CFHS code : AG459

Parish : St Andrew the Great

Inscription : [H—OUS] [SHAL—] / b July 21 [1845] d 18[–] also — [WO–RT] his wife b

Monument : Coped stone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Fawcett monument 2017


This coped stone, in the parish area of St Andrew the Great, is located on the first row to the left of the path, north of the centre circle, under the large cedar tree.  CFHS were unable to read a name on the inscription but after their transcription of the grave register in 2017 we were able to identify this monument.


This was all CFHS could read :

[H—OUS] [SHAL—] / b July 21 [1845] d 18[–] also — [WO–RT] his wife b

The following details are taken from the burial records

William M Fawcett died Dec 27 1908 age 75

Emily Fawcett died 1917 age 74

William Milner Fawcett (1832-1908)

William was the son of James and Isabella Fawcett. He was born in Leeds. Isabella was born in Cambridge.

Emily Fawcett  Heycock (c1843-1917)

Emily was the daughter of Frederick and Mary Heycock. Mary was born in Cambridgeshire. Emily and William were both living at 3 Scroop Terrace, Cambridge when they died.

There are relations of William and Mary buried in the parish of Mary the Less. Rowland Morris Fawcett

Edited by Mary Naylor

Emily Fawcett: William Milner Fawcett