CFHS code : AS103

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : ANNA MARIA FLITCROFT third daughter of the late AMOZ JAMES & FRANCES FLETCHER of Holywell Park Kent d Jan 30 1902 also of KEZIA LAURINDA FLITCROFT FLETCHER eldest child of AMOZ JAMES & FRANCES FLETCHER d Mar 3 1907

Monument : Stone cross

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Fletcher monument 2018

The monument was not mapped in 2017 but the area was cleared briefly in 2018. The cross is not secure so the ivy was left in place


ANNA MARIA FLITCROFT third daughter of the late
died Jan’ry 30 1902
eldest child of AMOZ JAMES & FRANCES FLETCHER died Mar 3 1907

Fletcher Family

Anna Maria and Kezia were the daughters of Amoz James and Frances Fletcher.  Amoz inherited  very large estates in Hendon Middlesex and Holywell/Hodsell in Kent from his great uncle Captain Fletcher.  Captain Fletcher had become rich on prize money from the battle of Trafalgar and when he died a bachelor in 1854 he left his estates to his ‘great nephew and dear friend’ Amoz James, who had been supervising his farms. The estate at Hodsell had a manor house called Rand House, which was remodelled and renamed Holywell Park

Left to right: Bion, Frances, Fanny and Kezia

Amoz and Frances had at least eight children, seven of whom survived to adulthood.  Kezia Laurenda Flitcroft [1837-1907], Flitcroft Henry James [1838-1892], Fanny Mary Flitcroft [1839-1894], Anna Maria Flitcroft [1840-1902], Mary Jane Flitcroft [1844-1897], Augusta Flitcroft [1845-1900], Frederick Flitcroft Mawgan [1846-1847] and Michel Dean Flitcroft [1851-1901]. All had the middle name of Flitcroft, which appears to have been passed down from a distant relative.  The family appear to have been devoted and none of the children were able to marry until after their father died in 1876.

From the Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser in January 1865 ‘the children belonging to Hodsall Street and those attending the Ridley Sunday school were on Tuesday, the 24th, invited by the Misses Fletcher to spend the afternoon at a cottage near the residence of Amos Fletcher Esq.  At four o’clock they assembled, in number, and sat down to a bountiful tea and cake, to which they did ample justice. Games followed, and in the course of the evening a beautiful tree was displayed, covered with pretty and useful articles, chiefly the work of the Misses Fletcher. Each child received several presents – the boys knives etc, the girls dolls, workboxes and bags in great variety. ‘God save the Queen’ was then sung, and all returned home highly delighted with their entertainment, and grateful to those who had so kindly provided it for them.

Fletcher, Reynolds and Lamplugh families. Frances Fletcher centre of photo.

After their fathers death three of the sisters married.  Fanny married Bion James Reynolds, who she met at an archery party.  Bion was a Mathematics teacher and Cambridge graduate.  Through Bion’s introduction Mary Jane and Augusta married two brothers who had studied with him at Cambridge – Rev David Lamplugh and Rev Albert Barrett Lamplugh.

In the 1880’s the Holywell Estate was sold.  Auction catalogues describe it as ‘ The pleasure grounds which are tastefully laid out, are studded with ornamental shrubs and timber, the gardens are well stocked with flowers, vegetables and thriving fruit trees, and have the convenience of Greenhouse and two Hot houses fitted with furnaces, complete Heating apparatus, etc., with Potting shed and Fuel Store”. The family who had lived together for so long scattered – Fanny Mary and Bion to 14 Colville Terrace in Kensington, Mary Jane Lamplugh to the Vicarage in Yalding Kent, Augusta to Salehurst in Kent.  Anna Maria and Kezia eventually moved to 67 Jesus Lane in Cambridge.

Holywell Park in Kent. The home of Kezia and Anna Fletcher.

Information from the family suggests that Kezia had lost her fortune in a poor decision to loan money to her brother in law, and that the move to Cambridge might have been driven by financial necessity.  Kezia and Anna came to Cambridge in 1894, having lived the majority of their lives before that at the family estate in Kent. Their sister Mary was sent to stay with the sisters and died in a nursing home in Cambridge in January 1897.

Kezia rowing, Anna on left hand side, Mary on right

In the 1901 census the sisters are noted as living at 67 Jesus Lane, together with the widowed Bion and his daughter Helen Dorothy and also two of the Rev David and Mary’s children.

Anna Maria Flitcroft Fletcher (1840 – 30 January 1902)

Anna died at 67 Jesus Lane in January 1902.  It is believed that she died of cancer, aged 62 years.

Kezia Laurinda Flitcroft Fletcher (11 October 1837 – 5 March 1907)

Kezia died at 24 Chesterton Road on 5th March 1907 aged 69 years.. From her wealthy start in life she left effects valued at just £143 8s 6d

Family records and memories, A Victorian Parson by Gerald van Loo.

Photos kindly provided by the family.

By Claire Martinsen

Anna Maria Flitcroft Fletcher; Kezia Laurinda Flitcroft Fletcher