CFHS code : ED16

Parish : St Edward

Inscription : SUSANNA LING b June [15] 1801 d June 28 1891 also WILLIAM SAMUEL LING b April [15] 1837 d Aug 8 1882 also HENRY SAMUEL GRANT b July 11 1855 d Dec 2 1872 also HARRIETT GRANT b May [23] [184-] d July 20 1894

Monument : Cruciform Coped stone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.203048, 0.13747777 – click here for location

Ling and Grant monument 2017


This cruciform coped stone, in the parish area of St Edward, is located three rows west of the central path, 20 yards north of the centre circle.  The monument is now heavily encrusted with lichen and the inscription largely indecipherable.


[based on the CFHS transcript]

Susanna Ling
born June [15] 1801 died June 28 1891

Also William Samuel Ling
born April [15] 1837 died Aug 8 1892

Also Henry Samuel Grant
born July 11 1855 died Dec 2 1872

Also Harriett Grant
born May [illegible] died July 20 1895

Relationships: Susanna Ling (Husband: Henry, buried in St Botolph churchyard) was the mother of Harriet Grant, William Samuel Ling and James Robert Ling.  Henry Samuel Grant was the son of Harriet Grant.  The whole family, including those buried in the grave of Alice, Charles William, Emma, James Lindsey and James Robert Ling, were deeply involved in music, as retailers, piano and organ tuners and church singers.

Susanna Ling (née Cousins) (1801-1891)
Susanna(h) Cousins was born on 15 June 1801 in Isleham, a Fenland village 8 miles from Ely.  She may be the Susanna(h) Cousins who was baptised at Holy Sepulchre (Round Church), Cambridge on 25 December 1811, daughter of William and Sarah Cousins, but this is speculative.

Susanna Cousins married Henry Ling at Trinity Church, Ely on 1 February 1825.  Susanna and Henry, whose occupation was ‛tuner’, appear in the 1841 census living in Pembroke Street, Cambridge, with children Harriet (c.1827‒95), Henry John (c.1829‒41), Charles (c.1832‒57), William Samuel (1837‒82) and James Robert (1840‒91).  Husband Henry died in February 1846, aged 44, and was buried on the 7th of that month in St Botolph’s churchyard, grave 1/4 (where Henry John had been interred four years earlier).

By 1851, the widowed Susanna had Harriet, Charles, William and James living with her at 8 King’s Parade.  She gave her profession as ‛music seller’, and Charles his as ‛organ & pianoforte tuner’, while William Samuel and James Robert were at school.  In the census returns for 1861 to 1891 Susanna’s address is given as 6 King’s Parade (just a change of building number?), always with Harriet and William Samuel (Charles had died in 1857), and in 1871 with Susanna’s grandson Henry Samuel Grant ‒ already at age 15 a piano tuner.

Spalding’s street directory for 1881 is instructive:  the family’s entry at 6 King’s Parade reads ‛Ling & Son, music warehouse / Ling, Mrs. Susannah’, and in the commercial listing of the same directory the entry is: ‛Ling & Sons, 6 King’s Parade, and 6 St Edward’s Passage’ ‒ important because the latter part of this address links Susanna’s family with that of Alice Ling, whose commercial address was ‛6‒7 St Edward’s Passage’ (No. 7 was the warehouse, No. 6 the home of James Robert Ling).

Susanna died on 28 June 1891 at the age of 89, and was buried on 1 July in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXXI of the St Edward parish area, in grave 1, at a depth of 8 feet. She died intestate, and since her other children, and her grandchild, had by then all died, her effects worth £1,526 10s 4d were administered to Harriet (see below), who outlived her by only four years.

William Samuel Ling (1837-1882)
William Samuel was born 15 April 1837 in Cambridge, and baptised at St Botolph’s Church on 21 May of that year.  He was the son of Henry Ling, tuner and lay clerk [i.e. adult church singer], and his wife Susanna (see above) of Pembroke Street.  By 1851 the family had moved to 8 King’s Parade.  In 1861, aged 23, William was still living with his widowed mother, his profession (like that of his brother James Robert) being ‛pianoforte & organ tuner’, and by 1881 he was described as a ‛music seller’ ‒ in the firm of Ling & Son, music warehouse.

William died on 8 August 1892 at the age of 55, and was buried on the 11th of the month in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXXI of the St Edward parish area, at a depth of 7 feet.

Henry Samuel Grant (1855-1872)
Henry Samuel (or Samuel Henry) was born on 11 June 1855 in Cambridge, and baptised at the Church of St Mary the Great on 17 April 1856,  the son of Samuel Brown Grant, butcher of Burwell, and Harriet Grant (see below).  Henry is listed in the census for 1871, living at the home of his grandmother Susanna Ling (see above), 6 King’s Parade, together with his mother Harriet and his uncle William Samuel.  His occupation, already at the age of 15, is given as ‛pianoforte tuner’.

Henry Samuel died on 2 December 1872 aged 17, and was buried on the last day of the year in Mill Road Cemetery, in row XXXI of the St Edward parish area, in grave 2, at a depth of 8 feet.

Harriet Grant (née Ling) (c.1827-1895)
Harriet Ling was born in Cambridge c.1827, the daughter of Henry Ling, ‛tuner’, and his wife Susanna.  She appears in all the censuses from 1841 to 1891 at her parental home, first on Pembroke Street, later on King’s Parade.

Harriet married Samuel Brown Grant, butcher of Burwell, in the second quarter of 1853 in Cambridge. The couple  had one son, Henry Samuel Grant (see above), born in 1855.  What happened to Samuel Brown is unclear: he disappears from the record.  In the 1861 and 1871 census returns, Harriet is listed as still ‛married’;  only in that for 1891 is she finally given as ‛widow’.  Her marital situation thus remains a mystery.

Harriet was the sole beneficiary of her mother’s affairs at the latter’s intestate death (her brothers having already died), and was left effects to the value of £1,526 10s 4d.  However, she herself died four years later, on 30 July 1895, aged 68, and was buried in Mill Road Cemetery on 2 August.  In her will she left effects to the value of £3,084 14s 3d to ‛William Beales Redfern artist’.  Who that beneficiary was, and what connection existed between Harriet and this man is unknown.

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By Ian Bent

Harriett Grant; Henry Samuel Grant; Susanna Ling; William Samuel Ling