CFHS code : AS70

Parish : All Saints

Inscription : In Memory of GEORGE WARD GRAY May 31 1847 – Sep 19 1936 and of his wife JULIA GRAY Mar 21 1847 – Nov 30 1954

Monument : Kerb stones

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George Ward Gray (31 May 1847 – 19 September 1936)

George was the son of Thomas and Rebecca Gray.  He was raised at 3 Sussex Street, where his father was a shoemaker. He married Julia Clifton on 31st December 1871.  They had two sons: Sidney George [1872-1964] and Percy [1882-].  The family lived initially at 23 Market Street [1871] and George worked as a drapers assistant.

By 1881 they had moved to 5 Church Street, and George was by then working as a drapers warehouseman.  George then became a commercial traveller in the drapery business and the family lived at 18 Emery Street [1891] and then at Plemont, 5 Mill Road [1901 onwards].  He died aged 89 years old whilst still living at Plemont.

Julia Gray [nee Clifton] (21 March 1847 – 30 November 1954)

Julia was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann Clifton. Her father was a tailor, and she grew up at 28 Grafton Street.  Aged 14 [1861] she was working as a dressmaker. In 1871 she was still living at home, and was working as a milliner. The Clifton family had moved to 13 John Street by this time.

She married George Gray when she was 24 years old.  She was 107 years old when she died at 39 Devonshire Road in 1954.

Julia’s sister Elizabeth is buried at Mill Road Cemetery. Her sister in law Ellen Gray is also buried there.

Claire Martinsen

Source: Ancestry/newspaper archives

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George Ward Gray; Julia Gray