CFHS code : CL61

Parish : St Clement

Inscription : TTLMO ELLEN JANE GRAY d Dec 4 1914 aged 61

Monument : Stone cross (base only)

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey

Lat Lon : 52.202386, 0.13830942 – click here for location



Ellen Jane Gray  [nee Stonebridge] (1853 – 4 December 1914)

Ellen was the daughter of William and Mary Ann Stonebridge.  She was born in Cambridge and baptised on 31st July 1853. Her father was a college servant. and she grew up at 8 Thompsons’s Lane.  Aged 17 [1871] she was working as a dressmaker.  She married William Wythers Gray on 1st February 1874 – William was the son of Thomas and Rebecca Gray.

Ellen and William had at least three children: Rev Horace Gray [1874-1938], Clement [1877-1933] and Ellen (known as Nellie) [1879-]. Horace went to the Perse School, and then to Jesus College. Clement became a chemist/pharmacist  and emigrated to Australia c.1909.

William Gray worked for the Cambridge University and Town Waterworks Company.  In 1881 he was working as a clerk and the couple were living at  Chestnut Terrace on Histon Road.  In 1884 he was appointed Manager of the Cambridge Waterworks and the family moved to 4 Benet Street, which was the Water Company headquarters.  He later became Engineer, and in 1896 Company Secretary.  He seems to have been a formidable character in the town and it was said ‘he was one of the hardest workers of Cambridge…..he was a magnificent custodian of the Company’s interests and he guarded the spending of every penny. Waste caused him pain, and sixpence unaccounted for at the annual balancing of accounts gave him a sleepless night..He [is] remembered for his blunt honesty and straightforward dealing….he..disguised, never successfully that he was a kindly man’.

Ellen died aged 61 years old.  William remarried in 1915 to Susanna Myra Pye [1864-].  He died at 4 Benet Street in February 1931 after a three month illness.





Claire Martinsen

Source: Ancestry/newspaper archives

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Ellen Jane Gray