This grave was not located by the Cambridge Family History Society Survey.


The monument for Arthur Cayley, in the parish of St Mary the Great, was a headstone that reportedly disappeared sometime in the 198os. However the grave register for St Mary the Great places the grave site east of the east path.

Arthur Cayley (1821 – 1895)

Arthur was born in Richmond, London on 16 August 1821.  He was a British mathematician, who helped to found the modern British school of pure mathematics.

He went to Trinity College, Cambridge at the age of 17 and won the place of  Senior Wrangler and the first Smith’s prize on graduation.  Some of his early work was examined by James Challis (also buried in this cemetery)

He died in Cambridge from a ‘painful internal malady’ on 26 January 1895, aged 74.  A funeral service was held in Trinity Chapel.

Susan Cayley (1831 – 1923)

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Arthur Cayley; Susan Cayley