CFHS code : MG225

Parish : St Mary the Great

Inscription : In Loving Memory of FLORENCE CLEMENTS d Sept 28th 1931 aged 43 ELIZABETH CLEMENTS d June 10th 1936 aged 73

Monument : Kerb stones

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Lat Lon : 52.202148, 0.13752238 – click here for location

Clements grave
Clements kerb stones



Florence (Florrie) Clements (1888 – 28 September 1931)

Florrie was the daughter of William and Elizabeth and grew up at Wellington Street.  In January 1894 she caught scarlatina (now called scarlet fever) and  the Medical Officer for Health thought she should be moved to the sanitorium in order to prevent onward infection.  She was said to be living at the house with her parents and at least four other children.  The house had two rooms and a scullery and ‘people were going in and out of the house all the time’ and authorities were worried about the disease spreading as a result of living in such close quarters. Her father refused to move her and said she did not have scarlet fever and the case went to court.  William Clements was fined 1s without costs. Aged 23 Florrie was working as a sewing machinist at a needlework school (1911). She did not marry and died aged 43 years old.

Elizabeth Clements (née Burling) (c.1863 – 10 June 1936)

Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Hannah and was born in London. Her father worked as a fossil digger and by at least 1868 the family had moved to live at 24 Wellington Street.  John Burling died in 1881  and in April of that year Elizabeth was working as a general servant and living with her mother and siblings at 103 New Street.

She married William Samuel Clements (1858-1937)  in 1883 and they had ten children: Flora Elizabeth (1883-1888), Hannah Martha (1884-1885), Agnes (1886-), Florrie, Hannah (1891-1968), Samuel Harry (1893-1976), Elizabeth Martha (1895-1971), William (1899-), Charles Henry (1900-1968) and Dorothy May (1904-1993). William worked as a bricklayers labourer and Elizabeth worked as a charwoman and they lived at 5 Wellington Street (1891), 26 New Street (1901) and then 22 Gold Street (1911).



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Elizabeth Clements; Florence Clements