CFHS code : ML34

Parish : St Mary the Less

Inscription : In Memory of MARY KING widow of the late JOSHUA KING LLD sometime President of Queens College d Feb 4th 1885 in her 88th year

Monument : Stone cross

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.20279, 0.13784587 – click here for location

King and Finch grave
King and Finch cross
King inscription
King inscription


Stone cross, with embossed circlet of oak leaves, on triple pedestal. Inscriptions on west and south faces, with lead inlay. In the parish area of St Mary the Less, this grave is located northeast of the centre circle.



[west face:]
‘In memory of Mary King
widow of the late Joshua King LLD
sometime President of Queens College
died Feb 4th 1885 in her 88th year’

[south face:]
‘In loving memory of Margaret Elizabeth
wife of Gerard Brown Finch
who died Feb 19 1897 aged 62 years’

Two women are memorialised on this stone cross, mother and daughter: Mary King was Joshua King’s wife. Margaret Elizabeth Finch, was Joshua and Mary King’s daughter and Finch’s first wife. Thus the two men – both buried elsewhere – are linked by this monument.

Joshua King (1798 -1857) see also Life Story page

Gerard Brown Finch (1835-1913)see also Life Story page

Fellows of Queens’ College, and King its President. Both were “Senior Wrangler” (the highest-scoring student in the third year of the Mathematical Tripos).

Queen’s Fellows 1800-99: King and Finch
Lucasian Professors: King
The Queens’ College Record (2004), pp. 17-18 (King)
The Queens’ College Record (2010), pp. 33-36 (Finch)

Material supplied by Jonathan Holmes, Dean of Chapel, Queens’ College

Margaret Elizabeth Brown Finch; Mary King