CFHS code : PL398

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Loving Memory of the children of RICHARD & ELIZABETH CHIDDENTON MARTIN HENRY d Sep 25 1872 aged 2 months MILDRED MAUD d Feb 26 1880 aged [5] LILLIAN d Dec 2[4] 1886 aged 7 months WALTER RICHARD d Feb 13 1887 aged 20 GRACE MARGARET d April 5 1887 aged 13 also LMO ELIZABETH the beloved wife of RICHARD CHIDDENTON d Nov 18 1894 aged 50 also RICHARD CHIDDENTON husband of the above d Oct 5 1916 aged 74

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey




Elizabeth Martin Chiddenton (née Clifton) (c.1844 – 18 November 1894)

Elizabeth was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann (née Martin) Clifton.  She was born in Elsworth, and baptised there on 5th August 1845. She grew up at 28 Grafton Street, where her father was a tailor.  In 1861 she was 17 years old, living at home and working as a ‘stay maker’ (ie a corset maker). She married Richard Chiddenton on 13th August 1865 at Christ Church, Cambridge.  Elizabeth and Richard had at least eleven children, many of whom died as children:  Walter Richard (1867-1887), Florence Mary (1869-1947), George Herbert (1871-1950), Martin Henry (1872-1872), Grace Margaret (1873-1887), Mildred Maud (1875-1880), Martin Henry (1877-1936), Martina (1878-1956), Mildred Maud (1881-), Elizabeth (1883-) and Lilian (1886-1886).

Richard Chiddenton worked as a coachmaker, and the family lived at Burkhardt House, 1 Cauis Street (1871/1881) and then at 7 Cauis Street.  Elizabeth died at Cross Street in 1894 aged 50 years old.


Richard John Chiddenton (1842 – 5 October 1916)

Richard was the son of George and Mildred Chiddenton.  He grew up on East Road, where his father was a butcher. He married Elizabeth Clifton in 1865.  After being widowed he married for a second time to Emma Stockbridge (1854-1935) in 1900.  They lived at 164 Mill Road (1901) where he continued to work as a coachbuilder.  It would appear he became a tobacconist at that address at some point.

The Cambridge Independent Press of March 1907 reported that Alfred Arnold and Harold Brooks had been charged with stealing two metal cases, a horseshoe tobacco box and a quantity of cigars from Richard’s shop at 164 Mill Road.  Both boys were said to be of excellent character and had respectable parents, and Alfred Arnold did not appear apologetic enough on the dock to the Mayor that he was bound over for six months.  Harold Brooks was bound over for three months.  It was said ‘with regard to the cigarette smoking habit, the Mayor said he was afraid it was a growing evil amongst boys’.

Richard died at 18 Belgrave Road in October 1916 aged 74 years old.


Martin Henry Chiddenton (c.July 1872 – 25 September 1872)

Martin Henry died aged 2 months old.


Mildred Maud Chiddenton (1874 – 26 February 1880)

Mildred was born in late 1874, and was baptised at St Paul’s Church on 28th March 1875. She died in February 1880 aged 5 years old.


Lillian Chiddenton (1886 – December 1886)

Lillian died as an infant.


Walter Richard Chiddenton (c.1867 – 13 February 1887)

Walter was the eldest child of Richard and Elizabeth Chiddenton.  He grew up on Caius Street, and aged 14 years old was working as a ‘booksellers help’. He died at home, a short time after his 20th birthday.


Grace Margaret Chiddenton (1873 – 5 February 1887)

Grace died aged 13 years old.







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Elizabeth Chiddenton; Grace Margaret Chiddenton; Lillian Chiddenton; Martin Henry Chiddenton; Mildred Maud Chiddenton; Richard Chiddenton; Walter Richard Chiddenton