CFHS code : AL565

Parish : St Andrew the Less

Inscription : In Loving Memory of NAOMI CAVE d May 13th 1875 aged 28 also of WILLIAM EDWARD CAVE d March 11th 1885 aged 38 also of HANNAH CAVE d January 23rd 1898 aged 77 also of JAMES CURRINGTON CAVE d January 11th 1914 aged 31

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Cave headstone


This tall limestone headstone, with incised inscription coloured black, in the parish area of St Andrew the Less, is located close to the northerly continuation of the central path, on the left side of the path as it curves left, two graves back (behind the Masterson grave), under the large beech tree.


In loving memory of
‛Naomi Cave who died May 13th 1875 aged 28 years’

‛Also of William Edward Cave
who died March 11th 1885 aged 38 years’

‛Also of Hannah Cave
who died January 23rd 1898 aged 77 years’

‛Also of James Currington Cave
who died January 11th 1914 aged 31 years’

Relationships: Hannah Cave was the daughter of William and Martha Cave of Covent Garden, Cambridge.  William Edward was the illegitimate son of Hannah and Naomi Cave was his wife.  James Currington Cave was the son of Alfred Cave (not buried in this grave), hence the grandson of Hannah Cave.

Naomi Cave (née Pink) (c.1846‒1875)

Naomi Pink was born to parents William and Naomi Pink of Occupation Row (a side road to Newmarket Road) Cambridge, and was baptised at St Andrew the Less Church (i.e. Christ Church, Maids’ Causeway) on 13 September 1846.  She had at least seven siblings, Eliza (b. c.1832), James Pearson (b. c.1835), Harriet (b. c.1838), Alfred (b. c.1841), Emily (b. c. 1842), Rachel (b. c.1849), and William Stephen (b. c.1854).  By 1851, the family was living on Coldhams Lane.  On 25 June 1868, Naomi and her brother James were witnesses at the marriage of their younger sister Rachel to railwayman Charles Brown.

Naomi was married to William Edward Cave in the first quarter of 1869.  The couple had at least one child, also named William Edward, baptised on 30 January 1870, at which time they were living with Naomi’s mother-in-law Hannah Cave at 64 East Road, Cambridge.

By 1875 the family was living on Ainsworth Street (in Sturton Town, Cambridge), in which year Naomi died, on 13 May at the early age of 28.  She was buried in the parish area of St Andrew the Less in Mill Road Cemetery on 17 May.  (A Naomi Pink who was buried on 13 October 1879 may perhaps have been her mother.)  Naomi may have had three other children ‒ see William Edward below.

William Edward Cave (c.1846‒1885)

William Edward was born in Cambridge during the fourth quarter of 1846, the illegitimate son of Hannah Cave, and was baptised at St Paul’s Church on 5 November 1848.  At the time, mother and child were living in Covent Garden (Petersfield), Cambridge, with Hannah’s father William snr, where they were recorded as living on the 1851 Census.  By 1861, William, now 14 years old, and his mother Hannah, brother Alfred and sister Mary Ann lived at 64 East Road, Cambridge.

William Edward married Naomi Pink during the first quarter of 1869.  The couple had at least one child, also named William Edward, baptised on 30 January 1870, at which time they were living at 64 East Road, Cambridge with William’s mother Hannah.  William Edward was now a railway fireman, and by the 1881 census he was an engine driver.

Naomi died on 13 May 1875, aged only 28, and William remarried in the second quarter of 1876, his new wife being Susannah Wilson, seven years younger than him.  The younger William Edward was living with them, as were six other children, of whom Ellen (b. c.1872), Alfred (b. c. 1874) and Florence A (b. c.1875) may have been by Naomi, and three others, Naomi (b. c. 1876), Charles W (b. c.1878) and Arthur (b. 1880) must have been by Susannah.  In 1881, William, Susannah and the seven children were living at 106 Gwydir Street, Cambridge.

William died on 11 March 1885, aged 38.  By 1891, Susannah had moved to Stockwell Street (Romsey Town, Cambridge).  She had Florence, Charles and Arthur living with her, and two other daughters, Rosa (b. c. 1884) and Hetty E (b. c. 1888), of whom the former may well have been a child by William, but clearly not the latter.

Hannah Cave (c.1821‒1898)

Hannah Cave was baptised on 8 April 1821 at St Botolph’s Church, Cambridge, the daughter of William Cave snr (1765‒1851) and his wife Martha (née Currington) (c.1776‒1849) of Covent Garden (Petersfield), Cambridge.  (An earlier child named Hannah was baptised in 1819, but died in 1820.)  By 1851, Hannah, an unmarried  dress maker, was living with her 86-year-old widowed father and her sister Phoebe (c.1812‒58) (39, unmarried) in Covent Garden (although those households were listed under Mill Road that year), with three children of her own, Alfred (1838‒1930), William (4) and Maryann (1).  (Her mother Martha had been buried on 1 November 1849, aged 73; her father William was to be buried on 26 September 1851, aged 86, and sister Phoebe on 12 May 1858, aged 46 ‒ all three are buried in the parish area of St Paul (row XII graves 9 and 20 ‒ neither grave is visible today).

From just prior to 1861 until her death 37 years later, Hannah lived at 64 East Road, Cambridge.  Her elder son Alfred was by 1861 a police constable, and in 1867 married Charlotte Shambrook (1845‒92) of Enfield, Middlesex.  By 1871 Hannah’s younger son William Edward, at the age of 24 a railway fireman, and his wife Naomi aged 24, were part of Hannah’s household, together with their one-year-old son William Edward (baptised 30 January 1870 at St Andrew the Less).  (In 1871 Hannah was described ‒ perhaps euphemistically, or by error ‒ as ‛widow’, and in street directories from 1887 she is given the honorific title “Mrs.”.)  By 1881, and now 60 and a tailoress, Hannah started taking in lodgers:  in 1881 Sarah M Stokes, married, 49, dress maker; in 1887 Miss Mary Prime; in 1891 Sophie Spence, single, 50, a charwoman.  Hannah died on 23 January 1898 aged 77. She left £36, to be administered by her son Alfred.

James Currington Cave (c.1882‒1914)

James Currington was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, the son of Alfred Cave (1838‒1930), and grandson of Hannah Cave.

By 1901 Alfred, a widower, was living with his daughter Elizabeth (b. 1879 in Bury St Edmunds) and James (b. 1883 in Bury St Edmunds) at 39 Kingston Street (Petersfield) in Cambridge.  Alfred was then an engine driver, and James was apprenticed as a boiler maker.  By 1911 and at the same address, Alfred, aged 72, was retired, and James was a boilersmith with the Great Eastern Railway, aged 28, still unmarried.

James died on 11 January 1914 aged 31.  Since the burial register for St Andrew the Less does not survive beyond 1913, we have no details of his burial service.

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By Keith Rees and Ian Bent

Hannah Cave; James Currington Cave; Naomi Cave; William Edward Cave