CFHS code : MG124

Parish : St Mary the Great

Inscription : In grateful and loving memory of our dear mother JANE GIFFORD d May 21 1919 aged 70 also JAMES GIFFORD d Jan 7 1924 aged 76

Monument : Kerb stones

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202137, 0.1381365 – click here for location

Gifford grave
Gifford kerb stones



Jane Gifford (née Chew) (1849 – 21 May 1919)

Jane was the daughter of Robert and Mary and was born in Bourn, Cambridgeshire.  Her father was documented as a parish pauper (1851) and later as an agricultural labourer (1861). She married James Gifford in 1870 and they had eleven children: Rachel Sarah (1870-1953), Esther Jane (1872-1969), Rose Anna (1874-), Mary Ann (1876-1966), Edith Rebecca (1877-), Ethel Louisa (1883-1976), Percy George Payne (1885-1953), Edwin John (1890-), Constance Grace (1893-1972) and another child who died as an infant.  James worked as a farm worker and in 1881 the family were living at a farm cottage on Barton Road, before moving to live at 43 Newnham (at least 1891 onwards).  He later worked as a gardener and Jane was a documented as a  dressmaker (1891) and charwoman (1901).

James Gifford (24 October 1847 – 7 January 1924)

James was born in Willingham and baptised there on 14 November 1847. He was the son of agricultural labourer Jacob and Lydia (née Payne) and died aged 76 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

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James Gifford; Jane Gifford