CFHS code : ML13

Parish : St Mary the Less

Inscription : b — October [1789] d June 16 1855 here be the body of JOHN ——– OCTAVIUS GLOVER ———- DOTAT — 1— US

Monument : Cruciform Coped stone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202819, 0.13774481 – click here for location

Glover grave
Glover monument


The stone, in the parish area of St Mary the Less, has suffered some erosion and lichen growth, so the inscription is now barely legible.


Here be the body of JOHN ——– OCTAVIUS GLOVER ———- DOTAT — 1— US

born — October [1789] died June 16 1855

John Octavius Glover (1789 – 1855)

John Octavius was the elder son of Colonel Glover of Bath. He was born in Gibraltar but registered as a British subject.  By 6 July 1809 he is identified in the Army Lists as Captain in the Royal Scots (First Foot) Regiment.  John was awarded a Peninsular Medal for his service during the Peninsular War (1808 to 1814) with Napoleon’s Empire.

He married Eliza Ewing*, the only child of John Ewing of Macedon, County Antrim, on 22 November 1815 and by 1821 they had six children. Elizabeth died in 1834 at the family home in Penzance, Cornwall.

John retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in either 1837 or 1838.  In 1851 he was living at 6 Belvoir Place, Cambridge with two of his children Frances (b. 1828) and George (b. 1833). He died in Cambridge on 16 June 1855, at his residence on Trumpington Road, aged 66 years.

Of his children, George became Vicar of Bourton, Wiltshire.

*Elizabeth Ewing’s father – John Ewing, was a merchant and during 1787 to 1797 a Banker in Ireland. Elizabeth Ewing was an only child, therefore, when John Ewing died in 1812, Elizabeth Ewing became a wealthy heiress. Her mother was Jane Ewing née Brown, the sister of Samuel Brown another merchant from Belfast.

The Glover’s were often mentioned in the letters of Hester Piozzi, a few of these have been quoted here to add a little depth to their story.

26/4/1812 on her sons return from battle
“Mrs Glover likewise is in transports – her boss are unhurt among murdered Thousands”

“Mrs Glover has been very ill since her son and his lady left Putney Street; John Octavius has got some appointment at Farnham in Kent: his family will be increasing, and he thinks it necessary I suppose to do something now the profession of soldier is getting as useless as chimneys in summer”

6/1/1815 (It is not certain as to which John Glover she refers, it may be John Glover snr. He (John Octavius Glover) is a fine showy fellow, tall and stout: his lady whiter and fairer that Poets’s descriptions, her hair immense in quantity and just the colour of your mahogany doors at Brynbella; soft smiling blue eyes – but wretched teeth”

CFHS 1851 census transcript
The Piozzi Letters (1811-1816) by HESTER LYNCH (THRALE) PIOZZI, 1784-1821

Edited by Mary Naylor from information supplied though our Facebook page.

John Octavius Glover