This grave was not identified by the CFHS Survey.

St Paul, row XII, grave 9
This grave has no monument but was identified using the sexton’s grave record.

Grave of Crump, close to William & Martha Cave
Grave of Crump, close to William & Martha Cave


Although the sexton’s book records clearly that the bodies of Martha and William were buried at 8 feet and 7 feet deep respectively in plot 9 of row XII of the parish area of St Paul, there was no sign of a monument or marker for the grave in 1997/2001, when the Cambridgeshire Family History Society mapped and transcribed all the visible monuments in Mill Road Cemetery.

The plot is located on the eastern side of the western path as it curves south from the Lodge, and lies twelve rows east, under a large tree.  The closest existing graves are those of Jonas Crump/Annie Wall (headstone, fallen and broken) and Job Edmund and Mary Ann Rout (stone cross, fallen).


Martha Cave (née Currington or Cunnington) (c.1776‒1849)

Martha Currington** was born in about 1776 in Keysoe, Bedfordshire.  There is a Martha Currington, daughter of Peter and Katherine Currington, who was baptised on 11 July 1791: this may have been a late baptism at the age of 15, or a younger person.  Martha married William Cave on 29 May 1794 in Thurleigh (Keysoe and Thurleigh being four miles apart and close to the Cambridgeshire border).  The couple seem to have had at least six children: William (c. 1796‒1845), James (c.1811‒88),  Phoebe (c.1812‒58), Marion (c.1814‒), Hannah (1819‒20) and Hannah (c.1820‒98).  That William and Martha must have moved into the neighbouring county of Cambridgeshire in 1811 or 1812 we can tell from the fact that James was born out of county whereas Phoebe, Marion and Hannah were all born in Cambridgeshire.

** The name is also sometimes given as ‛Cunnington’ and more rarely as ‛Carrington’.

For the further complexities of the Covent Garden Cave family structure, see the entry for William, below.

William Cave (1765‒1851)

William was born in about 1765, and baptised on 22 April 1766 in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire.  His parents were Francis and Mary Cave.  He married Martha Currington (or Cunnington) of Keysoe, Beds, on 29 May 1794 in Thurleigh.  In either 1811 or 1812, the couple had moved into the neighbouring county of Cambridgeshire.  By 1830, William and Martha, aged 64 and 54, were living in Covent Garden, Cambridge  (a short cul-de-sac side road off Mill Road) with their 34-year-old son William, and 16-year-old daughter Marion.

Covent Garden in 1830 (Baker map)
Covent Garden in 1830 (Baker map)

A newpaper notice of May 1830 advertising the sale of a house on Covent Garden identifies its location as ‛extending from the premises occupied by Mr. Samuel Fletcher towards Mr. Cave’s farm’.  This tells us that William was a farmer, and that he farmed land at the southern end of the street on the west side.  (See map of Covent Garden, 1830.)  The Poor Law Register for April 1838 shows William occupying a house in Covent Garden owned by a college of the University, and occupying two pieces of adjacent land, owned by two colleges.  It also shows the younger William as occupying a college-owned house on the same street; and the April 1840 register shows James as occupying another such house.

In 1846 and 1850, by which time he must have retired, the elder William is recorded merely as being the owner-occupier of one house.  The 1841 census shows him living there aged 75, with Martha (65), William (45), Marion (27) and three younger children, Ellen (10), Alfred (3) and Martha (1), as well as Mary Currington (50 ‒ a relative of Martha).  It is clear, though, that William and Martha had at least two other surviving children, Phoebe (c.1812‒58) and Hannah (c.1820‒98), who appear on the 1851 census as living with William (who was by then a widower) and three children of Hannah:  Alfred (12), William (4) and Mary Ann (1).  By that year, William is described (perhaps erroneously) as a ‛baker’, aged 86.

William died later in 1851, and was buried on 26 September in the parish area of St Paul in Mill Road Cemetery with no surviving monument or marker.  The Poor Law Register for 1856 shows Phoebe Cave as the owner-occupier of a house on Covent Garden: perhaps she had inherited it from her father.

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By Ian Bent and Keith Rees

Martha Cave; William Cave