CFHS code : MG12

Parish : St Mary the Great

Inscription : In Memory of JANE CURTIS eldest daughter of ROBERT & SUSAN CURTIS d Aug 30 1910 age 66 also ELIZA CURTIS d Oct 28 1924 age 78 also MARY ANN CURTIS d Aug 12 1938 age 85

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202224, 0.13732113 – click here for location

The headstone in September 2021


This headstone is 2 rows east of the central path in the parish of Mary the Great. The carved inscription is still legible but has eroded towards the base.


In Memory of JANE CURTIS eldest daughter of ROBERT & SUSAN CURTIS died Aug. 30. 1910, aged 66 years.

also ELIZA CURTIS died Oct. 28. 1924, aged 78 years

“Dead yet Speaketh.”

Also MARY ANN CURTIS died August 12 1938, aged 85 years

Relationship: Sisters and sister in law

Jane Curtis (1844 – 30 August 1910)

Jane was the eldest daughter of Robert and Susan (née Spinks) Curtis and grew up on Corn Exchange Street where her father was a shoemaker.  She was baptised at St Mary the Great church on 8 November 1846.  By the age of 16 she was living at home and working as a milliner.  She moved to  live in London where she also worked as a milliner (1871/1881) and in 1901 had returned to Cambridge and was living at 131 Victoria Road. By at least 1908 Jane had moved to  60 Huntingdon Road, near to her brother John who lived at 84 Huntingdon Road.  She died at home aged 66 years old.

Eliza Curtis (2 May 1846 – 28 October  1924)

Eliza was baptised on 20 May 1860 at St Mary the Great when she was fourteen years old.  In 1851 she was working as a milliner alongside her sister Jane.  She was in service to the Cunningham family for more than 30 years and lived in London. In 1881 she was living  at 5 Chester Place in Westminster and was   a servant for widow Susan Cunningham and her 42 year old daughter Charlotte.  In 1911 she was living at 7 Dalston Street and was ladies maid to 72 year old Charlotte.  Eliza died at 84 Huntingdon Road  aged 78 years old.

Mary Ann Curtis (née Franklin) (1853 – 12 August  1938)

Mary Ann was the daughter of William and married John Curtis (1851-1912) on 25 December 1873 at Kingston, Cambridgeshire.  They had two sons, both of whom died as infants and are  buried at Mill Road Cemetery with their father.  John worked as a builder’s clerk and the couple lived at 84 Huntingdon Road (at least 1891 onwards).  Mary died at home aged 85 years old.



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Eliza Curtis; Jane Curtis; Mary Ann Curtis