CFHS code : PL212

Parish : St Paul

Inscription : In Loving Remembrance of HENRY EYDEN d May 27 1886 aged 58 also HANNAH wife of the above d Jan 3 1903 in her 77th year

Monument : Coped stone

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Henry Eyden (c.1828 – 27 May 1886)

Henry ws born in Blisworth, Northamptonshire – a village five miles soth of Northampton and is believed to have been the son of James Samuel Thompson Eyden and Clarissa Caroline (née Clay). He married Hannah Eagles on 25 June 1854 in Daventry. Henry worked as a driver on the railway and couple moved to live at 43 Russell Street (at least 1866 onwards).

On 22 May Henry sustained a work related injury.  He was walking to he back of his engine when ‘an engine without a  train [approached], the tender buffer of which struck …[him] on the left thigh and knocked him completely round, cuasing him to roll over one or twice on the ground..[his] foot was under the wheel of the engine that struck him down’. He was taken to Addenbrooke’s hosptial where his big toe was amputated. He stayed in hospital some days before asking that his wife come and collect him ‘he said he should die there if she did not collect him. He was in the Albert Ward and he said he could not stand the noise’. Henry came home to Russell Street but his condition deteriorated. Laurence Humphrey testified at the inquest that he ‘was very ill and the wound of the great toe was gangrened. He saw the deceased twice the next day and he became more drowsy and finally died the same night. The cause of death was diabetic coma, consequent on the accident. He had been told that the deceased had suffered from diabetes since 1871’. Henry Eyden was deemed to have died as a result of ‘accidental death’.

Hannah Eyden (née Eagles) (1824 – 3 January 1903)

Hannah was born in Newton Purcell, a village four miles south east of Brackley in Oxfordshire and was baptised there on Christmas Day 1827.  She was the daughter of labourer William and Mary Ann (née Watson). Hannah married Henry Eyden when she was c.30 years old and died at 43 Russell Street aged 76 years old. The house was sold at auction after her death and was described as a  ‘desirable brick built and slated freehold dwelling house’.



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Hannah Eyden; Henry Eyden
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