CFHS code : AS100

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : ROBERT ROWLAND WITHERS CUNNINGTON b 15 June 18-7 d 1[3] May 18[9]5 ELIZABETH ANNE CUNNINGTON b 29 December 1829 d 13 August 1912

Monument : Stone cross (fallen and broken)/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Cunnington cross August 2018

Located four rows to the north of the north path, in the parish area of All Saints. At some point since 2001 the monument has been repaired but was then hidden by bushes. Ivy has now made the monument unstable, so was not been fully cleared when photographed.

In Loving memory of
b 15 June 1827              d 13 May 1895

b 29 December 1829 d 13 August 1912

Robert Rowland Withers Cunnington (15 June 1827- 13 May 1895)

Robert was born in Wisbech and baptised there on 6 July 1827.  He was the son of Thomas and Eliza Cunnington and Robert grew up in Wisbech where his father was a builder. He married Elizabeth on 4 June 1850 in Wisbech and the couple initially lived in the town where Robert ran a painting business employing 3 men (1851). By 1853 they had moved to live at 20 Jesus Lane and Robert worked as an ‘upholders clerk’ for Mr Bulstrode for twelve years.  Robert  and Elizabeth then moved to live at 58 Rhadegund Buildings on Jesus Lane and he became a copperlite merchant (1871).  He later worked as a wholesale coal merchant with the business being located  on St. Andrew’s Street.

Robert played a large role in town affairs and was a town councillor and represented the St. Andrew’s ward.  He chaired the Market Committee for several years and ‘it is not too much to say that he did not than any other man in the Corporation to bring about the building of the new cattle market’. He was made an Alderman of the town in 1892.

He was ill from September 1894 onwards and it was reported ‘though his death was not altogether unexpected by his intimate friends, the end came as a painful surprise to many residents in Cambridge.  The immediate cause of death was pneumonia followed upon an attack of influenza. Robert died at home aged 67 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 16 May and ‘was attended by the Corporation in state, the maces being draped in crepe’.  The grave was lined with ‘ivy, moss, lilies of the valley etc’ and the Mayor and many of the town officials attended the funeral.

The obituary in the Cambridge Chronicle and Journal reported ‘he was of a very retiring disposition and extremely reticent in giving an opinion, but his counsel was always highly valued’.

Elizabeth Anne Cunnington (Annie) (née North) (29 December 1829 – 13 August1912)

Annie was born in Blackwall, East London and was the daughter of Thomas North. She married Robert Cunnington in Wisbech when she was 20 years old. She continued to live at the Rhadegund Buildings after she was widowed in in 1911 was living there with two lodgers, housekeeper Emma Evans and domestic servant Kate Lofts.  She died at home aged 83 years old.



Newspaper archives

by Claire Martinsen

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Elizabeth Anne Cunnington; Robert Rowland Withers Cunnington