July 13 1861 [in] the 6th year of his age in the midst of life we are in death ERNEST EDWARD GRAY d May 10 [1935] aged [60] side 2 In Memory of SARAH ANN the beloved daughter of JOHN & SARAH GRAY b June 9 1848 d Aug 2 1855 also three of their infant children side 3 SARAH the beloved wife of JOHN PHILLIPS GRAY d Aug 19 1864 aged 45 side 4 ELIZA KATE GRAY d Dec 12 1874 aged 2 years 2 month JOHN PHILLIPS GRAY d Feb 3 1909 aged 85 ELIZA SARAH his wife d Jan 25 1912 aged 82

Alexandra Sophia Hoppett; Edward Arthur Hoppett; Eliza Farmer Hoppett; Frederick Hoppett; John Frederick Albert Hoppett; Alice Edith Metcalfe

Inscription : In Memory of EDWARD ARTHUR HOPPETT d Oct 11 1907 aged 53 also ALICE EDITH METCALFE youngest daughter of ELIZA & FREDERICK HOPPETT b August 1st 1867 d June 15th [1952] aged 84 side 2 In Loving Memory of FREDERICK HOPPETT d May 28 1872 aged 50 also ALEXANDRA SOPHIA infant daughter of the above also ELIZA FARMER HOPPETT the loving wife of the above b April 20 1829 d June 4 1900 Her End was Peace also JOHN FREDERICK ALBERT HOPPETT youngest son of the above d in Am—- 26 18– aged 28 footstone E A H 1907 A E M 1952

John Barker; Sarah Barker; Sarah Ann Barker; Elizabeth Stevenson; John Stevenson

Inscription : side 1 In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH STEVENSON widow of JOHN STEVENSON d Aug 13 1882 aged 75 We hope of Heavens Celestial Shore to meet again and part no more side 2 In Memory of SARAH BARKER b Oct 26 1800 d Nov 29 1891 also JOHN BARKER d Dec 28 1892 aged 81 side 3 In Affectionate Remembrance of SARAH ANN BARKER the beloved daughter of E STEVENSON d Dec 22 1868 in the 28th year of her age side 4: STTMO / JOHN STEVENSON / d Oct 17 1858 / aged 55