This grave was not recorded by the CFHS Survey.

St Paul, row XII, grave 12
This grave has no monument but was identified using the sexton’s grave record.

Grave of Jonas Crump, close to James and Ann Cave
Grave of Jonas Crump, close to James and Ann Cave


Although the sexton’s book records clearly that the bodies of James and Ann were buried at 8 feet and 7 feet deep respectively in plot 12 of row XII of the parish area of St Paul, there was no sign of a monument or marker for the grave in 1997/2001, when the Cambridgeshire Family History Society mapped and transcribed all the visible monuments in Mill Road Cemetery.

The plot is located on the eastern side of the western path as it curves north from the Lodge, and lies twelve rows east, under a large tree.  The plot should be a few feet south of Jonas Crump/Annie Wall (headstone, fallen and broken).


James Cave (c.1811‒88)

James was born c.1811, possibly the son of William and Martha Cave, in Cambridge (although the 1861 census alone gives his birthplace as Stratford, Essex).  By 1840, James occupied a college-owned house on Covent Garden (the street on which William and Martha had lived since at latest 1830).  He is recorded in the Poor Law registers as occupying this until January 1870, latterly as owner;  and in the Land Tax Assessments as continuing to own and occupy it until 1881/82.

James married Hannah Hazell, daughter of William and Elizabeth Hazell of Horningsea, Cambridgeshire, on 10 March 1834 in Barnwell, Cambridge.  The 1841 census records the couple (Hannah from now on named as ‛Ann’) as living on Covent Garden;  and residing with them was Eliza Hazell, aged 2, from out of county.  On the 1851 census, the latter is described as ‛Eliza Cave’, daughter, aged 12, born in Cambridge.  That census, and future ones, give James’s occupation as ‛cow keeper’, and show the family as always having a lodger.  The 1861 census records the family as living at 26 Covent Garden, and records Eliza as ‛niece’, aged 20, of Hampstead, Middlesex.

On 26 February 1865, the banns were posted at St Paul’s Church for Eliza Hazell and George Frederick Tungatt of Ipswich, Suffolk;  and the couple were married there on 10 March of that year.  George is described in the marriage register (and subsequently) as a gas fitter, aged 28, while Eliza appears as aged 25, ‛daughter of James college servant’.  The couple seem to have had nine children in all: George James (c.1866‒), Frederick Dickson (b. 1867 in Bury St Edmunds, died at the age of 10), Mary Ann (1869‒), James William (or William James) (1871‒1946), Jane Elizabeth (1872‒), Charles (1874‒), Henry (1876‒, who did military service with the Royal Garrison Artillery in the 1890s), Elizabeth (1879‒) and Alfred (1881‒).  In the 1871 census, George and Eliza appear as living with Mary Ann at 26 Covent Garden, while James and Ann are living at 27 Covent Garden and have Frederick Dickson ‛grandson’ with them.  (Houses 26 and 27 appear to have been demolished in 1906 to make room for Covent Garden Hall, at the far end of the street.)  In the 1878 Cambridge street register, the head of household at No. 27 is given as ‛Tungatt, Mrs.’;  that of No. 26 is no longer occupied by James and Ann;  and by 1881 both houses had other occupants.  George Tungatt died in January 1904 and Eliza in July 1906.

Covent Garden with Mill Street and Cross Street (O/S map 1888)
Covent Garden with Mill Street and Cross Street (O/S map 1888)

Meanwhile, in 1866, two side streets were created leading eastwards from Covent Garden to the newly laid-out Caius Street (now Glisson Road) and Union Terrace (now Mawson Road): Mill Street and Cross Street.  By 1878 James Cave is listed in the street directory as living on Cross Street.  The 1884 street directory gives the house numbers as 19 & 20 Cross Street:  these were two houses or lots located on the south side of the street between Caius Street and Covent Garden.  In 1878 and 1881 James is described as ‛milkman’, and in 1884 as ‛dairyman and cow keeper’.

James died in 1888, and was buried on 25 February of that year aged 77.  He was interred in a grave in Mill Road Cemetery that now has no monument or marking.

Ann (Hannah) Cave (née Hazell) (c.1810‒99)

Hannah Hazell was born in Horningsea ‒ a small village 5 miles northeast of Cambridge.  She was baptised with that name on 23 September 1810, daughter of William and Elizabeth Hazell.  At her marriage to James Cave on 10 March 1834 in the old church of St Andrew the Less (the ‛Abbey Church’ on Newmarket Road), she was still registered as ‛Hannah’, and as ‛spinster of this parish’ (implying that she had already moved to Cambridge).  Seven years later, in the 1841 census, James’s wife is listed as ‛Ann’: either James remarried (but there is no record of that in the St Andrew the Less marriage register), or Hannah changed her name, because James’s wife is never referred to as ‛Hannah Cave’.

There is no clear evidence that James and Ann ever had children.  Whether the Eliza who lived with them (born c.1838) was their daughter or Ann’s niece is unclear.  For her relationship to James and Ann, and her subsequent history, see the entry for James above.

James and Ann lived at 26‒27 Covent Garden, Cambridge from at least 1838 to the mid-1870s.  By 1878, they were living at 19‒20 Cross Street (just round the corner).  James kept cows, and was a dairyman and milkman.  In this work, it is likely that Ann assisted, because when he died in February 1888 she continued to run the business.  The 1891 street directory lists the head of household of 19‒20 Cross Street as ‛Cave, Mrs. Ann, cowkeeper and dairyman’, and she was still so listed in 1895.  The 1891 census records Ann as head of household, aged 81, occupation ‛milk trade’, with Alfred Todd (who had been a ‛boarder’ in 1871), aged 31, as ‛cowkeeper’, Mary Ann Tungatt, aged 21, as ‛cow & horse keeper’ and William James, aged 19, as ‛milkman’. (William married Elizabeth Hiller on 2 March 1896 at St Barnabas’ Church, and both are buried in a marked grave in the parish area of St Paul in Mill Road Cemetery with a child who died in infancy.)

Ann died in November 1899, and was buried in the parish area of St Paul in Mill Road Cemetery on 30 November of that year in the same (now unmarked) grave as James, row XII, plot 12.

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By Ian Bent and Keith Rees

Ann Cave; James Cave