CFHS code : HT467

Parish : Holy Trinity

Inscription : In Loving Memory of JANE ELIZABETH wife THOMAS HARRINGTON d 5 Feb 1917 aged 64 also THOMAS HARRINGTON d 17 Feb 1938 aged 86

Monument : Headstone

Above information from Cambridge Family History Society Survey



Jane Elizabeth Harrington (née Owen) (1852 – 5 February 1917)

Jane was born in Cambridge and  was raised at 31 James Street by sisters Eliza and Susannah Ferguson. Little else is known of her early life. She married Thomas Harrington in 1879 and they had two daughters: Ellen Hilda (1880-) and Edith Jane (1883-1965).  Thomas was butler at Anstey Hall, Trumpington and the family lived on London Road near to the Hall. By 1911 he had retired and the couple lived at St. Owen’s, 5 Magrath Avenue, where Jane died aged 64 years old.

Thomas Harrington (1852 – 17 February 1938)

Thomas Harrington

Thomas was born near Halstead, Essex and baptised there on 2 March 1855. He was the son of Joseph and Sarah and grew up in Halstead where his father was an agricultural labourer and his mother a crepe weaver. It is believed Sarah Harrington worked at the Courtauld mill, which employed more than 2,000 in the town and specialised in the weaving of crepe and silk.  After the death of Jane, Thomas married Sarah Charlotte Jackson (1862-1943) in 1919 and died at Magrath Avenue aged 86 years old.



by Claire Martinsen

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Jane Elizabeth Harrington; Thomas Harrington