CFHS code : BE10

Parish : St Bene’t

Inscription : Sacred to the Memory of SOPHIA the beloved wife of RICHARD BANKES HARRADEN of Cambridge d Jan 17 1861 also To the Memory of RICHARD BANKES HARRADEN d [Aug] 17 1862 also PHOEBE SOPHIA GARDNER daughter of the above d March 12th 1905

Monument : Headstone/Kerb stones/Footstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Harraden and Gardner headstone 2017


Headstone, with kerb stones and footstone. In the parish area of St Bene’t, this grave is located to the west of the central path between the south path and the centre circle.


‘Sacred to the memory Sophia
the beloved wife of Richard Bankes Harraden of Cambridge
who died Jan 27 1861’

‘Also to the memory of the said Richard Bankes Harraden
who died Aug 17 1862’

‘Also Phoebe Sophia Gardner daughter of the above
who died March 12th 1905’

[footstone:] SH / 1861 / RBH / 1862 PSG / 1905

Sophia Bankes Harraden (d 1861)

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Richard Bankes Harraden (1778-1862) see also Life Story page

Richard Bankes Harraden was a printmaker and also a painter working in oil and watercolour. He worked with his father and two other artists to produce 24 engraved plates of Cambridge academics entitled Cantabrigia depicta (Cambridge: Harraden & Son, 1809-10).

Phoebe Sophia Gardner (d 1905)

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By Ian Bent

Phoebe Sophia Gardner; Richard Bankes Harraden; Sophia Bankes Harraden