CFHS code : ML44

Parish : St Mary the Less

Inscription : side 1 In Ever Loving Memory of GLADYS LOUISE the dearly loved only daughter of ARTHUR and FLORENCE FROST d Feb 10 1907 aged 10 also REDVERS SYMONDS FROST died in infancy 1900 side 2: IELMO / my dear husband / ARTHUR FROST / who was suddenly / call away / 13 June 1913 / aged 44 side 3: also / FLORENCE EMILY FROST / d Jan 29 1956 aged 87

Monument : Stone cross (broken)

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202744, 0.13788758 – click here for location

Frost grave
Frost cross


This plinth with cross, in the parish area of St Mary the Less, is located east of the centre circle, eight rows east and first grave to the north. In 2019 the cross broke off and now rests against the plinth.


east face
In Ever Loving Memory of GLADYS LOUISE
the dearly loved only daughter of ARTHUR and FLORENCE FROST
who fell asleep in Jesus Feb 10 1907 aged 10
Also REDVERS SYMONDS FROST died in infancy 1900

south face
In ever loving memory of my dear husband
ARTHUR FROST who was suddenly called away 13th June 1913, aged 44 years.

west face
died January 29th 1956 aged 87 years

Arthur Frost (1868 – 13 June 1913)

Arthur was the son of George and Louisa Frost.  His father was a baker, and he grew up at 21 Magdalene Street [1871], 33 Shelly Row [1881] and 8 St Matthews Street [1891]. Arthur worked at Trinity College as a gyp from at least 1883 onwards.  A ‘gyp’ was a type of manservant.

He married Florence Mason at St Matthew’s Church on 4th October 1893. Florence and Arthur had at least five children: Frank Claude [1895-1982], Gladys Louise [1896-1907], Redvers Symonds [1900-1900], Arthur Leslie [1902-1983] and Arthur [1913-1974].  The family lived at 3 Little St Mary’s Lane [1891] and then at 10 Carlyle Road [1911].

Arthur died in tragic circumstances at work in 1913.  He died on the staircase of Whewell’s court of a ruptured aneurysm.  Despite attempts to save him, he died almost instantaneously in a pool of blood on the landing. His sudden death was subject to an inquest, which was reported in the Cambridge Independent Press under the headline of  ‘College Gyp’s Tragic End on Staircase’. Arthur had been in ill-health for two or three months due to a ‘hemorrhage’ and had been advised by doctors not to over-exert  himself.  His  job was an active one, involving running up and down staircases.  A few weeks before his death he had attempted to stop a runaway horse drawing a trap containing several children in Trumpington Street. The inquest found that this event and exertion had probably hastened his death.

Arthur was said to have been ‘highly respected by his fellow servants’, and was a keen sportsman. He was the vice-president and co-auditor of the Belmont Cycle and Motor Club, and also a keen runner and rower. His youngest child Arthur was born 3 days before he died.  The funeral at Mill Road was attended by a large crowd of friends, including many from Trinity College.  A wreath from his wife and sons read ‘to dear dad, from his loving and heartbroken wife and boys – in the midst of life we are in death’.  Wreaths were also sent from the college bedmakers and assistant bedmakers at Trinity, the college gyps, the College Hall staff and the College Kitchen staff.

Gladys Louise Frost (1896 – 10 February 1907)

Gladys was the only daughter of Arthur and Florence Frost.  She died at home in Little St Mary’s Lane aged 10 years old.

Redvers Symonds Frost (1900-  1900)

Redvers was born in early 1900 and died as a  infant.

Florence Emily Frost [nee Mason] (11 October 1866 – 29 January 1956)

Florence was the daughter of Edward and Martha Mason.  She was born in Cambridge and baptised at St Sepulchre Church on 23rd December 1866.  Her father was a baker and she grew up at 52/53 Park Street [1871], 37 Gold Street [1881] and 7 Upper Gwydir Street [1891].  Her brother was Albert Edward Mason.

Just prior to her marriage in 1893 she was working as a dressmaker.  After being widowed she continued to live at Carlyle Road, and was still living there when she died in 1956 aged 89 years old.

Claire Martinsen

Source: Ancestry/newspaper archives

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Arthur Frost; Florence Emily Frost; Gladys Louise Frost; Redvers Symonds Frost