The Parochial Burial Grounds Management Committee represents the owners of the Cemetery, who are the clergy of the parishes with plots in the Cemetery, the Bishop who owns the paths and the Avenue, and the more general concerns of the Church for the graves and for the Cemetery as consecrated land. The Committee acts in consultation with Cambridge City Council, to whom the maintenance of the Cemetery is legally devolved, and the Friends of Mill Road Cemetery.

• for further information about graves and people buried here
• for information about joining the Friends and finding out about their activities

• permission to use the Cemetery for any organised event or activity
• matters to raise with the parish plot-holders as owners of Cemetery
• grave restoration

In some circumstances, not finding a grave can be distressing.

Contact if you would like to talk to someone.

Contact if you want to enquire about:
• maintenance of the cemetery
• discarded needles, camping, litter 01223 457000