CFHS code : HT395

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of WILLIAM EDWARD LILLEY d July 14 1926 aged 52 also SELINA PAYTON d Dec 22 1932 also FREDERICK WILLIAM PAYTON d March 2 1933 also GEORGINA LILLEY d Sep 21 1960 aged 90 reverse ELLEN EDWARDS d January 17 1892 aged 59 GEORGE EDWARDS d June 14 1901 aged 70

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Relationship: Husband, wife, two daughters, two son in laws

William Edward Lilley (1873 – 14 July 1926)

William was the son of Quick John Lilley (1838-1891) and Mary (née Graves). He grew up on Victoria Road and his father worked as a carpenter. Aged `7 William was working as a scientific attendant at the University Chemistry Lab and was still living at home. He married Georgina Edwards on 11 September 1898 at St. Luke’s Church, Milwall. At the time he was living at 41 Stafford Street, Poplar and working as a ‘Chemical Laboratory attendant’. The couple lived in Poplar and  in 1911 he was documented as being a ‘superintendant formation of plates for accumulators’. He died in a London hospital aged 52 years old and was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 20 July 1926.

Selina Payton (née Edwards) (1860 – 22 December 1932)

Selina was the second daughter of George and Ellen Edwards and was baptised on 18 March 1860.  She married Arthur Thomas Constable (1860-1886) on 2 July 1882 at All Saints’ Church, Poplar. Arthur was a tram car conductor when they married, but he died four years after the marriage. Selina married for a second time Frederick Payton on 3 January 1891 in Islington, London and they went to live at 103 King Street with her mother and father before later moving to 5 Brunswick Walk (1901). Frederick was working as a college servant when they married, as was Selina, but he later worked as a poulterer’s assistant (1901) and then as a milk carrier for a dairy (1911).  After the death of Selina’s parents the couple continued to live at 5 Brunswick Walk (1911) and then moved to 13 Priory Road. Selina died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital aged 72 years old.

Frederick William Payton (1869 – 2 March 1933)

Frederick was born in Cambridge and was the son of William Henry Payton (1850-1884) and Eliza Anne Overhill (née Wilson)(1850-1915). His father was a grave digger, and later a ‘scullion in a college kitchen’  and he grew up at Norfolk Street. He married widow Selina Constable when he was 21 years old and died at Priory Road.

Georgina Lilley (née Edwards)  (8 February 1870 – 21 September  1960)

Georgina (also spelt Georgiana) was the youngest daughter of George and Ellen Edwards. She worked as a dressmaker prior to her marriage.  She married William Lilley and returned to live in Cambridge after his death.  From at least 1933 onwards she lived at 13 Priory Road where she died aged 90 years old.

Ellen Edwards (née Aylett)  (1833 – 17 January 1892)

Ellen was born in Madingley and grew up in the village with her parents Richard and Susan. Richard was a farm labourer and Ellen married George Edwards in 1854 in Cambridge when she was 21 years old. They had four children: Ann Elizabeth (1858-), Selina, George (1866-1921) and Georgina. George was a painter and glazier and they lived at 103 King Street. Ellen worked as a college bedmaker (1881/1891) and died at King Street aged 59 years old.

George Edwards (1832 – 14 June 1901)

George was the son of Japhet Edwards (1808-1866) and Jane (née Wallis) (1813-) and grew up King’s Court, where his father was a plumber and glazier. After he was widowed he lived at 5 Brunswick Walk with son George, daughter Selina and son in law Frederick Payton. He died at Brunswick Walk in 1901 and was buried on 18 June.



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Ellen Edwards; George Edwards; Georgina Lilley; William Edward Lilley; Frederick William Payton; Selina Payton