CFHS code : HT276

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : Love never faileth ILRO MARJORIE DIXON d 19th February 1896 CAROLINE DEWE DIXON d 2nd December 1947 ALLICK PAGE DIXON d 27th August 1950

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

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Relationship: Mother, father, daughter

Marjorie Dixon (1895 – 19 February 1896)

Marjorie died aged c.8 months old at 9 Market Street – she was described in newspaper notices as ‘the beloved infant daughter of Allick Page and Caroline Dewe Dixon’

Caroline Dewe Dixon (née Mathews) (8 September 1859 – 2 December 1947)

Caroline was the daughter of Thomas and Bessie Wells (née Cossens) Mathews and was baptised on 19 April 1860. Her father was an undergraduate at St. John’s College when she was a child and the family lived at 7 Maids Causeway (1861/1871). Bessie Matthews died of tuberculosis when Caroline was 12 years old.  Aged 21 Caroline was working as a governess in Littleport to the Little family.  James Little was a farmer of 633 acres with four children under 10.  By 1891 she was living in Cheltenham with her maternal aunts Louisa and Emma and working as a governess in a school. She then became the matron of a large boarding school for boys in Ramsgate before marrying Allick Dixon in Kent in 1894. They had two children: Marjorie (1895-1896) and Malcolm (1899-1985).

Allick ran a bookselling and publishing business based at 9 Market Street opposite Holy Trinity Church. He had inherited the business from his father in 1886 and diversified it by setting up the Black Bear Press on Hills Road.  Eventually the printing business was sold to Heffers and after a further ten years the bookselling business was sold to Jarrolds of Norwich.  The sale allowed Allick to pursue his own interests. He was already Secretary of the Cambridge General Benefit Society and in 1911 was appointed Secretary to the newly formed National Insurance Association for the Eastern Counties.

Their son Malcolm briefly attended the Perse School but was in ill health and then was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis when he was 12 years old.  Allick and Caroline moved to a house east of Shelford for six years in order to allow Malcolm to recover, and he was cured within a year which was said to be due to Caroline’s ‘devoted nursing’.  Malcolm was a brilliant scholar and was accepted to Emmanuel at the age of 17 on condition he continued to live at home, so the whole family moved to live at 27 Parkside.

All three of them lived together at Parkside for the rest of their lives. Malcolm Dixon had an illustrious academic career as a biochemist at Cambridge University.  Malcolm described his parent as ‘my parent’s marriage brought them lifelong happiness. They were ideally suited to one another.  They were both people of fine Christian character, wise, kind, courageous and unselfish, and they were greatly beloved by a wide circle of friends.  I always had the greatest admiration and affection for them both, and I was indeed fortunate to have had such a happy home life.  As it happened I never married, and the three of us were to live together for about 50 years until, when they were between 80 and 90, they both died within a short time of each other.  I can never express in words how much I owe them in many ways’.

Caroline died at 27 Parkside aged 88 years old.

Allick Page Dixon (19 April 1867 – 27 August 1950)

Allick was the son of Thomas and Lucy Ellen (née Eastgate) and was baptised on 26 September 1867.  He grew up at 9 Market Street (1871) and then Park Lodge, Park Terrace (1881) before taking over the family business. Later he became Secretary of the Friendly Societies and served on the Government’s Consultative Council on National Insurance for six years under Neville Chamberlain.  From 1913 to 1937 he was a member of the Ely Diocesan Board and served as Secretary on the Finance Board and as a member of the Dilapidations Board.  In his role he travelled throughout the region visiting, supporting and advising clergy.

He died at the Evelyn Nursing Home on Trumpington Road aged 83 years old.



Newspaper archives

Malcolm Dixon, Biological memoirs by R.N. Pelham (1988)

by Claire Martinsen

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Allick Page Dixon; Caroline Dewe Dixon; Marjorie Dixon