CFHS code : ED19

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : In Loving Memory of ELSIE daughter of JOHN & REBECCA GEORGE d May 2 1916 also of FANNY REBECCA GEORGE d July 6 1936 slab In Loving Memory of ELLEN & ELIZA GEORGE

Monument : Ground slab/Kerb stones (broken)

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203287, 0.13671357 – click here for location

George monument 2017


This pile of fallen and broken stone elements, apparently a cross with groundslab and kerb stones, in the St Edward parish area, is located four rows west of the central path, 20 yards north of the centre circle.

(This record has been added to the Monuments under Review list as it is visible from the central path and needs to be reassembled.)


[based partly on CFHS transcript]

In loving memory of Elsie
daughter of John & Rebecca George
died May 2 1916

Also Fanny Rebecca George
died July 6 1936


In loving memory of Ellen & Eliza George

Relationships:  sisters and maternal aunts

Elsie Overland George (1880‒2 May 1916)

Elsie was born in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, and was the youngest daughter of John Overland George and his wife Rebecca.  By the age of 20 she was a school teacher, and was living with her parents and siblings  at ‛Percy House’, Beche Road (Abbey ward), Cambridge. On the day the 1911 census was taken, Elsie and her sister Fanny were boarding at ‛Lonsdale’, 4 Cortlands Road, Bournemouth and both are noted of no occupation.

66 Beche Road in 2017

Elsie died on 2 May 1916, at the age of 35, and was buried on the 6th of that month in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXX of the St Edward’s parish area, grave 4, at a depth of 9 feet. Her address at the time of death was Percy House, 66 Beche Road.

Fanny Rebecca George (1861 ‒ 6 July 1936)

Fanny was born 1861 in the village of Great Cressingham, near Hillborough, Norfolk and was the eldest child of John and Rebecca George.  She was baptised  in Swaffham on 10 December 1861.  In 1891 she was resident at the Prince of Wales Hotel, 21 Sidney Street, Cambridge with her brother Ernest.  Both were working for her maternal aunt and uncle  – Charles and Sarah Barber.  In 1901 she was living with her parents at ‛Percy House’, Beche Road (Abbey ward), Cambridge. Census reports do not list an occupation for her in any years.

5 Mackenzie Road in 2017

Fanny died on 6 July 1936, unmarried, at the age of 74, and was buried on the 9th of that month in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXX of the St Edward’s parish area, grave 4, at a depth of 7 feet. Her address at the time of death was 5 Mackenzie Road (Petersfield), Cambridge.  She left effects of £2,456 18s and 6d, and her sisters Agnes Eliza and Ellen Mary were executors of the will.

Ellen George (c.1848 – May 1927)

Ellen was born in Soham Toney, just outside Watton in Norfolk and was the daughter of Robert and Frances (Fanny) George and sister of John.   She and Eliza were twins and lived with their parents until Robert’s death in 1856 and afterwards with their mother Fanny living on the Watton Road in Soham Toney.  Fanny died in May 1896 and in 1901 the sisters were living  in Watton and were noted as ‘living on own means’.  By 1911 they had moved to live at 13 Raymond Street in Thetford.
Ellen’s death date is not included in the inscription, but must have been in the first week of May 1927 because she was buried on the 7th of that month, aged 70, in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXX of the St Edward’s parish area, in grave 5, at a depth of 8 feet.  At the time of death, she was resident in Thetford.

Eliza George (c.1848‒ 12 September 1927)

Eliza was born in Saham Toney and died at 28 Castle Street a few months after her sister. She was buried at Mill Road Cemetery on 15 September although no details of her burial are given in the parish grave book.

England census returns 1871 to 1901
England & Wales census 1911
Church of St Edward, Cambridge, burial register and grave book


Newspaper archives

By Ian Bent with additional information by Claire Martinsen

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Eliza George; Ellen George; Elsie Overland George; Fanny Rebecca George
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