CFHS code : HT73

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of MABEL ELLA FITCH d Oct 19 1918 ENOCH WILLIAM FITCH d Dec 16 1920 ALICE RACHEL FITCH d Jan 23 1946 FLORENCE MARY FITCH d Oct 6 1946

Monument : Kerb stones/Flowerholder

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Mabel Ella Fitch (1879 –  19 October 1918)

Mabel was the daughter of Enoch and Alice (née Rowling) Fitch and was born in Cowlinge, a village on the Essex/Suffolk border.  She lived with her parents and siblings and worked as a teacher. She died at her father’s house –  Zeeland House, Newmarket Road  aged 39 years old and her funeral took place on 23 October. The Cambridge Independent Press reported ‘she had been ailing for some time, but her condition was not considered serious until the day before her death, for she remained at her post of duty as head assistant in Oakington School until the last’.  Many pupils from the school attended the funeral.

Enoch William Fitch (1844 – 16 December 1920)

Enoch was the youngest child of Enoch and Sarah (née Deeks) and was born in the village of Ridgwell, six miles from Haverill. He was baptised in Ridgwell on 18 July 1844.  Enoch (Snr) (1766-1844) died shortly before he was born and he grew up with his mother, siblings and step father  William Merrington Chaplin in Ridgwell where William was a miller/farmer.

Enoch married Alice Rachel Rowling (1849-1897) in 1867 and they had at least six children: Nancy Deborah (1870-1950), Alice Rachel  (1872-1946), Florence Mary (Flo) (1873-1946), Frederick William (1876-1951), Mabel Ella and Daisy Amy (1881-1951).  In December 1877 Enoch was charged with ‘neglecting to send his two children Nancy Deborah aged 7 and Alice Rachel, aged 5 to an elementary school’.   Nancy was tested by the School Attendance Committee and found to be ‘satisfactory’ and Alice was said to be in poor health, so both cases were dismissed. In 1881 the family were living at The Mills, Cowlinge, just south of Newmarket where Enoch was a miller and farmer employing 9 people.

By 1889 they were living in Ashley, Cambridgeshire and Enoch was declared bankrupt in December of that year. He was also the parish overseer and at court was also accused of having ‘appropriated the sum of £46, the property of the School Board to his own use’.  The court heard that Enoch had hoped to improve his financial position through hard work, but had lost ‘three valuable horses within a very short time…and had also a lot of bad debts, beside  having a great deal of sickness in his family’.  The family subsequently moved to live at 10 Norfolk Street (1891) and Enoch worked as clerk/secretary of the Cambridge Working Men’s Club on Fitzroy Street. He was widowed in 1897 and then moved to live at the club where he was  noted as being the club secretary and custodian (1901/1911). In 1908 the club had 132 members, an increase of 16 on the previous year.  He retired to live at Zeeland House, 25a Newmarket Road with his daughters and died there aged 76 years old.

Alice Rachel Fitch (18 February 1872 – 23 January 1946)

Alice worked as a dressmaker and in 1939 was living with her sisters Flo and Daisy at Zeeland House. She died aged 73 years old.

Florence(Flo)  Mary Fitch (13 December 1873 – 6 October 1946)

Flo worked as a housekeeper for her parents and sisters. She died aged 72 years old.



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Alice Rachel Fitch; Enoch William Fitch; Florence Mary Fitch; Mabel Ella Fitch