CFHS code : MC64

Parish : St Michael

Inscription : IAR ROSETTA wife of JOHN HAWES of [Padd]ington d Feb 16 1870 age 73 JOHN BIRD HAWES son of the above d 17 Dec 1885 age 65 MARY MARIA widow of the above JOHN B HAWES d Jan 1 1898

Monument : Headstone

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Lat Lon : 52.202597, 0.13755857 – click here for location

Hawes grave (MC)
Hawes headstone


This headstone stands close to the path, to the south east of the centre circle, in the parish area of St Michael. The carved inscription has faded in places but is still legible.


In Affectionate Remembrance of
ROSETTA wife of JOHN HAWES of [Padd]ington died Feb 16 1870 age 73 years

JOHN BIRD HAWES son of the above died 17 Dec 1885 in the 66th year of his age.
I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Come unto me and rest.”

MARY MARIA widow of the above JOHN B HAWES died January  1 1898 aged 70 years

Relationships: Mother, son and daughter in law

Rosetta Hawes (née Bird) (c.1797 – 16 February 1870)

Rosetta was born in Hackney and married builder/carpenter John Hawes on 3 August 1819 at St. George’s Church, Bloomsbury.  The couple lived at Smith Street in St. Pancras and had at least four children: John Bird (1820 – 1885), Rosetta (1822-), Elizabeth (1826-1907) and James (1826-1899). It is not known when John Hawes died, but by 1851 Rosetta was widowed and living in Clerkenwell with her son James and niece Rosetta Pawley. In 1861 she living at Gloster (sic) Road with daughter Elizabeth.  Rosetta was documented on the census of that year as being a proprietor of houses, and Elizabeth as a book folder.

The pair are believed to have moved to Cambridge to assist John Bird Hawes in his bookbinding business, living at his work premises at 30 Green Street.  Rosetta died in Cambridge at the age of 73 years.

John Bird Hawes (17 July 1820 – 17 December 1885)

John was born in Birmingham and baptised on 23 September 1823 at St. George’s Church, Bloomsbury. By 1851 he was working as a bookbinder and noted on  the census as being a visitor to 8 Sidney Street along with his sister Elizabeth.  He married Mary Brown on 24 March 1853 at St. Andrew’s Church and the couple are not believed to have had any children. John ran a bookbinding business at 30 Green Street and lived at 24 Earl Street.  In 1871 he was employing 12 people in the business and this had risen to 15 people by 1881. He died at Earl Street aged 65 years old.

Mary Maria Hawes (née Brown) (1827 – 1 January 1898)

Mary was born in Stetchworth (a village three miles south of Newmarket) and was the daughter of John and Jane Brown.  She was baptised in Stetchworth on 8 April 1827.  The family later moved to Thompson’s Lane, Cambridge where John worked as a cellarman. Mary was working as a bookfolder by the age of 24 (1851) before marrying John Hawes when she was c.26 years old.

After she was widowed she went to live in Willesden with her brother-in-law James Hawes and his family (1891) and died at Beulah Road in Tunbridge Wells.



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John Bird Hawes; Mary Maria Hawes; Rosetta Hawes