CFHS code : AG365

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH CONSTABLE [d ——– ] also FREDERICK CONSTABLE [d Feb ] 1883 aged [70] also CHARLES [-] CONSTABLE son of above [d —– 1913] age [77]

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

The headstone in December 2018.


One of three headstones  (1 fallen, now lost) that stand three rows west of the west path. Behind and slightly to the right of the bench. They mark the graves of the Lusher/Constable family.
The carved inscription of this headstone which stands to the left is badly eroded and we used the burial records to try and complete it.  However the sexton’s records are not complete and have added to the confusion as to which members of the family are buried in each plot.  We have therefore  included all members of the family, we believe to be buried in this vicinity, here.
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In Loving Memory of ELIZABETH CONSTABLE —remainder illegible

Also JOHN FREDERICK CONSTABLE died Feb .. 1883 aged 80

Also CHARLES [-] CONSTABLE son of above d Jan 31st 1913 aged 83

Relationships – John was the husband of Elizabeth, Charles was their 1st son. James was their 3rd son son, Emma his wife, John Frederick their son

Elizabeth Constable née Rattcliff (c 1798 – 1868)

Elizabeth was born in Cambridge but we have not found a  definite baptism record.
( An Eliza Rattcliffe was baptised in St Peter’s church on December 25th 1897. She was the daughter of Edward & Eliza.  An Elizabeth Rattcliffe was born in May 1805 and baptised in St Mary the Great church. She was the daughter of James & Jane)
She married hat maker John Frederick Constable at the church of St Andrew the Great on 7th February 1826. They had at least seven children:
Elizabeth Sarah (1827 – 1864), Charles (1829), John Edward (1831- 1852), James Frederick  (1833), Susan (1836/7), Amelia (1840) and Sophia (1843- 1844).

Elizabeth died at the family home in Petty Cury aged 70

John Frederick Constable (c 1803 – 11th February 1883)

Baptised John Frederick in the parish of Andrew the Great he was the son of, hatter,  Charles Constable  and his wife  Alice. John Frederick also became a hatter. 

In 1841 he was living with his family in Petty Cury which was was also the location of the hat making business. With them was a family servant, Mary Chappel, accompanied by her 2 year old child. Mary was still with the family in 1851 but her daughter Elizabeth appears to be living with relatives in Balsham. 
All of John & Mary’s sons trained as hat makers but it was Charles who stayed at home and ran the shop. One of their contracts was for supplying hats for the Cambridge police force. 
By 1861 John was also listed as a publican. He may have taken out the lease on the Falcon Inn which was next door to his shop. By 1867 his son James Frederick was the landlord. John also bought a brewery in Earl St which he named the Falcon Brewery. James also ran this enterprise.

Two years after Elizabeth’s deathJohn married Maria  Dawes but sadly she died as a result of an accident when masonry fell on her at Alexandra Park, Wood Green. The accident occurred on June 23rd 1873, she was buried in Nunhead cemetery. aged 55. 

Charles Constable (1829 – 1913)

Charles was the 2nd child born to Elizabeth and John Constable. He lived and worked with his parents in Petty Cury as a hat maker.

After his father died he married  Mary Ann Lofts  who it is thought he had had a long term relationship with.
Mary Ann is named on the other headstone although the grave register places them in the same grave..

Emma Constable née Moore (1834 – 1907) 

Emma was born in Trumpington to Edward and Elizabeth Moore. Edward was a whitesmith and may have died quite young as he is not on the 1841 census and in 1851 Elizabeth is a widow supporting herself and Emma as a beer keeper

She married James Frederick Constable in Trumpington on July 19th 1859 and they had at least 4 children Charles (1860), John Frederick  (1862), Julia (1864), and Amelia (1868).   
died 4 Brunswick Place aged 73

James Frederick Constable (1833 – 1909)  Although not named in the grave register it is most likely that he is buried here with his wife and is one of Constables  that are listed  by the sexton with no further information. 

James was the 4th child of John & Elizabeth 
In 1851 he was an apprentice hat maker but  ended up running his father’s brewing businesses, The Falcon Inn in Falcon Yard, Petty Cury and the Falcon Brewery in Earl St.
He married Emma Moore in Trumpington on July 19th 1859 and in 1861 they were living in Clarendon St with their 9 month old son Charles E and a servant. In the 1871 census they were at 9 Petty Cury where they had a servant and a nursemaid.
In 1886 James owned a house and a printing works in Falcon Yard and a house and a brewery in Earl St. 

On the 1891 census they were living in Claremont Place, just off Hills Road. James had now retired. In 1896 they had moved to New Square and finally moved to 4 Brunswick Place where James died on 14th January 1909 aged 75

John Frederick Constable (1862 – 1922)

John was the 2nd child of James and Emma. He became a clerk for the Cambridge Water Works and also collected the water rates.
He did not marry.

In 1886 John owned a house in Alexandra St in the parish of Mary the Great but seemed to have always lived with his family. After his parents’ deaths he moved into a lodging house at 65 Maid’s Causeway run by a Mrs Walton. He occupied 2 rooms a bedroom and sitting room and was there for many years before moving to 12 Willow walk where he died  aged 61.

It is possible that John Frederick was musical and played the violin. There are many reports of lively concerts organised by a Frederick Constable in the early 20th century newspapers

by Mary Naylor

CFHS parish, census & grave records
British Newspaper Archives
Cambridge Breweries by R J Flood


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Charles Constable; Elizabeth Constable; Emma Constable; James Frederick Constable; John Frederick Constable;