CFHS code : CL119

Parish : St Clement

Inscription : In Memory of FRANCES MARY DODD b May MCMXVIII d 8 Dec MCMXIX also Latin inscription

Monument : Kerb stones and horizontal cross

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202546, 0.1387568 – click here for location

Dodd monument September 2018


It is not known if the cross was ever vertical or designed to lie flat. The Latin inscription runs all round the kerb stones.




east kerb

Superstibus dolorem reliqit et desidernim

South kerb

Nec Mors finis sed somnus ei parvuloque  quem terris Necatum coelo peperit  et nunc in ulna  dormientem secum habet  

West kerb

Nata wintoniae a. u.iv non feb. mdcccxc annos idi xx1x vix[?]

North kerb

Suis carissima sui negligens in amicis tota hupea idibus mais  mcmxv111 et morte  subita avulsa a.d. vin kal dec mcmx1x

Frances Mary Dodd (nee Wooldridge) (c.1890 – 24 November 1919)

Frances was born in Winchester.  She was the daughter of Charles Sylvester and Annette Wooldridge, and grew up at 9 Clifton Terrace in Winchester. Her father was a solicitor there.  She married Rev Rowland Pocock Dodd in Winchester in 1918 when she was 28 years old.

She died the following year at the nursing home in Thompson’s Lane, Cambridge. She had been living at 2 Petty Cury, and it would appear that the Rev. Rowland Dodd’s work was connected to the University at the time.  She left effects valued at £137, 8s and 2d.

Her husband Rowland Dodd, remarried  in 1926 to Leila Kathleen Rowlinson.   He became vicar of Northwich in Cheshire, and he and Leila had a son: Charles Nathaniel Dodd. Leila and Rowland Dodd returned to Cambridge after his retirement, and lived at 82 Arbury Road.  She died there in 1966, and he in 1975 at the age of 88 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

Frances Mary Dodd